Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 37 Witches Panic

A few days ago.

Greenville city, Raffelsia country.

Inside a big pointy tower which seemed to reach the skies, at the middle level, many Witches were queueing up in front of a few counters.

These counters were places where the Witches reported, accepted, completed or filed a complaint about their commissions.

The headquarters of the Witches had many levels and to have access to the higher levels, one needed to have the corresponding high ranks.

The middle levels dealt with the Witches of rank Saint upto half King.

A maid sent a commission letter to the Witch headquarters via a Saint rank Witch. She had teleported to Raffelsia venturing in this Witch country, looking for the headquarters but she soon found a decent Witch and handed her money to send the commission letter to the headquarters. The Witch happily accepted it because the job was easy and the pay was good. On top of that, it was very close to where she was. She was a Saint rank and thus she sent the letter to the middle floor counters.

There were Witches behind the counters who had a desk job. They would register and update things about commission in the database from their computer screens. They would also handout commission scrolls to them from this place, if they had any.

The Saint rank Witch handed the letter stating that it was for a King rank Witch given to her by somebody on the street and left. She didn’t say who or why because she was only meant to send the letter.

The lady behind the counter opened the letter and found the Evure family insignia. She panicked a little because it wasn’t meant to be handled by her level. This was the Royal family of the Vampires! People who shouldn’t be messed with.

She immediately got up and went outside the counter and ran across the floor, all the way to it’s end. There were many golden pipes which had a big opening and were connected to who knows where.She then came in front of a pipe stating ’emergency only’ and scanned her identity card and sent the letter inside.

The letter arrived at the highest level of the tower and as soon as it arrived, bells chimed and an alarmed was heard by the people on the floor. They ran across because they knew it was an emergency. If it wasn’t then they would punish the Witch who played such a prank.

The Witches of the highest level panicked when they opened the letter and saw a commission from the Evure family.

They immediately sent the commission to Hecate, the Witch in charge of the commissions from the Evure family via another emergency pipe.

Chiming of bells was heard and Hecate who was sitting at her desk received a letter.

Hecate then opened the letter and was a bit confused, ‘why didn’t her majesty give me this commission and instead sent a letter to the Witch headquarters?’ She thought. Nevertheless, she didn’t pry further. It wasn’t her job to poke nose into the matters of such a powerhouse.

Hecate sent a letter to the other Queen Witches and the Queen Mother and they too got it via emergency means. It was about asking them to sign and stamp it. They didn’t know why Hecate was asking about such a thing but looking at the Evure family insignia, they didn’t ask anything and did what were told. Even the Queen Mother, Florencia Rain, was no exception.

Hecate got her letter back almost instantly stamped and signed. She then sent it to the reception of King ranks.


A lady was sitting behind a counter and she suddenly heard a notification bell rang in her computer. She opened the mail and yelled


“What is it? Stop yelling.” The Witch named Brenda said, a bit annoyed.

She took a look at what her friend was pointing at one the screen and was deeply horrified.

“W-w-what? Is this for real?!”

“IKR!!! This is a very big piece of news! We have to spread it to all our sisters, lest they bring a calamity upon themselves and us.”

“You are right. Let’s inform everyone.”

The Witch along with the Witch named Brenda immediately started typing on their computer screens something.


The sound of pressing key was heard.

“Done! Phew, this was so tiring.”

“Yes, I know. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“Me too”

The two Witches talked among themselves.



A notification was heard on a computer screen. The lady behind the computer opened the mail and

“W-w-what??! For real?!”



A notification was heard on another computer in another place.

“Fuck! For reals?? Sis look at this!”


Similar things were happening everywhere. The Witches were in an uproar.


“Oh damn, we will be in trouble!”

A Witch exclaimed.

“What is it lindsy?”

“I just got an email which stated that we shouldn’t accept a commission.”

“Yeah so? Why the big reaction?”

“It’s signed and stamped by all the Queen Witches and the Her Excellency Queen Mother herself!”



“Let me see! Let me see!”

“Have a look, here.”

The Witch showed the computer screen and said.

The computer screen showed a letter that read

“Dear Sisters,

Please do not accept or recommend any commission regarding breaking a contract of King rank and above from any noble Vampire until further notice. Breaking of this will verdict would be punishable by death without reincarnation.

Yours sincerely,

Witch Queen,

Hecate. ”

Below the letter were stamps and signs of other Queen Witches and the Queen Mother, Florencia Rain.


The Witch yelled as if there were no tomorrow.

Not only her, this was happening everywhere and every place where a Witch was present. They all had gotten a notification on their communication devices from the headquarters.

The Witches were deeply shocked and horrified. They had never gotten such a big shock in their life, ever before. A crime punishable to such a death? Any crime could have their sentence lowered if they paid a certain price but this didn’t even give them a chance to redeem themselves. On top of that, they wouldn’t even reincarnate and it was stamped and signed by every Witch Queen and even the Queen Mother of the Witches!

They understood how serious the situation was. They swore to themselves, they wouldn’t ever do something so stupid even if they were beaten to death.

“You heard it right, Bella. Any crime we Witches do could have our sentences lowered if we pay certain price but this isn’t even negotiable. It’s for the first time that I have witnessed such a scene in my life.”

“Me too. Sigh, I only hope that nobody is greedy or foolish enough to do this.”

“I hope the same.”

The reason for all this panick was Lucy.

Lucy forgot that their family had a Queen Witch, Hecate, serving them and asked one of the King rank maid to send a commission letter about buying King rank contracts to the Witches on behalf of the Evure family.

She got the contracts from Hecate later but she didn’t know that she indirectly caused a little chaos among the Witches.

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