Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 36 To Not Get Bored

Evernight city, Nightingale.

The Royal court never had many visitors to discuss any matter since the year it was built. It was very deserted. The throne room too was empty. Lilith never really bothered to go sit there and she only sat on the throne two times since it was built.

The first time was when she gathered her two hundred servants and told them that they did a good job in building such a good castle and that they had to manage things well.

The second time was when all the Counts requested to have an audience with her to report the functioning of the Vampire society. Lilith although didn’t care about the Vampires, still accepted to meet them and listen to them. It was because she never really talked to anyone in the nobility after she destroyed half of them. So, she was also curious about what those guys were upto.

She was surprised to find that they became self reliant. It made her a little happy. She didn’t need to look after these useless people and could focus on taking care of her children. She was pregnant at that time. The meeting took place just a thousand years ago. The Vampire Queen only showed herself after half a million years!

The new counts dared to request her audience was because they were new and they didn’t really know too much about her terror. Although they did hear stories about her, they didn’t experience it, so they were ignorant. Thus they requested and she accepted.

Lucy was going through files and papers about various things that needed to be taken into account and what she had to do during the banquet. It was at that time Lilith came and stood beside Lucy and looked at what she was doing. She smiled and said

“Dear, why are you working so hard? It was mama’s job to do these things. You shouldn’t be bothering about all this.”

“It’s alright, mom. You have worked hard all these years and raised us with so much effort. This is nothing to compared to that. I am only doing this because we are the Royal family and are responsible for the Vampire’s well being.

Although you do not care about the Vampires much mom, but I think we should do our jobs as the Royal family because if we don’t, we’ll be bored. We have a long lifespan and having to do things really helps in passing time. Hehe.”

Lucy chuckled and said.

Lilith got a little emotional at the start by listening to her daughter’s care for her but later she chuckled along with her. Her daughter was right. Having nothing to do in these long years of life will only bore them to death. If Lucy liked being a substitute Queen, then so be it.

Lilith smiled and said

“Thankyou for your hardwork, dear. Mama won’t stop you from doing what you like and if you don’t want to, you can quit anytime. Mama will always support you.”

She then bent forward and gave her daughter a warm kiss on her forehead.

“Yes, mom. I will. Thankyou very much. I love you.” Lucy said and gave Lilith a kiss on her cheeks.

“I love you too, dear.” Lilith smiled and replied.

Lilith then left and arrived at the Queen’s quarter, in her bedroom. She looked at Lith who was sleeping like a baby. She stripped herself naked and laid beside him. Lith in his sleep, feeling warm again, subconsciously moved his hand and mouth, looking for his mother’s breast. Lilith chuckled everytime looking at his actions, she then held her boob and brought it in front of his mouth. Lith started sucking milk from it in his sleep.

This was an everyday thing. Everyday for a few hours, she would get out of bed when Lith slept and checked on her daughter. Even though her daughter is all grown up now, she still had to check on her and give Lucy her time and attention too. She would feel lonely or else. This is what Lilith thought.

Her thinking was a little off the mark but this only showed that she was a very good mother. Lucy never really thought of being lonely and she purposely left her mother to her little brother’s side so that she could spend more time with him. She thought that she had gotten enough of her time and attention in these past 500 years and that it was her new born brother’s turn to have her for himself.

Nevertheless, she still felt warm in her heart when her mother visited her in the night everyday. She did ask her to stop visiting her everyday and focus fully on her little brother but she rejected that thought of hers. She didn’t explain herself as to why and Lucy didn’t want to pry further, so she left her to do as she pleased.

Only a week was left for the banquet now.

Queen’s district, Evernight city.

This district with usually sparse population was now densely packed and was bustling with activities. There were many Nobles present here. Although the dates at which they could be given free access in the district was not there yet, it didn’t matter to them. They spent amethyst coins and chose to stay in the city. The nobles were rich and a spending a few amethyst coins was nothing to them in such occasions.

There were many clans of various heriarchies present. The lowest being, of course, the Knights or Dames. They were all invited to watch the livestream here in the Queen’s district and it wasn’t streamed everywhere in the Vampire continent was because it was a confidential information.

The people before entering had to sign a contract which was made by a Witch of King rank stating that they shouldn’t leak out the information about the new member of the Royal family or it will be notified to the Queen directly.

They all took it very seriously. Although they did not experience their Queen’s terror like the old Vampires, they did not dare underestimate her or go against her words. They would do anything but offend their Queen. She was their leader and also the protector of their race. She was also so strong that, if she wanted to, she could destroy the whole race easily and their mere clans were nothing in front of her.

The Duke houses of before were destroyed and it was the best proof of her power because till now, there were no Dukes!

There was also the fact that, to break the contract, one would need to go to a Witch of similar rank and the price of a King rank Witch was no joke. A whole Baron family would go bankrupt if they tried to get services of a King rank Witch. Even for counts and Viscounts it was expensive. They would not spend money for something so foolish.

Buying contract was cheaper than having to break contracts.

A Viscount clan could afford to buy many contracts made from Emperor rank Witches. A Count clan could buy a contract of even the Queen Mother of the Witches!

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