Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 35 Royal Servants

It was densely packed. It was because many noble clans have visited it. They nobles were sent invitation saying that there was a new member of the Royal family and he would be making his first appearance and thus they were invited to stay in the Queen’s district for three days for free. They could watch the livestream in specific ballrooms in the Queen’s district in these three days.

The high ranking nobles were directly invited to the Royal castle for the banquet. The banquet would only be for a day and they would then be kicked out. Lilith doesn’t like too many outsiders in the house. There were also only a hundred people managing the whole castle at a given time. They didn’t need to do menial stuff such as cleaning because that is done by magic circles and the Alchemical Life of the castle.

The Alchemical Life was called as Drune. It kept the castle clean, notified the people who visited and also acted as invoking the defenses of the castle. Drune was probably the most useless Alchemical Life because it didn’t have much work at all. They castle didn’t need to be invoke it’s defenses because nobody in their right mind would attack it and also there were strong people gaurding it and it in itself had the strongest existence living inside. It also had no one visiting much and thus couldn’t even notify the masters inside. It’s only job was to keep the castle clean. It couldn’t notify it’s masters directly either. The Queen stayed in the Queen’s quarters and the Alchemical Life wasn’t allowed to pry inside it. It could only notify the maids around the periphery if needed and that was too rare. All in all, it was the most useless and it passed time by sometimes talking to the maids and servants inside. Thankfully, Alchemical Life weren’t living beings. They were more like an A.I of the magical world. Thus, it wouldn’t be bored to death.

The maids and butlers in the castle, at present, were only a hundred and all were very strong. There was one maid and one butler who were Emperor rank, five who were Half Emperor rank and thirty five who were King rank and the rest were half King ranks at present. Lilith had personally raised them when she became a Queen and was bored and had nothing to do. The servants respected her from the bottom of their hearts and only lived to serve her for their whole life.

Of course they would take shifts to serve her and would go out on adventure or vacation for a certain period of time. Lilith had no problem from this because as long as the castle is well kept, they can do anything. Thus, the servants had a meeting among themselves and decided that every twenty five years, they would go out for vacation for five years.

There were a total of two hundred people who Lilith raised and four were Emperor rank and ten were Half Emperor rank. Seventy were King rank and the rest were Half King rank. Out of the two hundred, at present, only half were managing the castle because the other half were on a vacation.

Every twenty five years, half would go out and come back five years later and then the next batch would go out and then come back. So, for a few years, there were only a hundred people serving the castle. One of those few years happend to be now.

But, as the banquet were nearing, the other servants, without having to be told by their master, sent word and called back those who were out for vacation and those people would be back in a few days.

Invitation was sent to the Viscount noble houses who had the highest contribution to the Vampire society and to all five Count houses by the King rank maids and butlers as per Lucy’s orders. Lilith only spent time with Lith and Lucy had to do all the work for the banquet. She didn’t hate her mother for dumping all the work on herself, it was because she loved her mother and cared for her happiness. If her mother was happy with being with her little brother, she would gladly take up all the work to free her.

As of now, the highest in heirarchy were only Counts and there were no Dukes or Duchess because Lilith had destroyed all the Dukes and Duchess clans. When Lilith killed the Vampire King and took his position, there was opposition by some Duke and Duchess Clans and Lilith although didn’t care about what these weak people thought of her, was annoyed and thus destroyed all the Duke and Duchess Clans and almost all the noble clans who supported the opposition.

Thus, half the nobility was gone just like that and it took a long time for them to recover and as of now, the highest were only upto Counts. Although the nobility had recovered now, Lilith actually forgot to upgrade their titles as she was busy adventuring and helping her friends and resting due to pregnency and taking care of her children. Thus, this banquet would also be the one where the nobles would be upgraded with their status and a new heirarchy would be present in the Vampire society.

The others had no idea that even if they wiped out all the Vampires, Lilith would simply not care and let them be, but still, nobody dared to challenge her authority by doing so. The world had already suffered enough.

Lilith unknowingly became a pillar of support for the Vampire race and the other races feared her and didn’t want to offend this madwoman at any cost.

Lucy, when she became the substitute Queen when Lith was born, read all of her mother’s past deeds and realised that her mother was the Queen only in name and didn’t really do anything much for them. The Vampires out of fear for her, took up roles and tasks and stabilized themselves and didn’t ask for her opinion on any matters. Thus, in a period of half a million years, the Vampires became self reliant in everything.

Lilith did realise that she was the Queen and thus she raised the two hundred servants and let them do all the work for her. The servants didn’t disappoint her and they properly organized the country of Nightingale for her and made the Evernight city, one of the best city and also as the Queen’s home. They didn’t upgrade any status of the Vampires and let them be as it is because, they didn’t have such an authority and also they would need to disturb their master and ask her to work a little so that they could be upgraded of their status. They didn’t care for such matters more and worked for organizing the place for their master to live properly.

They had authority over the revenue collection and also the usage of the royal treasury, thus, they made Evernight city the best place for their master and also the Royal castle. The Royal Insignia was too done by them but they did ask for her approval and wether she liked it or not, as Lilith approved of it, it got circulated everywhere and thus became an insignia which represented the highest authority and power. Nobody dared to take it lightly.

Thus, after Lilith destroyed half the nobility before and all the Duke clans, only the heirarchy upto the Counts was left. There were only Noble Knights or Dames(female knight) at the lowest level of heirarchy and only the Counts at the highest. In between were Barons and Viscounts.

Lucy, who had the highest authority, the same as the Queen even though she was a substitute, decided to work a little and make her rectify the holes which her mother made and make her stand more tall and mighty among all. She did ask her mother if she would protect the Vampire race in case of major crisis and she just said “sure” like it was nothing. Lilith felt that her children were Vampires too and would probably have a little sense of belonging to their own race and if the race got wiped out, they would become lonely. Thus, she casually said that to Lucy, when she asked her such a question.

Therefore, now the banquet had two purposes. One was the introduction of the new member of the Evure family and the other was the reforment of the noble heirarchy.

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