Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 34 Queen’s District

Evernight city, Nightingale.

The castle was spread around an area of 10 km2. The castle had everything one could think of. In the middle of the castle was the Queen’s quarters which was spread in an area of one km2, occupying one tenth area in total. There were also two other quarters attached to the Queen’s which were meant for the children of the Queen but they were unoccupied.

The castle had no walls surrounding it. It was to ensure the beauty of it couldn’t be degraded. There were roads travelling down the cliff from the castle into the Queen’s district. Before the Queen’s district was a forest, seperating the castle and the district. It was the dark rose forest, which was named after the vast fields of dark roses growing in it all year long.

The forest was very big. It had many magical beast residing in it too. The forest covered an area of 15,000 km2.

The Queen’s district was 50,000 km2 in area in which there were two big arenas occupying the space of 10,000 km2 each. They were equipped with the highest grade magic circles to ensure that it is unbreakable. Those two arenas could be combined and made into one big arena too via, of course, magic circles. Similarly, those could be divided into small arenas too. Usually, all year round one of the arena was divided into ten smaller ones of a thousand km2 each.

Competitions were held for entertainment purposes or just to ensure who was the strongest Vampire in each ranks. The strongest Vampire competitions were held in different intervals for different rankings.

For rank 5 and below it was every year.

For Saint rank and below it was every decade.

For King and Half King rank it was every twenty five years.

For Half Emperor rank it was every fifty years.

Lastly, for Emperor ranks it was every hundred years.

Only during fights between Emperor ranks was the two arenas joined.

One arena was left unoccupied all the time for the usage of the Royal family. The Royal family, if wanted, could kick out everyone from the other arena to use both of them at once. The ones which would get kicked out would have their schedules post poned. Nobody dared to refute the Royal decree. Of course, that didn’t happen much because Lilith didn’t need to train and Lucy was only King rank as of now, so 10,000 km2 arena was already big enough for her. As for Lith, well he’s just rank 1.

The Queen’s district, other than the arena, had many recreational places, mainly for the Royal family’s leisure but people could visit them from time to time by paying a hefty price. The price was big to ensure that less people visit and also to ensure that the areas were left empty as much as possible. To ensure that if the royal family visits then it won’t be uncomfortable for them.

The Queen’s district also had many high end luxury shops, hotels and restaurants. Many visited these places for having a taste and buying various luxurious and exotic things. Half King grade and above artifacts were sold here. The lowest grade artifacts were of Saint rank.

Many nobles visited the Queen’s district every month and many commoners did too, if they could pay the price to enter the district that is. They nobles visited to enjoy various delicacies or to buy things. The commoners weren’t too rich and visited to have a few delicacies and also to tour around and hope to have a look at their Queen.

There was walls surrounding the Queen’s district which were equipped with surveillance magic circles. They ensured that if anyone passed by them, it would alarm the gaurds. To pass through them, one needed to pay an amethyst coin and could stay in the Queen’s district for a day.

They were then given a badge which had their names and below it was written time. The time was in days:hours:minutes:seconds format and once it would be over, the people would be teleported outside the district. It was also given to ensure who entered and acted as a surveillance ensuring that no one trespassed and caused trouble.

To stay for more days, one could recharge their badges in any shops nearby by paying money. To stay for another day, another amethyst coin was required. Discounts were given if the stay was longer. For a week’s stay one only needed to pay three amethyst coins other than the one they needed to pay at the entrance. This was done so that whoever visited the district, atleast paid four amethyst coin.

For a month’s stay, they had to pay ten amethyst coins. It was cheaper because people who could stay for a month, cannot be out on streets for a whole month. They had to be in hotels or any other shops. Patrol gaurds were everywhere to check that no one without a badge was roaming and that people weren’t sleeping or staying on streets. There were some cases of people doing that before just so they could have an opportunity to see their Queen. Thus, the prices were higher and patrolling was stricter.

The Royal family, never really visited the Queen’s district much. One reason was that Lilith wasn’t interested and another was that Lucy was out adventuring and didn’t limit herself to Evernight city. Lith was given training in the castle itself so he didn’t need to go out.

As of now, the Queen’s district, which was supposed to be sparsely populated, was actually bustling with activities and was jam packed.

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