Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 425 Scholar’s A Coward

The King Rank scholar was on his knees when Lith grabbed a bunch of his hair and lifted his face. His glowing eyes stared into the dispirited eyes of the King Rank expert who had lost his core.

After losing his core, the King Rank expert was no different from any mortal.

"Please… don't kill me…". The guy pleaded, begging for mercy. Ever since Luna appeared, the King Rank had lost his bravado.

All his cockiness was gone and after she took his core out, he had been begging the two to spare his life.

Lith was tired of hearing this same thing again and again.

"Noisy." Lith said and slashed the guy's vocal cords with his sharp claw.

"Hmmfff! Hmmfff!" The guy screamed as his vocal cords got cut. But his screams weren't of pain and agony, but him still begging for mercy.

? Tears and snot covered the man's face and his appearance was so bad, nobody would even think that he was the same calm scholar as before.

Lith was still trying to decide what death he should give this guy. He was the reason for his assassination but now that he saw such a pathetic state of him, Lith couldn't help but click his tongue.

He didn't expect his assassin would be such a coward. Lith was ashamed that someone like this guy had almost landed an lethal attack on him.


Lith turned to look at Luna and said, "Luna, I was expecting someone strong and courageous to have tried an assassination attempt on me, not someone so cowardly."

He then sighed and continued, "It's a pity that I got attacked by this guy."

Luna nodded. "It is indeed a pity."

Lith then asked, "my wives were worried about me after that attack happened, right?"

Luna nodded again. "They would've ended up coming here and wiping the two clans out had Her Majesty not asked them to calm down."

"Hmm… I see. It seems they were angry as well." Lith deduced from Luna's tone.

Luna shook her head. "Saying they were just angry would be an understatement."

"Oh? It seems wifeys need some love and care." Lith said and chuckled.

Luna chuckled as well and didn't comment on this.

Lith then said, "Alright, deliver this guy to Arya and Alexandra. They definitely might have better ways to kill him than me."

Luna then asked, "Your Highness, should I cut him into pieces and send some parts of him to all the madams?"

Lith stared at Luna and said, "Luna, did you hit your head somewhere while coming here?"

"Eh?" Luna was surprised to hear that.

Lith pointed at the core in Luna's hand and then at the guy and said, "He's not from a species that has regenerative abilities or has his core with him. He'll die if you cut him."

"Ah…" Luna realized her mistake and said. She then bowed slightly and said, "I apologise for my suggestion then, Your Highness."

Lith couldn't believe his head maid was like this sometimes. It was the first time he saw Luna in such a state. But it was cute and he didn't hate it. His anger subdued slightly when he talked about his wives and had a chat with Luna.

"Instead of sending him to everyone, just send him to Arya and Alexandra. Those two would definitely know what to do." Lith instructed.

Arya and Alexandra were two sadists and Lith was well aware of it. Sending this guy to Emilia would be a bad idea since he didn't want to have his innocent wife torture someone and sending him to Nightingale was definitely a no go.

Even Lith couldn't predict what his mother and sister would do to this guy if he went there. It would be best to let Arya and Alexandra vent their anger on him. It'll keep them occupied as well as calm them.

Luna did as she was told and called Arya. As soon as Arya got the call, she hurried to teleport right to this place.

It didn't even take a minute and Arya was right here in front of Lith.

Looking at Arya who just teleported here, Lith couldn't help but smile and ask, "someone is missing their husband?"

Arya didn't answer and walked towards Lith to hug him.

She placed her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around him. In a slightly relieved voice, she whispered, "obviously."

Lith chuckled and rubbed her back. Now that he had grown taller, his height matched Arya's and to his surprise, he just found out that his wives were really tall. All of them.

'Do I perhaps like tall women with big butt like those two sorcerers from anime?' Lith had a thought.

He couldn't help but slightly look down at Arya's butt and as he did, Arya said to him:

"Stop staring at my butt. We're in public and there's cameras everywhere. It'll become scandalous if you grope me here. We can go home if you want."

"Eh?" Lith was stupefied as he heard that. "Wait, don't you have a blindfold? How can you see me behind your back?"

"And wait, wait, you're misunderstanding some–"

"It's okay, babe. No need to suppress your urges. I am your wife, it is fine to do such things." Arya flashed a small smile and said softly while still hugging Lith.

She was just teasing him. It had been quite a while since she did that.

"Ahem, honey. You're clearly misunderstanding things, but okay." Lith didn't know what else to say.

"Anywho, I've got some business here, take this guy with you. Do whatever you want to him; I'll leave his fate to you." Lith let go of the hug and said.

As soon as Arya saw the guy, her face turned from a bright like blossoming flower to a cold and emotionless one. It was as if she had no emotions within her.

"He was the one to hurt you, wasn't he?" Arya asked emotionlessly.

Looking at his wife's mood change so suddenly, Lith held her hand and rubbed his palm on hers. "Don't do anything here. Just take him and go."

Lith didn't want his wife to be seen like a villain. Everything happening here was being live-streamed to the whole world. He was sure that if Arya created a scene here, it would be seen by everyone in the world.

Arya looked at Lith and saw him smile at her. He leaned forward and gently kissed her forehead.

Arya's face became bright like a cherry blossom again and she said, "I'll murder him~"

"Yes, yes. Good luck." Lith nodded and agreed with whatever Arya had planned for his assassin.

Arya cracked her neck and walked towards the guy. She held his collar and disappeared right away after taking another step.

"Your Highness…" Luna called after Arya was gone.

"Hmm?" Lith turned to look at Luna.

Luna showed her empty palms to him and said, "Madam took the Magic Core as well."

"Oh, damn. I wasn't even able to notice that." Lith couldn't help but exclaim.

"Even I wasn't able to…" Luna felt slightly embarrassed.

Lith laughed as he saw such an expression on his maid's face. He walked towards her and patted her head. "It's alright. Don't forget, she's one of the nine official Supreme Ranks in this world."

"That's true. Lady Arya is surely very powerful." Luna couldn't agree more.

"Alright, we spent too much time here. I need to go and look at the other fights as well. What's the overall status? Oh and… did you ensure that there were no cameras when Arya arrived?" Lith asked.

"Yes, Your Highness. Don't worry, nobody in the world saw Miss Arya come here on the stream. And as for the status, Sect Master Wan is attacking the Senzal Clan with full force and Sect Master Ling is attacking the Kenzal Clan. The two Clan Heads had arrived on the battlefield as well, but it seems that both have yet to figure out that their King Rank had died."

"I see. And what about that Elven King Rank?"

"He's on standby with his subordinates. They aren't participating yet." Luna said.

Lith nodded. He then asked, "did Ralph and Dennis retreat safely?"

Luna shook her head.

Lith's expression became grim as he saw that. "What happened?"

Luna explained, "They didn't retreat. Instead, they went to the Kenzal Clan and attacked them."

"Say that first Luna…" Lith felt relieved as he realised his friends were safe.

"I am sorry, Your Highness." Luna said with a small smile. She knew what she was doing and was just trying to have some fun with her master.

"Anyway, I am gonna go join the Senzal Clan's battlefield. I hope I have a good harvest." Lith said cheerfully and started walking towards the battlefield.

"Your Highness, you aren't a farmer…" Luna couldn't help but say and chuckle.

After Lith left, she flew high up into the sky, ready to answer her Master's call at a moment's notice.

Lith reached the battlefield and as he saw the chaos there, he couldn't help but cheer happily, "So many crops to harvest! It'll be amazing!"

Lith felt happy to see so many people waiting to have their lives reaped by him on the battlefield.

He was probably becoming a battle maniac, all thanks to the influence of his two wives, one sister, and one friend, but oh well, it probably wasn't too bad of a thing…


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