Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 424 Reaction Of The Ladies

"Big sis, let me goooo!"

A gorgeous black-haired, red-eyed girl wearing light armor was held by a beautiful silver-haired lady wearing a formal white shirt and black pants and a blindfold on her eyes.

These two were Alexandra and Arya respectively.

Arya had her legs wrapped around Alexandra's waist and was sitting on the windowsill of her luxurious office.

Alexandra was filled with rage when she came to know of the attempt on the life of her husband. She wanted to go straight to the Neutral Continent and crush the two clans.

Arya also echoed her rage and was going to make her move along with Alexandra when she got a text message from Lucy. She held Alexandra with one arm and opened the message on her phone with another.

"Lith is fine?" Arya read the message again and a wave of relief washed over her mind. She hugged Alexandra and cheered, "Our husband was not harmed in the attack!"

Arya then read the message sent by Lucy carefully. Lucy had assured the two girls that Lith was safe and he was in Nightingale. Lucy also urged them to not intervene in the war as it was a part of Lith's growth process.

Hence, despite feeling the urge to wipe out those people, Arya calmed herself. But Alexandra was still fuming with anger.

"Let me goooo!"Alexandra pleaded as she struggled to escape from the grasp of the older girl.


Arya had already told Alexandra of Lith's well being. But Alexandra was young and hot-blooded and wanted revenge for her husband.

Arya could understand Alexandra's emotions. If she was of her age she probably would've had the same reaction as well, but she knew that one had to compromise in certain areas.

Not only that, she also became more understanding of many things as she grew up, thereby becoming mature. Her experience helped her to calm down and control the homicidal urge to wipe out the two clans of Redstone City.

She expected Alexandra to calm down as well after she explained Lucy's message to her. But Alexandra was Alexandra. She still felt angry with the assassin and wanted to kill him.

Arya had no other choice but to hold her tightly in her arms as they watched the livestream of the battle in the Senzal territory.

"Big sis, let me go!" Alexandra shouted as she wriggled her body to escape from Arya's grasp.

"Let me go?" Arya repeated. She smiled and said in a singsong voice, "let me go~"

Then she outright began to sing, "let me gooo~ let me gooo~ can't hold it back anymore~ let me go–"

"The lyrics are 'Let it go'." Alexandra couldn't help but stop her and say.

Arya was singing the wrong lyrics and it sounded really bad.

"Oh? It's 'let it go'?" Arya asked curiously.

"Yes." Alexandra said and struggled again.

"Alright. Let it gooo~ let it go–"

"Please stop. You're hurting my ears." Alexandra protested.

But Arya continued to sing and annoy Alexandra.

Alexandra who wanted to run from this place and help her husband, now simply wanted to run as she couldn't bear to hear Arya sing.

Arya, although sang nicely, she messed up the lyrics. The wrong lyrics did not sound good.

Alexandra continued to struggle and leave while Arya continued to sing. The two also watched Lith on the livestream doing his thing.

Soon, they saw Lith find the King Rank dressed as a Scholar. When they saw the face of the scholarly man, both became serious and stopped their antics. They simultaneously said in a murderous tone:

"The assassin."

Judging from their pursed lips, one thing was for sure: If Lith left the guy alive and didn't kill him, these two would do the job in his stead.

They both hated the guy as he had harmed their husband. The two girls gnashed their teeth with anger and rage as they saw Lith punch the guy before healing him.

A smile of vengeance formed on their faces as they seriously began to hear the conversation between the Assassin and Lith.


Principal's office, Abalax World Academy.

"The assassin."


Emilia gripped her armrest of the chair too hard as she looked at the person on her laptop screen.

This was the King Rank who assassinated Lith and believe it or not, despite being a peace loving angel, this Seraphim in the room currently had anything but peaceful thoughts.

Her brows were knitted and a dangerous aura was radiating out of her body. The War Angel was starting to take her true form and the gentle and innocent attitude of Emilia was starting to vanish.

Sel noticed this reminded Emilia, "Madam, you have been asked to not intervene."

The pressure emitted by Emilia subsided as she was made aware of her changing form by Sel.

She looked at Sel and mumbled, "I know…"

She then turned her eyes to the screen and said a bit more loudly,

"I know but, I can't help but want to kill that person who harmed my husband."

Things which one would never expect an angel to say were being spoken by Emilia as she looked at the assassin on her screen.

Emilia had always been a peace loving and calm person, a typical angel. But one cannot forget that her innate nature was to fight. She didn't just get the title of War Angel for the show.

It did not matter to her if other, unrelated people were fighting and getting hurt. She wouldn't really pay much attention to the war as the lives of strangers did not mean much to her.

Yes, she would urge them to stop war and maintain peace but that's the only thing she would do and not go to great lengths to stop them.

However, now that her loved one, her own husband, was involved in a war, she could not help but pray for his safety. It was impossible for her to stay calm and be at ease when she saw how an invisible assassin tried to take her husband's life.

Had Lucy not sent the text and had there not been Sel by her side constantly reminding her to not intervene, Emilia would've immediately razed the Redstone City to the ground. She would've wiped out everyone involved without giving a single hoot about the lives of the innocents involved.

Even a Seraphim like her had a bottom line and the two clans were lucky to have dodged this fate as Lith was safe and not hurt.

Emilia tried to remain cool and continued to watch the stream on laptop while taking deep breaths.

While his ladies had such reactions, Lith who was on the battlefield finally had the King Rank's core in his hand and looking him in the eyes, he said in a threatening manner,

"Now then…"


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