Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 423 The Real Assassin

A few minutes ago.

A man dressed like a scholar was walking around the battlefield in a relaxed manner. The people around him were fighting intensely but to everyone, he seemed invisible.

The man suddenly felt a strong attacking force target him. This attack was so powerful that nobody on the battlefield would be able to withstand it; except for him.

He easily blocked the attack but his invisibility was gone. While he blocked the attack, he also exposed his combat prowess to everyone around him.

The man shrugged, noticing the reactions of others. He once again became invisible and continued to take a stroll on the battlefield. However, just a few seconds later…

His invisibility was removed forcefully, and his shocked face was exposed to everyone. Before he could even react to what had happened…


A spear imbued with destructive spells hit the man's head, causing a loud and large explosion. However, since he was a King Rank, he only became dizzy from that attack and was not killed in one-shot.

The man looked up to see where the attack came from and saw a silver-haired guy charging towards him with a murderous glint in his eyes. The intentions of the charging silver-haired youth were very clear and yet the scholarly man stared at him with slight confusion.

The one charging towards the King Rank was none other than Lith. He took help of Luna who was standing high in the air and asked her to suppress this guy. He then threw a spear towards him to test how much damage it would do but it did not even cause the King Rank a serious injury.


Lith soon reached the guy and punched him straight in his face. His punch merely left a small scratch on the man's face, not even causing the man some pain!

Lith gazed at the man in front. He had a frail body and clean robes and seemed out of place on this battleground. The scholarly man seemed like a peace loving person who wouldn't harm a fly and yet, he was the one who had tried to assassinate Lith.

The man, looking at Lith standing in front of him, was slightly surprised. Before Lith could question him, the man asked calmly,

"Did you resurrect?"

Hearing this, Lith's blood boiled. He didn't even need to question the man to know if he was the assassin or not from that line alone.

Lith's amethyst purple eyes glowed with a tinge of red in them, expressing his rage and anger. He looked up in the air and said one word:



"ARGH!" Powerful pressure suddenly came out of nowhere and pressed on the man, forcing him to his knees. The force was so strong that the King Rank was drained out of his energy and his cultivation base fell until he was barely a Pseudo-Immortal.

Lith sent a kick to the man's face and it ended up breaking his teeth and causing his jaws to be dislocated.

The man was stupefied as this happened. "Howff? Howfff canff youff doff thaff?"

From the previous attacks, the man knew that Lith wasn't capable of hurting him. He assumed that he was suppressed before due to some artifact probably but now, it was clear that his rank was lowered to Half Saint Rank from the mighty King Rank.

He had no idea how such a thing could happen and it horrified him. He was calm before, but now his emotions were chaotic.

Lith held the man's head and asked, "I'll give you one opportunity, give me a good reason why I shouldn't kill you and you can live."

Though Lith was angry, he knew this was war and it was kill or be killed. He was assassinated and almost died because he was less powerful.

He knew he shouldn't blame the person in front for attempting to kill him, but Lith had let go of such morals long ago. It didn't matter to him that he was in a war and the other person was just doing his job, all he knew was that he had tried to kill him.

Vampires were hypocrites and beings with no morals. The Prince of the vampires obviously should be someone who was thousands of times more immoral and a bigger hypocrite.

But the Prince wasn't at that level yet as he still had some humanity left in him due to his past life. Lith thus asked such a question to the man in front of him because of the residual morality left in him.

The man looked at Lith and said, "I waff paiff–"

Lith cast a healing spell on the man and made him speak properly.

The man's jaw and teeth were back to their places and he said, "I was paid for this job and just did what was asked. You seemed to be causing problems so I targeted you."

"But, things can change. If you pay me even half the amount those two clans paid, I can be on your team and wipe–"


Lith hit the man's head with a hammer and made his entire body sink a few inches into the soil and fall down. A greedy man like that wasn't needed by him and there was no way Lith would even consider recruiting him.

The man's head had a crack appear on it and Lith ensured that he didn't hit hard enough to make his head explode.

Killing him would simply be a waste right now as that would ensure that the man can resurrect. Lith had to take measures before killing this man.

Lith looked up and said softly, "come down."


A black-haired lady with red eyes and J cup breasts appeared in front of Lith while wearing a French maid uniform. She was none other than Luna, Lith's personal maid, and also the head maid.

Luna was Lilith's personal maid but after marriage, Lith ended up having her and Lilith got herself a new maid. Despite having her masters changed, Luna's position as the head maid wasn't gone and she still had a lot of duties to fulfill.

After Luna was here, Lith simply said to her, "cut off his reincarnation path and take out his core."

Lith was a Rank 9, currently not capable of doing such a thing to a King Rank. If Lith tried doing this, it would end up creating an explosion big enough to take down the entirety of Redstone City. It would not only kill Lith but also everyone below Saint Rank while causing serious damage to the Saint Ranks and Half Kings.

Luna nodded her head and went to do her job.


In the Hidden Continent.

"Big sis, let me goooo!"


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