Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 426 Absolute Advantage

Kenzal Clan.

Ling, the Sect Master of the Shadow River Sect charged towards the Kenzal Clan with full force. She easily entered the core area of the clan and while on her way, she did not kill any innocent people.

To arrive at the core area, Ling had to first cross the outer and inner areas. When she flew high into the air, she was able to completely skip the defenses of the outer area.

The outer area was too vast and there was no one who could pay attention to the intruders coming from the sky. Thus, the lives of the innocent people in the outer areas were spared.

After entering the inner area, Ling charged straight to the gates leading to the core area. She did not encounter any resistance until she reached the gates.

Soon the gates were destroyed, the guards were killed and the traps were disabled. Everything happened easily and very smoothly, like a well oiled machine.

Even Kenzal was dumbfounded as he looked at the Shadow River Sect entering the territory so smoothly.

"All these years I spent building these defensive systems were for nothing? Were they so useless?" These thoughts flashed in his head as Clan Head Kenzal looked at the screen with a stunned expression.

He decided to enter the battle himself as he knew that a Half King like Ling wasn't someone his army could handle.

The Shadow River Sect members began battling the army of the Kenzal Clan. As of now, the demon army sent by a High Demon family of the Sin of Sloth had yet to make an appearance, awaiting orders from Kenzal.


Ling had three generals under her who were commanding a hundred people each. Just these many forces were enough for Ling to be assured as she knew there would be no one above Saint Rank present here and there was barely any threat.

Ling knew that the victory was in her grasp. She was thus very calm as she stood silently at one end of the battlefield, watching her army fight.

Kenzal's army was getting suppressed with each passing moment until…


Kenzal's voice was heard by everyone on the battlefield, followed by loud shrieks coming from the demons.

Soon, in the sky above the battlefield, a hundred and fifty demons appeared and they started attacking the people of the sect.

Then Kenzal arrived on the battlefield wearing blue robes. A hundred and fifty more people stood behind him.

"CHARGE!" The Clan Head commanded, pointing his hand towards his enemies.

From the air, the demons attacked, and on the ground, more than seven hundred people present charged at the orders of the Clan Head Kenzal.

'Even though we have numbers, we'll eventually be cut down if help does not arrive soon. I'll have to hold on until then.' Kenzal thought to himself while he stood at one end of the battlefield, completely in the opposite direction of Ling.

He knew Ling had the power to wipe out everyone here if she wanted and she was only watching from the sidelines as she was trying to be careful.

'Hold on, my people. Help will soon arrive.' Kenzal's expression was anything but good as he thought.

Though he arrived with pomp on the battlefield, he knew the situation had not changed. The Kenzal Clan was the losing side here and even with the demon army, they could only delay the inevitable.

They didn't have anyone who could stop the monster present at the end of the battlefield, that is, the Sect Master of the Shadow River Sect, Ling.

Kenzal held onto the hope that the King Rank he and Senzal hired by spending so much money would come here and help him out of this predicament. So, he tried to stall for time as much as he could and went all out.

On the other end of the battlefield, Ling was standing silently and watching the sect people fight.

"Though they're a lot in number, they're all weak." Ling said softly.

"You're right, Sect Master Ling."

Ling didn't turn her attention to the voice as she knew who was coming towards her. A Half King like her was bound to have good senses.

"You're not going to guide your team?" Ling asked softly while still looking at the front.

Beside her, a pink-haired guy arrived and stood. He was none other than Ralph.

"No, they can do what they want now." Ralph said.

Hearing that response, Ling turned to look at Ralph and asked, "then, are you not going to participate in the battles?"

Ralph looked at her and said calmly, "I will, if there is a need. Otherwise I won't. I dislike fighting aimlessly, unlike that guy."

Ralph pointed towards Dennis, who was laughing and hitting the people around him with a hammer.

Ling chuckled as she saw that.

Ralph continued, "And I've anyways finished my job."

Ling nodded hearing that. "Yes, your contribution was very helpful. You have the sect's thanks."

"No need to mention." Ralph said and watched the battles unfold on the battlefield.

Just a few hours ago…

"Psst! Hey! Will we really be able to go past the guards?" Dennis said in Ralph's ears.

"If you want to speak that loudly, stay a few meters away from me. Don't shout in my ears." Ralph looked at Dennis and said with his brows knitted.

"Going towards the guards is just asking ourselves to get killed." Dennis didn't distance himself but stood beside Ralph and said again.

Ralph looked in front of him and saw a huge gate along with many guards present near it.

"You're right. It's asking ourselves to be killed, but not these guys. They'll pave the way forward and then we'll barge in." Ralph pointed towards the beastkins present around him.

There were three Half Saint Ranks and many Rank 9s and 8s. It would not be too difficult for them to go past these guards.

"What if the Clan Head arrives?" Dennis asked the important question this time. Though he liked to use his fists more, he still had a working head on his shoulders. If he used it wisely, he could become as good a tactician as Ralph.

Ralph shook his head and said, "He won't. And by the time when he does, we'll have people to back us up."

Dennis thought more about this and asked, "Do you mean the Sect?"

"Yes. They are on their way. I got a message from the Sect Master."

"Oh, alright. Let's forge a path for them through the inner area then." Dennis got up and said while taking huge strides towards the gate.

"Let's move, we need to attack the gate." Ralph instructed the beastkin and they all charged towards the gate.

The three Half Saint Ranks suppressed the guards and disabled the traps and defenses.

Dennis, Ralph, the Sect disciples, and the remaining beastkin ended up killing the guards who were near the gate, following Ralph's instructions.

It didn't take them a long time to enter through the gate. Once they were in, they started wreaking havoc everywhere.

Soon, the peaceful Core area transformed into the battlefield. People from the Kenzal Clan rushed towards Ralph and the others to stop them.

As the beastkins wanted from Ralph, he commanded them with precision to fight the incoming enemies. His plans made the battle easier for the beastkin and they happily engaged in the slaughter of people from the Kenzal Clan.

Kenzal did not appear on the battlefield yet as he was busy administering his clan and watching the overall situation of the war. He believed that his clan had the means to defeat this small group even without his interference.

However, his confidence cost him.

Before his Clan's army could take care of the beastkin, Ling arrived with her army and things quickly went south for Kenzal.

Kenzal then had no choice but to come out as the war had reached a critical point. His presence may not turn the tides but it would help keep up the morale of his troops.

Ralph and Ling silently observed the battlefield from the edge.

Ralph's job was to help the beastkin attack the Kenzal Clan. While he was at it, he ended up helping the Sect as well by opening a path to the Core area.

Ling's journey in the outer area was smooth because no guards were present and in the inner area, there were fewer guards and no traps or weapons to stall them.

But, despite finishing his job, as Ralph looked at the demon army in front of him, he couldn't help but think, 'Why are these demons here?'

Why would any demon family from the Sin of Sloth send so many people to their deaths? What did they want to achieve? Ralph had no idea.

Though it didn't really matter to Ralph as these demons were from just a mere High Demon family, it was still a bit suspicious to see the demons favor someone like this.

In any case, he kept this doubt in his heart and continued to watch the battle along with Ling.


Senzal Clan.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

Lith swung his blade continuously on the battlefield and charged forwards. Each time he swung his blade, it reaped the lives of Rank 8s and Rank 9s surrounding him.

The King Rank from the Elven army, Zelph, had jumped into action a while ago but he was quickly contained. The one who stopped him from slaughtering the Sect members was none other than the King Rank that Wan had hired through the Witches.

Xander, the Half King rank vice commander of the Eleven Army, had also entered the battlefield. He was engaged in combat against Wan, who was also a Half King.

The Saint Ranks amongst the elders of the sect ended up in a fight with Senzal and the other Saint Ranks from the Elven army.

Although the top powers were evenly matched, it was undeniable that the Shadow River Sect had an upper hand in this battle. The only way to change the situation was if another powerful expert intervened.

'Damn it! Where's that King Rank bastard!' Senzal thought to himself while fighting an elder from the sect.

His combat prowess was much higher than the elder and soon, he found an opening. Senzal launched a lethal attack and killed the elder in one decisive move, eventually earning a break from battle.

Senzal stood at one side and tried to contact the King Rank. He knew that if the scholarly expert did not show up, they would be doomed.

Failing to contact him, Senzal called Peter and asked about the situation.

Peter arrived at his side a few moments later. He was panting heavily as he spoke,

"Huff… Huff… Clan Head… bad news… Huff…"

"What bad news?" Senzal knitted his brows and asked.

"The King Rank… The King Rank is gone…" Peter tried to calm himself down and said.



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