Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 2 New Life (1)

“Hmm but mother isn’t this almost the same as yours?”

“I named him like that so I can feel closer to him.”

“Alright mom don’t make excuses and just accept it that you are bad at naming.” The lady in her 20s said and stuck out her tongue. To which she got her ears twisted by her mother.

Meanwhile, the afore mentioned party, couldn’t understand a single word and could only guess that the two ladies are his family. He didn’t know who the other lady is because of her similarity to his mother and so to play safe, just assumed she too is family. She could be his aunt or maybe sister, who knows? Why take risk?

Time passed.

Lith now started understanding the language they were speaking a little and could now say a few words too. He realised his name is Lith which is derived from her mother’s name Lilith and the other party on that day with her mother was his sister named Lucy and not aunt. He said his first words just like any other baby as “mama” to please his mother and just like that few months later he started to crawl.

“My baby come to mama.” Lilith said squatting and opening her arms. She never thought that her baby could be so lovely. He only cried when he was hungry or when away from her at night in a cradle. And watching how he didn’t wanna be separated, she too obliged and slept with him every night while he sucked her boobs.

What made her love him even more was how fast he learnt how to speak and crawl. He’s only 3 months old! And yet here he was trying to walk! It won’t be long before he starts to walk too. Her heart melted looking at him trying his best to grab the support of the bed and come towards her.

Lith on the other hand was frustrated. It’s been 3 months and it was very embarrassing to him to get himself soiled but he quickly composed himself. Thinking it was okay. He was now a baby.

What frustrated him the most was that he couldn’t move much. He wanted to move! He was stationary in his previous life that is, he was sitting on the seat on the plane and the journey was very long and died. And here he was immobile again. He wanted to walk, jump, roll and most of all travel to places the most!

“No, Lith come to big sis here!” Lucy who was in the opposite direction to his mother said.

Looking at this Lith was in a dilemma but he nevertheless chose his mother. Milk matters the most! Cough, cough I mean my mother would be hurt more if I don’t go to her. Right? This definitely isn’t an excuse to butter her up and get extra cozy into her assets. Definitely not. Lucy on the other hand was a little disappointed.

Lith who was trying to stand almost fell down. What he didn’t understand was why he didn’t feel pain. He looked around and found his mother holding him. Hmm, I see she was ready to protect me. Hmm? WAIT WHAT? HOW IS SHE SO FAST? Lith panicked a little. And realising that this isn’t a normal reaction of a baby, he started tearing up and sniffing like a normal baby.

Lilith looking at her child tearing up felt very upset and she swore to always protect him. No matter what!

Lucy on the other hand was about to make her move too but her mother beat her to it. She too swore like her mother after looking at lith like that.

Time passed.

Lith was now 6 months old and could walk now. After what happend previously his mother and sister worked tacitly to protect him. Lucy would be behind Lith to catch him if he were about to fall and Lilith would be squatting and opening her arms for Lith to come. He could now understand almost everything they used to say. He couldn’t get any information of what world he was in or his circumstances. All he could listen were loving and warm words of his mother and sister to him. He realised that his mother and sister both loved him very dearly.

Lith was now 1 year old and he could speak well but in a very baby like and childish voice and grammar. Even though he tried, he couldn’t change his baby accent as his vocal cords weren’t well developed yet. So he let it go and spoke only when needed. Currently he was finishing his meal which was milk from his mother’s breast.

After finishing his meal, he stood up and made his way down the bed. Lilith as usual made sure he safely got down from the bed. The bed was high for him and he had to make a little jump down to get to the floor. Her worries never eased even when he successfully and safely landed for the nth time unlike the first time he tried and almost fell butt down but she once again catched him. He couldn’t understand how she was fast but chose to be ignorant that time. But now was different. He wanted to know more about the world he was in. He wanted to understand his circumstances and the best way to do that was to first understand how to read and write. He could then read books about general knowledge and understand everything.

He couldn’t go around asking her mother to tell him general knowledge now, can he? He’s a one year old baby and babies shouldn’t ask such complicated questions.

So he made up his mind and did the best thing he could. He did a cute little walk and came in front of a bookshelf in his mother’s bedroom. He didn’t leave the bedroom since a whole year. His mother never took him out and he too was busy playing with her boobs and cuddling that he didn’t mind either. His sister used to come regularly and play with him so he didn’t find himself lonely either.

Now he was standing in front of the bookshelf and he pointed to a book which he couldn’t get and looked at his mother and said “Mama” to which she understood what he was implying and she picked him up and walked in front of the bookshelf and said “My baby, do you want mama to read you a book?” To which he shook his head and she got confused a little. He then said “Mama. Lith. Read. Book. Himself.” He said word by word like a baby hoping she got what he wanted to say.

Lilith was again a little confused and so she asked ” Dear, do you wanna read a book by yourself?” To which he nodded cutely.

“Oh. Okay. But do you know how to read?” To which he shook his head and she somehow go the gist of it. She finally said “Oh so do you want mama to teach you how to read?” Which was what he wanted to hear the most and finally nodded like a pecking hen. Lilith was a bit surprised. He was just one year old and he wanted to read books. Which baby does things like that? But she quickly stopped thinking this and started thinking of ways to teach her only son how to read. He made his first request to her and she would act like a good mother and fulfill it. She never let go of any opportunity to spoil him because she loved him very dearly. Heck, she even spoiled her daughter very much to this day even. But now that her son was born she paid more attention to him.

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