Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 1 Reincarnation?




Hmm? What is going on? What are these noises? Why is it so dark? Wasn’t I supposed to be dead? Well whatever, it’s not like I can do anything thinking of these things anyway. I try to feel the darkness around me but I suddenly feel something warm and liquidy pouring into me. I can feel it, my throat, my mouth, it’s moving. Phew, I think I have my body intact. I try to open my eyes and suddenly in the vast expanse of darkness I finally feel some traces of light around. Oh it’s too blinding, ah fuck it’s too blinding.

I close my eyes and this time I try to open it slowly and the the scene which I saw made me bewildered.

Never in my virgin life of nineteen years have I ever seen such a heavenly scene. In front of me was a very beautiful lady, in her early 30s probably. She had silver silky hair, purple eyes like the most beautiful amethyst, a beautiful face devoid of any blemishes and one which would make any and everyone kill each other to just have a look at. I’ve never seen many women in real life except for on the internet but I can for sure say that this one is the most beautiful and prettiest among all. Anyway, that’s not the problem at hand, the problem is that, that lady is looking at me very lovingly and with warmth in her eyes.

“%#!&” she said with a smile.

Oh well I don’t understand what she is saying but the next thing she did made me somehow understand.


I panicked a little but oh well I eventually calmed down. Who won’t, considering you are getting so much warmth and comfort and not to mention milk!

I see, so, I was on a plane to go back to my home country, after completing my studies in a foreign country and there was a certain turbulence and the flight started shaking violently, people were screaming everywhere and well of course, I too was panicking and the next thing I heard was an explosion and there was sudden darkness around me. Just like that, the next thing I know I’ve reincarnated.

This beautiful lady is for sure my mother, if not then I am fucked. Considering the loving gaze she’s been giving me, she for sure is my mother. Yes she is and you cannot deny otherwise. Please don’t. I don’t want more troubles. I already died once. I should stop overthinking and do what I need to. Drink milk from these beautiful nipples. I am a baby afterall.

In the country of Nightingale.

Inside a majestic dark castle, in a well lit room, very contrasting to the outside dark and gloomy atmosphere. A silver haired, purple eyed lady that appeared to be in her early 30s was sitting on a big bed with a small infant in her arms to whom she was breastfeeding. She was looking lovingly at the child she just gave birth to, she didn’t understand why the child didn’t make any noise or why he didn’t cry at all after he was born but after feeling his heartbeat and his eyelids fluttering she understood that he was healthy.

“Congratulations madam!” A maid said.

“Congratulations mom! Can I hold my brother?” A beautiful lady with the same features as the one holding the child said. She too had the same silver hair, purple eyes and her face was sculpted with no imperfections and appeared to be in her early 20s. If she hadn’t stated that the lady infront of her was her mom then everyone would’ve mistaken her for being her sister.

“No dear, right now he is very weak. You can hold him after a few days okay?” The lady said smiling. Her smile was very warm and her gaze very gentle.

“Fine.” Said the lady in her 20s sulking.

“Now, now dear, mother is tired and your brother needs to be fed too. Can you come back later please?” The lady said in a gentle tone.

“Okay.” The lady in her 20s said in a neutral tone and left along with the maid.

“You must be hungry right, my baby? Don’t worry mother is here for you and she’ll always love and protect you.” The lady said in a much more gentler way than before and in a much more loving way and low voice as if even the slightest thing could hurt the baby in her arms.

The baby opened his eyes and looked at her and she too smiled at him after noticing his gaze and lowered him and opened her robes for him to breastfeed.

Time passed. A few days later.

The lady in her 20s came back into the room.

“Mom, now can I hold him?” She asked in a pleading tone and a puppy face.

“Here, dear, but be gentle okay?” The lady said in a concerned voice.

“Okay, okay, but give him to me now.”

The lady hands over her baby to her and looks at her in a concerned way and gets ready to make her move in case anything happens.

Hmm? What’s happening again? I felt something weird. I open my eyes and once again I feel shocked. How did my mother get younger wtf? And how did her breast reduce in size? I started making noises after I saw her but alas, what was heard was a baby’s crying or that’s what my mother thought because I felt someone grabing me and I once again look and find the familiar face of my mother. Oh she’s here. So who was the one who was just holding me? I try to move my face to look again but I cannot. It’s a child’s body which is only a few days old, it makes sense I guess.

“Mom why did you take him back?” The lady in her 20s said.

“He was crying dear. I think he found himself with someone not familiar to him and started crying.” She said in a gentle way, her previous concerns all gone.

“Hmph! You just don’t wanna be separated from him, don’t give me excuses.”

“Oh oops, seems like I got caught” she said jokingly and extended her hand gesturing for the lady in her 20s to come sit beside her.

The lady in her 20s came and side beside her, now looking at her little brother directly and much more clearly than before.

“Wow! He looks so much like you mom.”

“Don’t you look like me too?”

“Well I am your daughter so it makes sense.”



“Anyway, I’ve decided on his name.”

“Oh tell me, tell me, tell me quick mother.”

“Calm down. His name is going to be Lith. Lith Evure.”

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