Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 3 New Life (2)

Three months passed and Lith could now read very well. He couldn’t write yet because of lack of muscle control but he could read very well. After understanding how to read he went over to the bookshelf again with his mother’s help and picked up books about general knowledge.

Lith understood that he was in a world of magic. The fantasy world that he used to read in novels, watch in anime and fantasize to be in. He was now in the world which he dreamed to be. How he got here, what was the cause of reincarnation, he didn’t care about this useless stuff. He had come to terms with the fact that he died once and now reincarnated. He was a little sad considering that his family would be worried about him but nothing can be done now. So he came to terms with his new life. He accepted the fact that he now had a loving and caring family. His family being his mother and sister. Where was his father and why he wasn’t here were all useless things which he didn’t bother to think much. His current thoughts were based on one thing. He needs to learn magic! Yes, he needs to. He’d read a lot about how pitiful you are if you aren’t in power so his only goal was to learn magic and get stronger as fast as he could so that he can protect his mother and sister to whom he considers family.

The world he was in could only be described in one word.


This world was very huge, humungous you can say. There are nine continents here in this world. Each continent ten times the size of Earth. There are various types of races too but the dominant one’s being the Demons, Angels, Humans, Vampires, Werewolves, Elves, Dragons and Witches.

Each race lived on one continent and the other races which were present lived in the continents they see and suitable for them. For example, skeletons, specters, ghouls, fallen angels etc all lived in the demon continent along with the demons. Druids, trolls, orcs and goblins lived along with the Elves in the Elven continent.

The best part about this world was that people here could resurrect! Yes, RESURRECT! You could get revived here if you die and this was very crazy to Lith or to anyone who was from a world were this wasn’t natural.

There is a nine floor hell and a 666 floor abyss in the demon continent managed by the demons. There’s also a heaven in the angel continent. The heaven and hell are places where the respective overlords of the races live. There isn’t much significance to it. These overlords and their subordinates resurrect in these places after their death. They are near immortals for it. All the races have their own such places. It doesn’t matter even if they don’t because they can gather ingredients and make resurrection phylacteries of their own and place it at a safe place. The ingredients for such things weren’t very expensive but weren’t cheap either.

The currency here was very simple.

It was divided into bronze, silver, gold and amethyst coins. One amethyst equaled one hundred gold coins. One gold coin equaled one hundred silver coins and finally one silver coin equaled one hundred bronze coins. Very simple

The thing which blew my mind the most about this place was that, it was very advanced technologically. A fantasy world which is technologically developed? Who would’ve thought that! My mother didn’t even introduce me to one single piece of technology. Ah right I forgot I was busy with her and she was busy loving me. So maybe she forgot I think. Yeah makes sense. So anyway, this place or I mean this world is very developed despite it being a magical world and so huge and with various races.

By technically developed I meant was that there were mobile phone like devices to communicate with others. Internet like thing to access and connect to the world. There were tv shows, movies, novels! Social networking was common here unlike what I read in novels before. I thought magical worlds do not care about such stuff because you know magic could solve everything. Anyway, by mobile phone like devices I meant was these do not work in the same way as Earth ones. They have magic embedded obviously. So leaving aside these minor issues, the technology is same as Earth here with the involvement of magic. Ah, finally I can be a lazy bum here and watch anime sitting like a dead log on the couch like the rest of the fellow cultured men cough cough I mean get stronger and protect my family. Phew, what am I even thinking?

Oh, I forgot to mention that I learnt all of these in the books though. I have yet to come across them. I ll eventually anyway.

I do not know the realms, it isn’t written here, I do not even know the race I am from, I think I need to ask my mother. Oh yes, there are nine continents and only eight main races who occupy one continent each, so what about the remaining one? That continent is in the middle of this world and it is called as the neutral continent which is controlled jointly by the main eight races. It is a safezone, a place for trade, commerce, education and recreation for all the races. There isn’t any war happening here, fights are a common occurrence and discrimination is inevitable. The stronger fist rules applies everywhere in this world like I thought. So to not get bullied I definitely to be strong.

I closed the book and looked around and found my mother staring at me intently. I didn’t even know for how long was I reading and how long was she here looking at me like that. But looking at her warm gaze I can tell she was enjoying looking at me reading.

“Done reading baby?” She asked to which I nodded and she smiled and hugged me.

I didn’t reply to her and simply hugged her and snuggled my way in her big breasts. She too didn’t think much and hugged me back and picked me up and carried to the bed and laid me down and herself got laid beside me. “All this hardwork must’ve made you hungry right?” She smiled and looked at me with a loving gaze. I simply removed one of her boob and started sucking on her nipple while fondling the other one from which milk spurted out a little and landed on my face.

“Being hasty, are we? Don’t worry mama won’t run away anywhere from you.” She replied the same way as before while rubbing my face clean with a cloth.

After a while I let go of it and pinched a little hard her other nipple indicating I need the other boob. She understood and picked me up and rolled over to the other side. I suckled on it for a while and looked at her. Noticing my gaze she looked at me with the same loving motherly look. I was momentarily at a loss after looking at her beautiful motherly face and look but somehow managed to sort out the words I needed to say.

“Mama. Go out for walk?” I said pointing outside.

“Hmm? You wanna go outside, dear?” She asked confused to which I simply nodded.

“Do you not like here inside with mother by your side?” To which I shook my head and she got confused again. Sigh, my mother doesn’t understand that time doesn’t work the same way for babies and adults. To her it may seem like a moment but for me I’ve been cooped up here long enough. Looks like I need to explain it to her to the best of my abilities.

“Walk, mama, Lith and fun.” I said hoping not to use more grammatically correct sentences and freaking her out and dumbing it down to baby language. Hopefully she understood what I meant by smiling brightly and saying “Oh my baby, you want to walk with mama outside and have fun with her?” To which I nodded. She got more excited than me and took me in her arms and dashed outside. She didn’t even close her robes. But it wasn’t the least of my concerns right now because the scene in front of me shocked me.

My mother was holding me in her arms and her robes were closed before I even realised but what shocked me wasn’t her speed but the outside world. It was dark outside, very dark and there was a silver moon in the night sky with a crimson hue.

The vegetation was dark too clearly indicating that it got adapted to the darkness here. I for once was at a loss on how my reaction should be. What race was I from? This was my reaction at first considering humans do not live in such environments. So I looked at my mother and asked her “Mama, me race what?” She looked at me and said smiling and said “what else dear? You are my cute little Vampire.” And gave me a kiss on my forehead.


I am a vampire now!

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