Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 12 Shopping

Lith was dumbfounded by the scene around him. People were chanting stuff as if they found their idol. They looked like a bunch of bumpkins worshipping their god. Even though this was the case, Lith actually felt a little proud of his mother in his heart. He never really knew that people actually respect her from the bottom of their heart. Whatever the case, he was a little smug too of being closest to such a person. Heck, he even sees her naked everyday and plays with her boobs to his hearts content and here these people couldn’t even get a glance at his mother properly.

He subconsciously pressed his mother’s boob a little causing a little milk to spill out and after noticing his wet hand, his subconscious reaction was now to latch onto her nipple to get milk first and this is exactly what he did. He put his mouth on his mother’s nipple even though she was dressed. Lilith looked at her son, a little surprised and thought to herself that he really loves her breasts very much. She smiled and said gently to him

“Dear we are out in public right now. If you are still hungry mama will take you into the carriage right away and feed you. If not, then can you please behave like a good boy? Mama will reward you when she gets home.”

Thinking of reward his eyes lit up. He immediately let go of the breast and nodded repeatedly hoping to not miss this opportunity by any chance. Lilith was happy knowing how understanding her son was. He was only three at that! She gave a peck on his lips and cleaned her robe with magic.

Nothing of importance happend later, Lilith, Lucy and Lith in Lilith’s arms shopped for a lot of things in the merchant district. The merchant district, which was a very busy district had some parts empty without any people. The area around 150m of Lilith was devoid of any people except for the merchants selling the goods. Even the gaurds were away and stayed at the periphery of the 150m big barrier made naturally due to Lilith’s aura.

Lith went away from Lilith’s arms and onto Lucy’s because Lucy insisted on holding him too. Lilith reluctantly let go but stayed close to them. They bought a lot of stuff like small goodies, merchandise, blood candy, which Lith tried and it surprisingly tasted good.

The store owner said that the candy was made from the blood of a rank 5 human virgin girl who needed some extra money and thus sold few vials of blood by making an agreement. The agreement is issued by the World Merchant Association whose branches are almost everywhere except for backward towns and provinces. There is a mediator present to help people sign their agreements and if concerned party is rank 5 and above, a high ranking official is needed as a mediator.

The blood of virgins is a delicacy for Vampires and not everyone can have the chance to have such delicacies. Virgin blood of a girl and that too a rank 5 is very rare and sells for a high price. Most Vampires satisfy themselves by having blood of normal people. Of course if I wanted to, I could have a candy made by even a saint rank virgin girl’s blood but I am not too picky about such stuff.

We roamed around a little more. My big sis and mother fed me a lot of stuff on the way saying that it is a must try. I too happily complied with it. After roaming like this for a few hours we came at a small souvenir shop. Big sis took me in and mother followed as usual.

“Mom, why don’t you pick a gift for us? Lith and I will pick one for you and let’s exchange it then okay?” Lucy said smiling and left hurriedly without waiting for our mother’s opinion.

Lilith helplessly shook her head and smiled.

Me and big sis found mother a locket which looks very beautiful. It is a common type of locket found everywhere where you can capture a moment and insert it inside. It looks too well defined to be even called a picture but yes it is a picture in a locket.

We went to the shopkeeper and asked him to get us the most premium version of this locket and he got us one. We paid for it and went outside and found our mother already waiting for us. She looked at us and smiled.

“What did you get us mom?”

“Why don’t we show ourselves our gifts at the same time dear?” Mother said smiling.

Me and big sis nodded our head and Lucy presented her a box and mother too gave us a box. We opened it and found the same type of locket which we gifted to mother and here, there were two of them!

We looked at mother and mother too looked at us and after a second we all started laughing happily. Mother came in and hugged us both and gave us a kiss on our forehead.

“I love you both, sweethearts.”

“I love you too, mom.” Lucy said and gave mom a peck on her lip quickly.

“I love you too, mama.” I said and opened my arms in for a hug to which she simply took me away from Lucy. I gave her a peck on her lips and then a kiss on her cheek and rested myself on her shoulder with both my arms on her neck. She was holding me with both of her palms on my butt and my legs dangling on the sides. I was actually very exhausted and could sleep at any moment.

We went over to a nice grassy field and sat there. I was on mother’s lap and big sis was hugging both mom and me from one side and mom had her arms on both of us and hugged us. We stuck very close to each other and smiled.

The moment got captured by the maid and embedded into the three lockets. We all wore one.

Lith slept with his head stuffed in between Lilith’s big bosoms and Lucy slept on her shoulder from the side. Lilith supported both her children well and ensured that tney slept well.

She looked at the two lovingly and once again said “I love you, sweethearts.” And gave them a kiss on their forehead.

They arrived at the castle and Lilith changed the clothes of her children and herself very easily and slept with Lith at the center and Lucy at the side.

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