Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 11 City of Evernight and Witches

After their heartfelt talk, Lucy was much more closer and connected to her mother than ever before.

The carriage driver was none other than the maid who greeted Lilith at the start. It went past the castle and was now moving along the streets of the Evernight city. The carriage was escorted by two king rank mages in front and back of the carriage and two up above in the air scouting the way ahead and looking for anyone dumb enough to approach the royal carriage

It went past the Queen’s district into the noble district and then finally stopped at the exit of noble district and also at the entry point of the merchant district. The Queen’s district was a restricted area where trespassers were executed on the spot. There are a lot of signs indicating not to approach and also a lot of money is spent on the walls but some idiots every year always try their luck to have a look at the royal castle and take a photo of it and also to look at the hopes of finding the beautiful Vampire Queen. They are without mercy killed on the spot and have a permanent all time high ranking of no. 63 in dumb ways to die.

The capital city Evernight is really very big and hosts a whopping population of

250 million+ vampires. It is one of the most populated and also one the biggest city in the world. It took almost two hours to come from the Queen’s district into the Merchant district. In these two hours Lilith had a heartfelt talk with her daughter, fed both her children full and cuddled with them to the fullest and made the most out of the time.

“We’ve arrived your majesty.” The maid said in a neutral tone.

Lucy got off first followed by Lilith with Lith in her arms as usual. Just as she got down the carriage she heard people chanting




Social media!

The Vampires went crazy on their forums and started spreading the news everywhere about it. Nobody knew why the Queen has left her district and is now roaming around but nobody dared to take a guess either. It was blasphemy to them to miscalculate or even calculate any move of their Queen. All the Vampires, the counts included followed the orders and decrees of the Royal family religiously. They were a bunch of sheeps following their shepherds blindly. There wasn’t dictatorship present in this race but it was the absolute terror and power of the Queen. Her aura naturally suppressed any and every Vampire which didn’t have Royal blood.

The Vampires always looked up their Queen with respect and awe and there wasn’t a single blasphemous thoughts in there. They just wanted to be noticed by their Queen once in their lifetime and nothing else. They’d even kill to just see her. Because of their deep respect and awe, some fools who worshipped their Queen a little too much, tried their very best to have a look at her and trespass into the Queen’s district. Thereby adding their names into dumb ways to die. Oh well, they do not really die, those fools come prepared. They have their resurrection phylacteries at their homes or certain places or organizations and they resurrect there.

Even though the gaurds have the ability to kill the people permanently without even giving them a chance to reincarnate, they do not do that as it is clearly not worth their time. They treat it as flies. A fly reproduces at a very fast rate and no matter how much you kill it, it’ll always be around. They do not harm you much in any way but they just annoy you. Thus, by this logic, they aren’t killed. Even if someone crossed the barrier and went near the castle or theoretically even went inside the castle to assassinate anyone, there really isn’t much of a chance left either.

The Queen is a supreme rank. An absolute powerhouse who has her aura spread out everywhere around the royal castle and even the slightest disturbance won’t go witnout her notice. There’s also the fact that the castle has it’s own life. It’s an alchemical life, a product of alchemy made by the fusion of souls and some expensive materials and complex magic. It’s patent lies solely with the Witches and only they know how to produce it.

Speaking of Witches, there lies a question which everybody ask. Are Witches trustworthy? The answer is a simple no. They provide you services for anything and everything, including information too. So whenever you deal with a Witch, you are indirectly providing her some information about you. To tackle this problem, the people make confidentiality agreements with the Witches with the contracts issued by the devils of the abyss. There are contracts of various strengths according to the floors and the price increases accordingly.

Is this 100% safe? Of course no. Even if you do a confidentiality agreement with the devils, information might still leak out somehow and so the best way to deal with the Witches is very simple. It’s to have power. Infront of absolute power, no tricks and schemes work. If any error or scam has been done by a Witch due to her greed and she is caught by an absolute powerhouse, a letter has to be sent directly to one of the Queen Witch and depending on the seriousness of the matter, it is either solved by them directly or sent to the Queen mother or the worst case happens and a part of the territory is wiped out of the Witch continent along with the Witch in question.

Therefore, no spies or scams occur when Witches deal with powerhouses. Thus, Lilith doesn’t really fear anyone and openly orders the Witches to do stuff for her. Nothing would go unnoticed from her if there is something wrong in the castle and if she did finds something wrong, even the Queen Mother of the Witch cannot save herself.

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