Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 10 Heartfelt Talk

The carriage was carried by two nightmare horses. Nightmare horses were spirit beasts born in places were the quantity of nightmares was densest. They are bred artificially too by giving a certain population of a small town or village nightmares for an extended period of days. These horses are very powerful and their power depend on the quality of nightmare experienced by people. The ones carrying the carriage right now could be considered powerful enough to be equivalent to a rank 9 mage. To breed such powerful ones, a whole kingdom needs to experience nightmare for atleast 3 months.

Inside the carriage there was a small bar counter, a small wine cellar and tea counter for refreshments. I don’t understand why it is present because nobody is going to be riding inside the carriage much anyway. Well, I am a baby so it shouldn’t be my concern so I do what a baby should do. I pulled my mother’s breast out and both of them at once and started sucking on the tasty pink nipples of her and twisting the other one. Lucy from the side kept stealing glances on what I was doing. It was her first time looking at me clearly getting breastfed by mother. My mother noticed her glances and chuckled and said “What is it dear? Do you want to suck on them like before too? You can if you want you know? I am your mother after all and no matter how much you grow up, you’ll still look to me the same as how Lith looks to you. Fufufu.”

Lucy got very embarrassed and said “N-no m-mom…” before she could complete her sentence, mother pulled her close and made her suck the other nipple which I was fondling. Oh my, is my mother crazy or something? Not that I hate it but isn’t this too much? Are all vampires so crazy?

Lucy found her mouth on her mother’s nipple and she couldn’t even pull herself out due to the difference in stregth of her mother and herself. Due to forcefully getting stuffed her mouth on her nipple, milk gushed out automatically into Lucy’s mouth and having no choice, she gulped it down. She tried to get out but couldnt and having no choice, she too started sucking milk like her little brother.

Lilith was looking at both her kids sucking milk from her breasts with a proud expression. She had a very big mother fetish and would leave no chances to spoil both her kids silly. Now there was a chance to pamper both her kids, so why would she let it go? She knew her daughter was just too shy and embarrassed to be intimate with her like a normal mother-daughter pair so she did these little gimmicks to bring herself closer to her daughter again. She removed her hand which was holding her daughter’s back of the head and put it on her waist and brought her closer to herself. Lucy even after finding that her mother let go of her head didn’t really pull herself back because she was too absorbed in the sweet taste of her mother’s milk.

Lilith was now the source of snuggles. She currently had Lucy on her left holding her left boob with one hand and her waist for support with the other and she was sucking her mother’s breast hungrily letting out all these years of frustration of not being more intimate with her mother. Lilith looking at her daughter like that gave her a warm loving gaze and started caressing her hair. Lith was on Lilith’s right side and both his small hand were holding her big right boob, both for support and stability because his small hand could clearly not reach Lilith’s waist. Lilith couldn’t caress his head because she was holding Lith by his waist for support.

Lilith felt really complete right now. She always craved for such a feeling. Although Lucy was born and she took care of her too like a good mother but Lucy was actually never intimate with her like how Lith is currently. Lucy when she was the age of Lith used to just have her fill of milk twice a day and go around doing her stuff, away from her mother Lilith. She wasn’t a bad child or hated her mother but she was just too playful. Lilith didn’t get many chances to spoil Lucy silly and Lith on the contrary barely ever left her side in these three years. She now, looking at Lucy sucking her hungrily felt like Lucy too craved her motherly touch and she made a decision to be more intimate with her from now on.

Lith on the other hand was clearly enjoying himself very much. He was way too shocked looking at his grown up sister sucking their mother’s milk so hungrily but then he thought that she too loved mother as much as he did and probably wanted to find chances to be intimate with her. She’s really a tsundere hungry for motherly love. Didn’t mother love her much before me? Hmm, well, it shouldn’t be the case considering how much she dotes on both of us. It would probably be somewhere along the line like, my sister was too shy and so she wasn’t very touchy with mother and spent most of the time improving her combat and magic skills I think.

If Lith knew that he hit the bull’s eye due to his overthinking, he’d probably become very narcissistic and overconfident in everything and would have his name in this year’s ‘top 10 most self obsessed people’ magazine.

Lucy after a while of sucking milk and feeling satisfied pulled herself out of her mother’s embrace. After looking at the beautiful view of her mother’s boob and her pink nipples, she quickly realised what had transpired just now and jumped like a kitten who got it’s tail stepped on. Lilith looked at her daughter with an amused expression. She quickly held her by the waist and pulled Lucy closer to her and said

“It’s okay baby, relax and rest.”

Those words worked brought a really soothing and calming effect on Lucy as she finally calmed down and hugged her mother by the waist and rested her head on her shoulder.

“Mom, is it really okay?” She asked sniffing and almost tearing up. Lilith wiped her daughter’s little tear droplet from he eyes and gently patted her head and said

“It’s alright dear. Didn’t I say before? In mom’s eyes you are the same as how Lith looks to you. You still look like a baby to me and not an adult vampire. You were, are and will always be a cute little vampire girl who used to hold her mama’s skirt and go around touring the castle saying mama this, mama that with a happy expression. I am your mother and you shouldn’t be putting up walls around you dear and you can do whatever you want with mother and open up to her. She’ll always be the no.1 person who cares about you and will look after you.” Lilith felt like it was the right time to give her daughter some words so as to adjust her chaotic mental state.

She was right because Lucy felt really very good after hearing it. She felt like the barriers which were around her were now broken and she wasn’t a 500 year old king rank, substitute Vampire Queen of the Vampire race with a lot of responsibilities but just a little girl in her mother’s warm embrace.

Lith heard the whole conversation with his mother and big sister and really thought that her sister’s state of mind wasn’t right. But after hearing his mother’s word he could feel it that his big sister was now feeling well. To liven up the mood more he pulled out his mouth from her mother’s boob with a pop sound and looked at his mother and said “No, no mama, Lith is the no.1 person who cares about both you and big sis and will look after both.”

Lith on the other hand after watching their reaction screamed internally. SUCCESS! Am I not the best son/brother?

He’ll probably have been featured in this year’s ‘Top 10 most self-obsessed people’ magazine if it weren’t for the fact that he was a 3 year old and also the son of the strongest Vampire in the world.

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