Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 9 Insignia

I woke up and rubbed my eyes a little and found my mother looking at me with a warm gaze.

“Goodmorning dear.” She said and gave me a little kiss.

“Goodmorning mama.”

“Yesterday we got all dressed up and weren’t able to go to Evernight. So we’ll go today. Have your fill first and then we can go.” She smiled and pulled me closer to her big milkers. She’s been sleeping naked everyday with me ever since the walk we had. Not that I am complaining but she never really bothered to wear clothes later anyway. I stopped thinking and shut my mind and eyes and focused on one thing. Milk!

After having milk and kneading my mother’s breast into whatever shape I desire with my little hands, I gave her a kiss on her lips and a little milk got onto her lips due to that. She didn’t mind and just licked it from her lips and then bent over and licked my lips too. Clearing any remaining traces of milk from them. She got up and pulled me up too. We had a bath, she got herself dressed in the same gothic dress and dressed me in the same white shirt, black pants, black vest, black shoes and red bowtie as yesterday.

She held me in her arms again and walked towards the outside of the castle. In the front of the castle gate there were two gaurds gaurding it. They both were sitting on a chair on the sides of the castle gate and when they saw my mother, they stood up and bowed towards her saying “Greetings, your majesty!” They said in a not so low yet not so loud voice in a meutral tone. My mother didn’t even glance at them and kept walking towards the direction of the carriage which was standing in front of the castle gates. I wiggled a little in her arms and hugged my mother’s neck and leaned my head on her shoulders. My legs were on her sides dangling and she was holding me with both the palm of her hands on my small butt. It was a sort of shameful position but it was comfortable. Hey I am a baby remember?

I looked back at the gaurds and see them still bowing in the direction of mother. They had removed their caps and were holding it on their sides and their right hand was on the left chest with palm facing inwards. They clearly respect my mother very much I guess or are they afraid of her? Or is it because of status? Lith kept overthinking things like that until he heard another voice

“The carriage is ready, your majesty.”

I gave one final look at the gaurds and the castle. The castle gates were very big. Big black ahem thick gates made of I don’t know some tough material I guess. I didn’t even study about minerals here in this world. Not even geography properly. I guess I ll ask my mother.

I wriggled again in my mother’s arm and got back into the frontal position where my butt was resting on her left forearm with my body resting on her left breast comfortably. The voice was from a maid. She was wearing a black and white french maid outfit. The skirt had frilly edges and she also wore black almost transparent stockings. She had blond hair and green eyes and appeared to be in her late 20s. I’ve would been drooling looking at her if it weren’t for the fact that I’ve been around great beauties like my mother and sister. She had probably F or G cup breasts, slightly smaller than my sister’s. My mother had the biggest I’ve seen and then my sister. I need to stop thinking about such stuff. I do not have dick for a brain. Maybe I do? No, I don’t. I do, I think just a little bit. I was overthinking again when my mother’s tender voice woke me up from my stupor.

“How long are you going to look at her dear?” She chuckled a little and patted me on my back from her free hand and I stopped overthinking.

“Sorry” I said, stuffing my face into my mother’s bosom.

“It’s okay dear, I am not scolding you. Mama will never do such a thing to her dear baby.” She said and kissed my forehead.

I nodded my head in understanding. I looked around and asked my mother “Big sis is not coming?”

As soon I said that a head popped out from the carriage and looked at us and said “Hey, you now remember me? You didn’t even mention my name once after our training session.” It was my big sister who was complaining.

“Fufufu…dear wasn’t it you who ran-”

“Alright alright stop it stop it and get inside quickly, we are getting late.” She went inside the carriage and and said waving her hand repeatedly outside of it.

My mother and I let out a little laugh and went inside. My sister was wearing the same dress as my mother but in white colour and white hat and white rose in her bun. A contrast to my mother’s darker colours. She looked very beautiful and pretty. “Big sis looks very beautiful.” I complimented her and gave my heartfelt words. She smiled hearing that and kissed me on my lips. “Thankyou, dear. You also look very handsome.”

“Won’t you compliment this poor old mother of yours too, dear?” My mother made a pitiful expression to my sister and said.

“Yes, yes, mom you too look very beautiful.”

Lucy said while nodding.

“Right? So where’s my kiss?” Mother asked teasingly.

Lucy got embarrassed and made her way to Lilith quickly and gave her a peck on her cheeks and sat back on her seat obediently. Lilith chuckled and reached out her hand and pulled Lucy’s hand and brought Lucy closer towards herself and held her face with both hands and gave her a deep and long loving kiss on her lips. Lucy struggled, clearly wanting to get away from her mother, but alas, she was very weak compared to her mother. Lilith let her go, chuckled and said “Thankyou, dear.” Lucy was now fuming with embarrassment but she didn’t say anything. She pretended that she didn’t like it but the upward curve of her lips gave it away.

I looked at both of them, a little bewildered, but chose to be ignorant nevertheless. Hey if they are so close to each other, it makes me work less in the future, doesn’t it? What work you ask? Oh well ahem ahem it’s about bringing my family closer to each other of course.

The carriage started moving. It carried the insignia of the Royal family of the Vampires on it’s outside on both sides. It represented the Royal family, Clan Evure. The Royal insignia of Evure clan consisted of a silver moon with crimson hue on a dark background. In the middle of the moon was a dark majestic castle. It wasn’t very opaque but half transparent. A black delicate and sophisticated looking scepter was along the vertical diameter of the moon, passing through both it and the castle. Black bats with red eyes which looked like red dots on the bodies of the bats were coiling or flying around the scepter and also from the castle. Overall, they gave a very gothic, yet majestic feeling to anyone who looked at it.

The insignia represented one thing in this whole world and that is power. Power to control a whole race and change the fate of the world with one move, if one wanted to. It was not to be underestimated. Only three people in the whole world were allowed to roam with this insignia showing and those three were none other than Lilith, Lucy and Lith. Anyone who is found disrespecting the insignia was executed on the spot and had his whole family wiped out if present. No country, kingdom or even a mere commoner dared to challenge their fate with doing something so stupid.

There’s a dumb ways to die monthly magazine in this world and whoever did this stupid thing and died would definitely be featured in it.

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