Vampire's Slice Of Life

Chapter 13 The World

Lith woke up with a familiar squishy feeling on his back but he knew what this was. He didn’t bother to open his eyes and extended his arms forward to grab those heavenly softness which was his source of nutrition in this past three years. It felt a little different, a little firm but he didn’t think much because he was still half asleep. He held the soft mound and and brought his face closer to the pink pearls and started sucking on it. He suckled for a few seconds but no milk came out that he expected. He then felt a pull on his back and he was taken away from the heavenly softness. He was about to open his eyes and check what was wrong but soon felt the soft and tenderness again. This time when he latched onto the pink pearls, milk started gushing out.

“Fufufu….dear, did you forget where mama was?” Lilith caressed Lith’s hair and said lovingly.

Lith who was half asleep was fully awake now after hearing his mother’s comment. He opened his eyes and looked up and saw the familiar motherly figure of a silver haired, purple eyed women in her early 30s. It was his mother Lilith who was looking at him lovingly. He stopped drinking and turned around and saw the familiar silver hair, purple eyed women in her early 20s. It was his sister who was looking at him with a smile with a little hue of red on her face and ears. He cast his gaze down a little and saw her breasts out of her dress, one of her boob had a little wetness around the nipple area. He now realised that he was drinking from the wrong place. He still didn’t bother, turned around and started doing his business.

“Ara sweetie, looks like he still loves his mama’s breast more. Doesn’t he?” Lilith teased her daughter again.

Lucy got a little embarrassed and didn’t reply to her mother’s teasing. She just put her breasts back into her dress. She was about to get up and leave when she felt that she couldn’t. Her mother was holding her by the waist again.

Lilith looked at her daughter and thought of teasing her again. She took Lith who was in the center and rolled a little to the other side. Lith who was doing his business was interrupted again but he felt the familiar rolling situation which meant it was time to suckle on the other boob. He removed his mouth from her nipple and latched onto the other one. A little milk was still coming out of the nipple indicating that it wasn’t sucked up fully.

Lilith then brought her daughter close to her now free nipple and smirked looking at her face which was now on a shade of red brighter than before.

Lucy looking at her mother’s playful smirk understood that she was teasing her yet again. She didn’t think much and simply licked the milk which was spilled and then latched herself on her mother’s nipple and started sucking.

Lilith looking at how obedient her daughter has a gotten and on top of that bold with her, she smiled happily. She caressed her hair and also Lith’s on the side and gave both of them a forehead kiss.

This continued on for a little while and got over when Lith stopped.

“Goodmorning mama.” He said with a smile and had a little milk at corner of his lips.

“Goodmorning dear.” Lilith smiled and said. She wiped the milk off by her thumb and gave him a kiss on his lips.

“Goodmorning mom” Lucy said from the side, her voice a little shakey due to embarrassment.

“Goodmorning dear.” Lilith said smiling and gave her a kiss on her lips.

She quickly gave a peck on her little brother’s lips and got up and left like a startled kitten. She knew that if she stayed a while longer, her mother would tease her yet again. Lilith chuckled looking at her daughter’s cute reaction.

Lith had seen the city of Evernight yesterday. Not the whole city but a little part of Merchant district. He was actually shocked to see how well developed it was. There were all types of shops there from street vendors to high end luxurious shops. The road was well made probably from good quality stones and concrete. It felt like the roads in Rome but much better and more sophisticated. He then saw street lamps in the middle of the road. There was small barrier in the middle of the road along which dark plants were planted. They were of various types but their colours didn’t vary much and were in the range of red, grey, white and black. It gave off a good gothic sense of beauty. The street lamps were bright and gave off white light off of it. The street lamps weren’t really lamps. There were small ball of lights directly hanging above the barrier of the road with no support and had a thin covering around it to ensure the intensity of light.

Lith was amazed by such a scene and he really wanted to know how this world was. The moon itself in the Vampire continent was so mysterious to him. He wanted to know more about this world.

He got up from bed and pulled his mother’s hand towards the bath. Lilith understanding what Lith wanted, took him in and washed him up and got him dressed. She too got washed and dressed alongside him. Lith after getting dressed walked near the bookshelf of his mother’s bedroom. He couldn’t find what he wanted to so he looked at his mother and said

“Mama, where is the world map?”

“You want to know about the world dear?” She asked a little amused. She didn’t know why he suddenly got curious but she satisfied his curiosity nonetheless. She took out a tablet from who knows where and made Lith sit in her lap. She showed him the world map on the tablet.

This world had 9 continents. 8 continents being occupied by the 8 main races and the neutral continent was managed jointly by all of the 8 main races. Each race took turns in gaurding and managing the neutral continent. One turn lasts for 10 years each. Strong representatives are sent from the home continent of a race to the neutral continent. The general trend being that atleast 2 peak Emperor ranks are sent along with a minimum of 10 king ranks. There are people of all sorts of races in the military and administrative departments of the neutral continent. Only the 2 Emperor Ranks and 10 king ranks are rotated on a 10 year basis.

The neutral continent is in the middle of the world. It is at the very center and is surrounded by Miran Ocean to the right, Treant Ocean to the left, Ganzam Ocean to the south and Belial Ocean to the North.

The world has 7 Oceans. Namely, Friar, Treant, Belial, Ganzam, Zehoven, Miran and Lering.

At the North pole lies the Vampire continent. It is separated from the South pole by having the neutral continent in between them and the Ganzam and Belial Oceans.

At the south pole lies the Werewolves continent.

At the Western part of the world there are three continents.

The north of the Western part of the world has the Witch continent.

At the middle it has the Dragon continent.

At the south of the western part of the world there is the Demon continent.

The Eastern part of the world has three continents the same as the western ones.

At north there is the Elven continent.

At middle there is the Human continent.

At south there is the Angel continent.

The continents are divided by themselves by the Oceans. The 7 oceans divide the continents and keep them away from each other at an equidistant.

The continents being so huge and the world itself due to being humungous, teleportation facilities are a common occurrence everywhere. Teleporting inside the continent from one country to another is cheap and if one wanted to teleport into other continents, they may require a jump to make from one continent to another because some are way too far away and thus mishap may occur.

A common occurrence is that, to go from the western part of the world to the eastern part, one has to go through either the vampires, neutral and the Werewolves continent first depending upon the continent which one is in. Same applies to the Eastern part. Of course there are exceptions to this. Some rich people can directly skip stops and go to the desired destination directly if needed by paying a very hefty sum.

Lucifer, the supreme of the Demons directly jumps into the teleportation circle in her palace and comes over to the Royal castle in Queen’s district in Evernight city, Nightingale country to meet Lilith, the Vampire Queen whenever she wants. She could travel by herself and still reach the destination within a day but she’s a typical NEET and doesn’t wanna spend more time needed in useless stuff. Although her visits are temporarily stopped due to Lilith taking care of her newborn child. She doesn’t want any bad influence on her child. Lilith thinks that being around Lucifer, her child may take over some of her neet traits and become a disappointment like Lucifer so she banned her temporarily from coming. Of course even if he does become anything like that, she’ll still love him dearly but hey, precautions are better right?

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