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Chapter 3071 - Checks and Balance!

Chapter 3071: Checks and Balance!

Cloudneon, Feng Qingxuan, and the others who were by the side were all stunned!

The exalted Ancestor Heavenly Emperor, one of the strongest major powers in the 33 Heavens since ancient times, was actually fearful of a measly little Emperor Vast Heaven!

Such a thing was seriously too fantastical.

The development of things was really full of twists and turns.

It was just that no matter how it twisted, they also did not expect that Ye Yuan actually played such an important role in it.

“In that case, you’re going to be enemies with me?” Heavenless’ expression gradually turned cold.

No matter how monstrous Ye Yuan was, he was also merely an Emperor Vast Heaven.

He was apprehensive of Ye Yuan but did not really take Ye Yuan seriously.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “You want to see the light of day again. It has nothing to do with me. You want to transcend the Great Beyond, and it has nothing to do with me as well. However, these people that I brought, I’ll naturally be bringing them away too. In addition, my friends will be brought away too. Apart from these, do as you please.”

Ye Yuan was just doing what ought to be done, he bemoaned the state of the universe and pitied the fate of mankind, but he was not a goody-two-shoes.

He knew that bringing everyone away was not too realistic.

After all, his strength was limited.

But, to let him watch Yang Qing, Feng Qingxuan, Cloudneon, these close friends court their death with his own eyes, he could not do it.

This was true even if he was facing the three great overlords!

Heavenless sneered and said, “Ye Yuan, this ancestor is a little apprehensive of you, but aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself? It’s as easy as turning over my hand for this ancestor to kill you!”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Don’t try that stuff with me, alright? If Hegemon Samsara and the Chaos Bloodstone didn’t come, it’s naturally easy for you to kill me. But now, the majority of your energy will have to be placed on them, right? Making a move against me will be equivalent to giving them an opportunity to exploit. Are you sure that … you want to make a move against me?”

Heavenless was virtually about to collapse!

This brat was really hard to deal with!

Heavenless thought that he had schemed against all the heavens, but he did not expect to be cornered by a little bastard!


A loud noise!

Suddenly, the void trembled.

Heavenless’ expression changed, immediately disappearing.

The swaying Labyrinth Divine Palace stabilized very quickly.

Hegemon Samsara and the Chaos Bloodstone had joined forces!

They were bombarding the space, trying to breach this world!

Ordinary power was naturally unable to do it, but they could.

These two people both grasped people at the end of the world and were terrifyingly strong!

Although their true body did not come here, their strength similarly could not be underestimated.

The two people joining hands, their strength could be seen at a glance!

However, Heavenless was stronger!

In the Eternal River, the power of chaos flowed in an endless stream. Heavenless could draw out the power of the chaos endlessly to repair the Labyrinth Divine World!

It just depended on whether his speed of repair could match up to the speed of destruction!

“A bunch of fools, what are you still in a daze for? Everyone, attack one point with us! As long as we breach this world, everyone will have hope of escaping! Otherwise, you all can wait to die!” the Chaos Bloodstone said with exasperation.

Only then did everyone wake up from the dream.

These Hegemon Realms and even Great Beyond Reams naturally could not be refined as and when you liked. This required a drawn-out process.

Refining the Chaos Heavenly Pill was similarly a long process.

Clearly, they still had the strength left to destroy the Labyrinth Divine World!

“Quickly! Attack!”

“Fight it out! Old Man Heavenless, this seat will find trouble with you!”

“Blood Progenitor, we’ll listen to you!”

… . .

Powerhouses from all heavens gathered around the two overlords, preparing to attack the Labyrinth Divine World.

Ancestor Endless, Ancestor Burning Sky, Ancestor Profound Ice, as well as Hegemon Yun Shang, these Supreme Hegemons, all came over.

In order to survive, they put aside their animosity for the time being and joined hands to face the enemy.

To such powerhouses, breaking through a world was a common thing.

Except, this world was different. It was Ancestor Heavenless’ incarnation!

The Chaos Bloodstone said in a solemn voice, “Okay, I’ll count to three. Everyone will join forces to attack that point! This ancestor wants to see how strong this world is!”



All the Hegemon Realms, as well as the numerous origin realms, Emperor Sakra Heaven powerhouses, brought out their killing moves one after another.

For a moment, the power of origin was torrential and grandiose above the void.


Counting to three, a myriad of arrows was released simultaneously!

A series of powers that was terrifying, until it made people feel suffocated, bombarded right onto a spatial node.


The earth quaked and mountains swayed!

That spatial node was directly caved in. The deformation was visible to the naked eye!

Two great supremacies, three mighty Great Beyonds, as well as numerous Supreme Hegemons. This force was seriously too terrifying.

No matter how strong Ancestor Heavenless was, it was impossible to be completely unscathed too.

When everyone saw this scene, they were wildly ecstatic.

They saw hope!

But in the next second, everyone was petrified.

This was because that space that dented in was recovering again at a speed visible to the naked eye!

In merely a few breaths of time, everything returned to normal!

“H-How can this be? This recovery speed is also too fast!”

“The recovery ability is so strong. How can we possibly break through?”

“Ancestor Heavenless’ strength is also too strong, right?”

“Ahhh! Ahhh!”

… . .

Some people finally could not endure it and were swallowed by the fire tongues!

Everyone’s faces revealed a look of despair.

The Chaos Bloodstone said in a solemn voice, “All pulling a long face for? Continue attacking! Old Man Heavenless can quickly repair space by relying on the Eternal River’s chaos. But it’s not unlimited either! His repair speed will get slower and slower. It will depend on who can’t hold out first! Everyone, follow my orders and attack that nodal point just now again!”

Far away, Ye Yuan, Yang Qing, including Cloudneon’s soul race and Feng Qingxuan’s true spirit race, they all did not take part.

Compared to the Chaos Bloodstone, they trusted Ye Yuan more.

Grand Brightjade Complete Heaven’s powerhouses also had quite a number of people that died.

There were only over 30 thousand people who were still following Ye Yuan now. The numbers were still dwindling continuously.

Seeing that the development of things was exactly the same as what Ye Yuan predicted. Their confidence in Ye Yuan was boosted!

As long as there was Heavenly Saint Ye around, there was nothing that could not be resolved.

Right now, the situation was already very clear.

Ancestor Heavenless already had no time to spare for other things in order to maintain the stability of the Labyrinth Divine World.

And Hegemon Samsara and the Chaos Bloodstone similarly would spare no efforts to attack in order to escape this world.

At this time, many Hegemon Realms were tainted by many flame tongues on their bodies.

This Extreme Dao True Fire did not look strong, but it was like bone-infesting maggots, corroding everyone.

And the power of flames that the two great supremacies were enduring was clearly the strongest!

The others were merely small fries.

“Ye Yuan, what should we do? Do we lend them a helping hand? Or operate on our own?” Feng Qingxuan asked.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Those people are being made use of. Attacking the Labyrinth Divine World will consume power rapidly. The two supremacies’ attacks look fierce, but I feel that it shouldn’t be their true strength! They are accumulating power, preparing for the final blow! Furthermore, even if these people break through the Labyrinth Divine World, with their consumption, it’s impossible to escape the Eternal River too! I estimate that the two great supremacies should have the strength to escape. In fact, maybe their true bodies are already waiting to receive them outside of the Eternal River!”

Everyone was filled with fear!

These two great supremacies really had wicked thoughts!

“Then what should we do?” Feng Qingxuan said anxiously.

“Find the Universe scroll! As long as I comprehend spatial origin, I’ll be able to bring all of you out!” Ye Yuan said with a firm gaze.

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