Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 3070 - Transforming into Chaos!  

Chapter 3070: Transforming into Chaos!

“Extreme Dao True Fire, arise!”


Heavenless spread out both arms. Flames that covered the sky filled the entire Labyrinth Divine Palace!

Terrifying fire tongues danced wildly in the space.

“Ahh, ahhh!”

A group of people who were slightly weaker was directly swallowed up by the fire tongues, emitting shrill screams.

They did not die immediately but were burned by the true fire!

Meanwhile the people who were not engulfed, they avoided those flame tongues crazily.

Hegemon Samsara and the blue-robed youth were originally somewhat apprehensive. But, seeing these flames, they immediately revealed a hint of disdainful expression.

“Hur hur, I was wondering what trump card. It turned out that it’s this? This fire is too weak!” Hegemon Samsara casually pushed a cluster of flames aside and said coolly.

The blue-robed youth smiled and said, “Ancestor Heavenless, you’re old! Go in peace. This bit of cultivation base can’t trap us!”

Not just them, Ancestor Endless and the rest, even those Supreme Hegemons, turned their noses up at this.

The power of this flame was too weak!

But Ye Yuan’s expression changed drastically. He detected a trace of a different aura.

“What? This flame isn’t powerful, right?” Cloudneon asked.

Ye Yuan said with a solemn expression, “This scene … looks somewhat like refining pills!”

Cloudneon’s brows shot up, and she said in surprise, “Refining pills? Using so many living people to refine pills?”

Ye Yuan said with a look of shock, “That’s right! I think I understand what he’s trying to do! This guy is really too crazy!”

“Hahaha … You brat, you can really be described using wise and farsighted! I really can’t hide anything from you! That’s right, this seat opened up the Labyrinth Divine Palace and let the geniuses from all heavens come in, and even brought out the fake 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings of my lifetime comprehension to let all of you visualize and gain enlightenment, improving your strength, it’s for the sake of refining a Chaos Heavenly Pill that no one has never refined! The stronger you all are, the greater the medicinal effect of this Chaos Heavenly Pill! This seat wants to corroborate my Dao with this pill and transcend the Great Beyond!” Ancestor Heavenless let out a loud laugh and said.

“What? He … He wants to use us to refine pills? This … This …”

Kong Tan was not far away from Ancestor Heavenless. He could hear these words clearly.

It was seriously too shocking!

There was actually someone who would do something so crazy!

He thought that he had swept across his peers and obtained Ancestor Heavenless’ recognition; he could look forward to the future.

But only until now did he know that he was a complete and utter idiot!

Ancestor Heavenless never looked him in the eye before!

In comparison, Ancestor Heavenless said that he wanted to take Ye Yuan in as a disciple previously. That was to give him a chance to survive!

The disparity between the two people was really like heaven and earth!

“Argh! I don’t want to be refined in a heavenly pill! I want to charge out!”

“No way! I can’t die here! I’m going to break this world and leave the Labyrinth Divine Palace!”

“Hurry up and go! Can’t sit here and resign ourselves to our doom!”

… . .

The powerhouses of all heavens fell into madness.

They desperately wanted to charge out.

Except, how could they charge out?

“Hahaha … Escape? Where can you all escape? This seat turned into chaos and refined the Labyrinth Divine World into a huge pill refining furnace! All of you are merely inside the pill refining furnace! Or should I say, you all are inside this ancestor’s body! Without this ancestor’s agreement, which of you can go out?” Heavenless said with a loud laugh.

Ye Yuan also had a look of shock as he listened.

This Ancestor Heavenless was really a complete and utter madman!

He actually completely turned himself and this world into a part of chaos.

No wonder he could survive in the Eternal River!

Ye Yuan also understood why he said that he was alive and also dead.

Ancestor Heavenless could not leave the Eternal River at all.

But he made use of the Eternal River to open a passageway to all the heavens, and he then attracted countless geniuses and major powerhouses into the Labyrinth Divine Palace!

Disregarding other things, no one could stop the temptation of the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings!

It looked like Ancestor Heavenless was really forced into a desperate situation back then. Otherwise, he would not have resorted to this plan too.

Corroborating his Dao with alchemy, how similar was this to him refining the Dao Defying Pill back then?

Turning the tables in a desperate situation!

Facing the sun and being born in adversity!

It was just that his method was seriously too cruel!

Of course, Ye Yuan also did not expect that Ancestor Heavenless was actually also such a terrifying chaos heavenly master.

“Extreme Dao True Fire, start again! Refine for me!”

Heavenless roared loudly. The power of the Extreme Dao True Fire directly rose significantly.

With this, those Hegemons could not hold out anymore too.

There were a few Hegemons who were slightly inattentive and were directly wrapped up by the true fire. They could not even escape.

Miserable cries lingered on incessantly.

The aura of despair was spreading!

“Kid, this ancestor will give you another chance. Do you want to become this ancestor’s disciple? After this ancestor unifies the 33 Heavens and kills Samsara that old dog, you’ll be the number one person under this ancestor! This kind of glory isn’t what anyone has the chance to enjoy!” Heavenless said.

Clearly, he was moved by his love for geniuses.

However, Ye Yuan was unmoved and shook his head and said, “I’m sorry. I already have a teacher. I won’t change lineages in this lifetime!”

Ancestor Heavenless said with a cold snort, “In these 33 Heavens, who is more qualified than this ancestor to be your master? With your cultivation base, even if it’s ordinary Hegemon Realms, they can’t teach you anything anymore, right?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “My master is just a Peak Hegemon, but he’s more qualified to be my master than you! You all, these supreme powerhouses, are all self-centered people. Why would you really have the intention to accept a disciple? If I didn’t guess wrongly, you’re probably very apprehensive of me, right? Taking me in as a disciple is merely to lock me by your side and to not give me a chance to surpass you! I wonder if I’m right?”

By the side, Cloudneon, Feng Qingxuan, and the rest all revealed looks of surprise.

This answer was really surprising to them.

Ancestor Heavenless laughed loudly and said, “Kid, you’re also thinking too highly of yourself! Why would this ancestor fear you, a measly little Emperor Vast Heaven?”

Ye Yuan looked at him and said with a smile, “You transformed into chaos and refined the Labyrinth Divine World into a huge pill furnace! You’re strong, very strong. You can even trap Hegemon Samsara and the Chaos Bloodstone’s clones. But unfortunately, you know that you can’t trap me! Because what I cultivate is also the Eternal River’s chaos! If I didn’t guess wrongly, my appearance should be something that you didn’t expect. You also didn’t expect that after several hundred thousand years, there’s actually a brat who similarly cultivated the Eternal River’s chaos!”

Ancestor Heavenless’ complexion gradually turned dark.

This boy’s intellect was close to monstrous!

Really, nothing could be hidden from him!

His thoughts were actually guessed not far off the mark by him!

Starting from when Ye Yuan appeared in the Labyrinth Divine Palace, he was shocked.

In this world, other than him, how could there be someone who cultivated the Eternal River’s chaos as well?

Although the two of their Daos were very different, without a doubt, Ye Yuan’s chaos divine essence was pure to the extreme!

He transformed into chaos. Actually, it was blazing another trail to integrate as one with the Eternal River.

Then he was using the Eternal River’s power to go and kill someone who cultivated the Eternal River’s chaos?

This was impossible!

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