Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 3072 - It's Also Too Supernatural!  

Chapter 3072: It’s Also Too Supernatural!

Ye Yuan took out the lambskin skin scroll and let everyone look it over.

Everyone exchanged glances, disbelieving expressions on their faces.

“This is the real 12 Heavenly Dao Painting? It doesn’t look like it at all!”

“This thing is also too ordinary, right? If it was given to me, I might directly throw it away.”

“What’s laughable is that Kong Tan thought he obtained the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings. But it turns out that they were actually counterfeits!”

… . .

This lambskin scroll was seriously too ordinary.

Even if he saw it with his own eyes, they were also not very convinced that this was the legendary 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings.

The appearance was really not nice.

If Ancestor Heavenless had not personally admitted it, they would definitely think that Ye Yuan was joking.

Hence, everyone started searching for the Universe scroll.

Ye Yuan’s spatial rule was already not far from origin realm.

Actually, with his current strength, leaving on his own was not difficult.

Ancestor Heavenless transformed into chaos, which was also to say that the Labyrinth Divine World was one with the Eternal River’s chaos.

Ye Yuan only needed to activate chaos divine essence to simulate the state of incarnating into chaos and execute spatial divine ability, and he would be able to fuse into one with the Labyrinth Divine World.

Then, break free from the Labyrinth Divine World.

But, with his current spatial divine ability, he could not bring everyone away.

Ye Yuan also did not dare to slack off in searching for the Universe scroll.

Along with the passing of time, the power of the Extreme Dao True Fire grew stronger and stronger.

Even if it was boiling frogs on low heat, it was also not what the average person could withstand.

More and more people were being refined.

Above the void, rumbling sounds lingered on incessantly.

The fierce battles between Ancestor Heavenless and the powerhouses from all heavens were still at a stalemate.

A portion of the Hegemon Realms was getting weaker and weaker.

Under the Extreme Dao True Fire’s refinement, their strength was already somewhat falling short of their wishes.

Hegemon Samsara and the Chaos Bloodstone had also sustained considerable injuries at this time.

In this world, the vast majority of the Extreme Dao True Fire was released at them.

The two people already had multiple areas on their body that were burned.

But the attacks were still continuing!

Although that spatial node was still being repaired, it was no longer as fast as before.

This also gave everyone hope!

Originally, it would be able to recover in a few breaths.

But now, it already needed a hundred breaths of time.

Furthermore, it was still continuing to weaken.

For the sake of this glimmer of hope, those Hegemon Realms also spared no effort.

After all, everyone was doing it in order to live and not be refined into a heavenly pill!

Such a conclusion was a little too tragic.

In a side hall, Ye Yuan was sizing up and down, currently looking for the Heavenly Dao Painting.

Suddenly, a figure appeared.

It was precisely Ancestor Heavenless!

“Ye Yuan, give up! You can’t find the Universe scroll! Although you’ve obtained four out of the 12 Heavenly Dao Paintings, even if you can find one more, how would you know that it will be the Universe scroll?” Ancestor Heavenless stood with his hands behind his back as he said calmly.

This phantom of his was very illusory. Clearly, it was not powerful.

It could be seen that he also did not have much energy to deal with Ye Yuan currently.

Ye Yuan did not look at him and said coolly, “You came to find me. Does it mean that I’m very close to the Universe scroll?”

Ancestor Heavenless was shocked in his heart, but there were no ripples on his face.

This sly old fox naturally would not reveal any flaws.

However, it did not matter to Ye Yuan anymore.

He believed in his own destiny!

“Hur hur, whatever you think! This ancestor just came here to tell you that those guys are not far from being refined anymore! Once they are refined, it will be time for you to die! You still have time to leave now by yourself!” Heavenless said with a faint smile.

“You can see through my cultivation. You can see through my chaos divine essence. But regarding some things, you won’t be able to see through. Such as my destiny!” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

He did not shun away from anything.

Destiny was vague and insubstantial.

If it was a Dao, no one had ever corroborated their Dao with this before!

Other Great Daos had their cultivation methods.

Only destiny, this path, was elusive.

And the Extreme Medicine Sect’s blessing power was willingly formed by countless predecessors. That was how it formed such magical power.

The Extreme Medicine Sect once had someone who studied this thing before but was similarly gainless.

But Ye Yuan was an anomaly.

All the predecessors acknowledged Ye Yuan!

Heavenless naturally did not believe it. He laughed loudly and said, “Kid, you wouldn’t be telling this ancestor that the Heavenly Dao Paintings previously were all found due to good luck, right? This ancestor is similarly someone who holds a great destiny. But, to talk about being able to find a Heavenly Dao Painting by randomly trying your luck, that’s also too nonsensical!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I know that you don’t believe it, but actually, when I came here, I already gave up on looking for any treasure. I was just strolling around idly. Then I found the Heaven scroll.”

Heavenless was shocked in his heart again!

A level of existence like him, how could he be easy to hoodwink?

Heavenless felt that Ye Yuan was not lying.

While talking, Ye Yuan already left this great hall.

Heavenless did not give up. He continued to follow Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan guessed correctly. This place was already very close to the Universe scroll.

After the great hall, there were rows of houses. Those were the residences of some low-level disciples.

Ye Yuan came to this area and walked leisurely. It was as if he was sightseeing.

Heavenless’ heart also tensed up.

Could it be that this guy was really so supernatural?

Somebody’s destiny was actually even stronger than Your Father’s?

This ancestor doesn’t believe it!

Don’t go to C3! Don’t go to C3! Don’t go to C3! Heavenless shouted in his heart.

He naturally knew where the Universe scroll was placed.

He also did not deliberately hide it. He just casually threw it to some inconspicuous place.

The Universe scroll was in this house’s room C3.

But freaking hell, the direction that Ye Yuan was walking was getting closer and closer to room C3!

Ancestor Heavenly Dao already did not have the energy to transfer these Heavenly Dao Paintings now.

Refining so many powerhouses, even with his ability, it was absolutely not a walk in the park too.

Suddenly, Ye Yuan’s mind became more agile as luck hit, turning into room C3.

Ancestor Heavenless felt that his heart was about to explode!

There were at least several hundred houses here. Why did this guy pick this one?

I … I’m depressed!

This boy was simply supernatural!

“Speaking of which, it’s a coincidence too. This Universe scroll is placed extremely secretively. This ancestor doesn’t believe that he can find that secret compartment!”

Even if his heart was already surging like a torrential tide, he did not express it in the slightest.

He just pretended to be nonchalant and followed behind Ye Yuan and entered room C3 too.

Everything was so natural.

Did Ye Yuan know that the Universe scroll was here?

Of course he did not know!

He was really walking randomly, and then he suddenly turned in here.

Sometimes, luck was this magical.

You sought desperately but could not obtain it.

But joy would fall from the sky unwittingly.

Ye Yuan walked two rounds in room C3 and discovered a study room. He then walked in.

“Ancestor, do you think the Universe scroll will be here?” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Ancestor Heavenless was shocked in his heart, but his face was very calm as he said, “The Labyrinth Divine Palace’s low-level disciples, their houses number in the tens of thousands, yet you picked this one. If you can really find it, wouldn’t this ancestor become a joke? Or are you trying to bait it out of this ancestor?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “You’re overthinking it. I was just bored and wanted to chat with you. I know that an old monster like you, even if I really find it, you all won’t show anything too.”

While talking, Ye Yuan arrived next to the bookshelf and casually picked up a book and started flipping it.

Ancestor Heavenless’ heart thumped again!

This was also too freaking supernatural!

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