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Chapter 291 - Scapegoat

Chapter 291: Scapegoat

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“What? You want to go back alone? No way! Absolutely not!” Mei Zhen refused right away.

The other side had two Sea Transformation Realm experts. What was Ye Yuan going back alone for other than courting death?

Even if Ye Yuan was more monstrous, it was also impossible to be a Sea Transformation Realm expert’s match right now!

Ye Yuan’s performance also made everyone feel very surprised. From earlier up until now, Ye Yuan had always been the calmest person.

But now, Ye Yuan wanted to go back alone!

Mo Yuntian also jumped in fright. He hurriedly urged, “What Elder Mei said was correct. We should know shame, and then be motivated, and so cultivate even harder. Ye Yuan, don’t fight for this momentary release. With your talent, wouldn’t crushing them be effortless in the future?”

But Ye Yuan laughed and said, “Elder Mei and Senior Apprentice Brother Mo are worrying too much. I just have some other matters to attend to. I’m not going back to seek revenge. Don’t worry, everyone. You guys go on first. I’ll catch up later.”

Mei Zhen was stunned when he heard this. “You’re really not going back to find the High Clarity Sect?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Really not! Relax, Elder Mei. Ye Yuan still have some little tricks. Protecting myself in this Cloud Dream Mountain Range is not an issue.”

“This Cloud Dream Mountain Range is riddled with dangers. If you have something, why not say it? Best is if everybody moves together,” Mei Zhen frowned and said.

“Just something minor. I’ll be right back. Won’t delay much time. Elder Mei, bring the rest away first,” Ye Yuan said.

Mei Zhen thought about it and nodded, saying, “Alright then, catch up swiftly. You’re moving alone, so if you encounter any situation, make sure not to be rash. Protecting yourself is the most important!”

Ye Yuan said, “Rest assured, Elder Mei. Ye Yuan is not somebody reckless like that. Farewell!”

Finished talking, Ye Yuan’s figure moved and vanished from everyone’s sight.

Mei Zhen sighed and said to the group, “Let’s go!”

But Mo Yuntian said, “Elder Mei, Ye Yuan he is clearly going back to find the High Clarity Sect’s men. How can you let him go?”

Mei Zhen looked at Mo Yuntian and said with a sigh, “Before setting off, Grand Elder informed me that although I’m the one in charge, if Ye Yuan wants to do something, let him do it. Do not stop him. Turns out that Grand Elder had already anticipated today’s situation long ago!”

Mo Yuntian could not help being stifled when he heard this, but he did not know what to say either.

Grand Elder had long predicted that Ye Yuan would not listen obediently and gave him maximum freedom. How could he forbid it?

Mo Yuntian believed that Grand Elder was surely even clearer than him about Ye Yuan’s significance to the Tranquil Cloud Sect. Since he dared to say so, it showed that he had full confidence in Ye Yuan.

But Mo Yuntian just could not figure out how Ye Yuan was going to face two great Sea Transformation Realm experts along with other Crystal Formation Realm martial artists by himself.

. . . . . .

In the open field, the High Clarity Sect people were laughing at the Tranquil Cloud Sect. For a moment, there was actually nobody who paid attention to the two girls.

In their eyes, those two girls were lambs awaiting slaughter. They could take action at any time.

After mocking for a while and seeing that the Tranquil Cloud Sect group were already far away, they also felt bored and turned their attention to those two girls again.

A High Clarity Sect’s Sea Transformation Realm elder took a few steps closer and reached his hand out to the ugly girl, saying, “Ugly girl, quickly hand over the Crow Orchid Ganoderma. If you still don’t know how to appreciate kindness, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

That ugly girl shook her head and said, “It’s not that I’m not handing it over. It’s that this Crow Orchid Ganoderma is useful to me, so I can’t hand it to you.”

The elder’s face became frosty and said, “Don’t reject face when it’s given to you! What has it got to do with me whether it’s useful to you or not? Are you handing it over or not?”

As he was talking, that elder released the pressure of a Sea Transformation Realm. It seemed like he was going to attack with a single word of disagreement.

But Yan-er sneered coldly and said, “This is really a tiger landing in a plain being bullied by dogs. Some random stray cats and dogs also dare to bully people! I’m not going to surrender it today, what can you do about it?”

Yan-er was just about to take action but was held back by the ugly girl.

“Somebody from that batch of people came back. Hold your hand,” the ugly girl transmitted her voice.

When the elder heard Yan-er’s words, he was dazed. But he immediately became furious to the extreme and said with a laugh, “Good, good, good! What a razor tongue little lass! Old me have traversed unobstructed in the Southern Domain for so many years, but this is the first time somebody called me a stray animal. Watch if I don’t shred your mouth later!”

Finished talking, that elder gathered up essence energy and wanted to make a move.

But right then, a vast expanse of white fog suddenly rose around him.

This fog came too quickly, directly submerging everyone inside. In a blink, one could not even see their hands in front of them. Even those two girls standing opposite could not be seen.

That elder was secretly alarmed. But his hands did not slow. He still fired out an essence energy ball at the place where the two girls stood earlier.

But sadly, he did not hear tragic cries coming from the opposite. It was as if this blow sunk into the sea like a rock without even stirring a wave.

The elder turned around to look, but where was there still any shadows of his companions? The surroundings were all thick white fog. Nothing could be seen.

“What’s going on? Why can’t we see anything all of a sudden?”

“Ah! Who is it?! Who bumped into me?”

“Ouch! Who kicked me?”

Disorderly sounds came from behind. They were clearly all caught completely off guard by this unexpected white fog.

The elder’s face fell, and he yelled out, “Everyone stay right where you are for me and don’t move! Face the fearful without fear, and its fearfulness disappears! This is but a tiny little entrapping formation. It’s very easy to break! Yu Feng, you work with me to break this formation!”

“Okay,” not far away, the other Sea Transformation Realm elder’s voice cried out.

These two people did not know array formations, but their advantage laid in that their strength was formidable.

The pair joined forces and wildly bombarded all directions. After 15 minutes, the array formation finally loosened. The vast expanse of white fog started to dissipate.

The elder looked around, but the two girls were long gone. He was so furious that he slapped a palm on the large tree beside him. That huge tree collapsed at the sound of it.

That elder called Yu Feng came up and said, “Brother Wang Fan, do you think this is that group of people from the Tranquil Cloud Sect playing tricks?”

Wang Fan pulled a long face and said, “I know those cowards from the Tranquil Cloud Sect. To be able to set up such an entrapping formation imperceptibly under our eyes, they do not have that capability!”

Yu Feng frowned and said, “But, if it isn’t Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people, then who is it?”

Wang Fan gnashed his teeth hatefully and said, “Perhaps those two girls have reinforcements. Furthermore, he is an array formation expert! A duck that landed in our hands flew away. So vexing!”

Yu Feng said, “Although the entrapping formation’s level was not high, it wasn’t simple! He took advantage of geographical conditions to lay out this miniature entrapping formation and even instantly gathered the fog in the mountains for his own use. With our wild attacks, it forcefully lasted for 15 minutes!”

Wang Fan nodded and said, “This person’s strength shouldn’t be strong, but his Array Dao attainments cannot be underestimated! If he had Sea Transformation Realm strength, then you and I would probably have to die here! Let’s go. Later when we enter the mystic realm, I have to properly find trouble with the Tranquil Cloud Sect!”

The disciples could not help taking pity on them. The pitiful Tranquil Cloud Sect became the two girls’ scapegoat.

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