Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 292 - Diagnosis

Chapter 292: Diagnosis

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In a deep valley inside the Cloud Dream Mountain Range, three silhouettes moved up and down and stopped at an empty lot.

The three people were none other than precisely Ye Yuan and the two girls.

Yan-er sized up Ye Yuan’s young and handsome face and said with a smile, “A Seventh Level Spirit Condensation Realm who is not yet 16 years old. This rate of progress is considered decent.”

Ye Yuan smiled too and said, “Miss Yan-er flatters me.”

Yan-er said in surprise, “How rare that you actually remembered my name. And it’s also rare for the sects to actually have such a righteous, heroic youth like yourself. Truly out of my expectations. Those fellows who stood by and watched us die are all some cold-blood creatures. I hope that they get eaten by demonic beasts!”

“Yan-er! Mister is our savior, how can you talk this way to him?” the ugly girl reproached.

Ye Yuan waved his hands and said, “No harm. Miss Yan-er a straight talker, rather very alike to a friend of mine. It’s just that these words are kind of biased and a little vicious. It’s not that those seniors of mine didn’t wish to save you, but their strength is lacking even though their heart is willing. You saw it too, the High Clarity Sect has two Sea Transformation Realm experts. If we clash, our side will definitely lose out greatly. Also, our sect’s strength is beneath theirs. They are all part of the main forces of their sect. If there are any mishaps, the sect cannot bear it either.”

The friend that Ye Yuan referred to was naturally Nanfeng Zhirou. Except, this Yan-er and Nanfeng Zhirou had some differences. She was missing some princess temper.

He could sense that this Yan-er’s anger was still primarily because the Tranquil Cloud Sect looked on indifferently without lending a hand in their matters.

Actually, in the martial arts world, these sort of deploring was really not very logical.

This Yan-er seemed like a fledgling who had just entered the world, ignorant towards everything.

Yan-er sized up Ye Yuan and suddenly said, “Alright, I forgive them. I take back my words earlier. The demonic beasts won’t eat them.”

Hearing these words, even if it was Ye Yuan, he also could not quite refrain from laughing. He clasped his hands and said, “Then I’ll thank Miss Yan-er on behalf of my seniors.”

The ugly girl bobbed a curtsy and apologized, “Yan-er is insensible. Mister, please do not blame.”

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “Miss Yan-er is forthright and is clear about what to love or hate. Why would I get angry with her?”

While talking, Ye Yuan could not refrain from sizing up the ugly girl. She was really quite unsightly.

But Ye Yuan would not discriminate against her because of this. Looks were determined by parents and the heaven. How could one make the decision?

Furthermore, although this girl was hideous, she was highly cultured and sensible, gentle and generous. Her movements had the grace of an influential family. Presumably, her background should not be poor.

“What are you looking at, punk? Don’t think that you can have any improper thoughts because you saved us! My family’s miss is out of your reach!”

When Yan-er saw Ye Yuan’s eyes, she immediately became full of fighting spirit like a mother hen protecting her chicks as if her family’s miss was some matchless beauty.

Ye Yuan inadvertently found it funny when he saw the situation and said, “Miss Yan-er is overanalyzing things. From what I see, your family’s miss’s body seems to be unwell, that’s why I took a few more looks at her.”

A trace of astonishment involuntarily flashed across Yan-er and that ugly girl’s faces. But Yan-er said cunningly, “My family’s miss’s complexion looks bad. Even a moron can tell that her body is unwell, right?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Your family’s miss’s illness is probably not something as simple as her complexion being pale and wan. This one is knowledgeable in medical knowledge, may I take a look at miss? Maybe I can be of help.”

Yan-er gave a doubtful look and thought to herself could it be that this fellow perceived something?

“You, a puny little Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. At the very best, you’re just an Alchemy Master too. What can you see?” Yan-er said vigilantly.

But the ugly girl said, “Since Mister can see that my body is unwell, I believe that you learned from a renowned master. There’s no harm in taking a look. However, I’ve seen before many famed masters for this illness of mine, but they were all helpless about it.”

Though she said so, the ugly girl reached her dainty hand out and placed it in front of Ye Yuan.

Yan-er was alarmed when she saw it and said, “Miss . . .”

The ugly girl waved her hands and said, “There’s no harm. Mister just has good intentions. I guess that Mister came from a prominent master and when he saw this sickly body of mine, he began itching to try his skill.”

Ye Yuan could not help being stupefied when he heard this. He chortled and said, “Miss is very astute; this Ye Yuan is very impressed! With my visual prowess, I should be able to see through miss’s sickness with one glance. But I got nothing after looking for a long time. This one is indeed itching to test my skills.”

Ye Yuan thought to himself that although this lady’s looks were appalling, she was very clever and sensible as if she could see through people’s thoughts with one look.

Alchemists were all medical practitioners. Helping people diagnose illness was usual practice.

Ye Yuan’s abilities went without saying. For common illnesses, he only had to examine slightly before being able to determine it.

But earlier, he stared at this ugly girl for a long time and got nothing. This really made him itch to have a go.

But when Yan-er heard this, she said disdainfully, “You’re just a low-rank Alchemy Master, what are you pretending to be capable for? Even if an Alchemy Grandmaster or an Alchemy King came, they might not necessarily be as arrogant as you, right?”

Ye Yuan shot Yan-er a brief glance and opened his mouth to say, “Miss Yan-er’s blood vitality has a slight deficit and your complexion a little pale. I think that you had just suffered very severe internal injuries several months back. Now, although your injuries have already healed, the lost blood essence has most likely yet to recover fully. The Crow Orchid Ganoderma that the High Clarity Sect was asking for was probably Miss giving Miss Yan-er to use to replenish her blood essence, right?”

This time, Yan-er was truly shocked. What Ye Yuan said was actually not the tiniest bit off!

If Yan-er’s injuries were not recovered yet, there was naturally nothing impressive about Ye Yuan perceiving it.

But her injuries were already practically healed. The average person would absolutely be unable to see from the surface that she had suffered tremendous internal injuries a few months ago!

The injury at that time was naturally to protect the young lady. She nearly died because of it.  ( Updated by NovelFull.Com)

But several months had already passed since then. Her wounds were already pretty much healed, and her deficient blood essence was already largely recovered. This Crow Orchid Ganoderma was only used to consolidate her foundation and to replenish her spirit to prevent affecting future cultivation.

Looking on the outside, she was no different from an ordinary person.

But even so, Ye Yuan still saw through it at a single glance!

A puny little low-rank Alchemy Master actually had such visual prowess!

The ugly girl was also surprised as she said, “Mister actually have such visual prowess. What you said was completely on point! Looks like Yan-er and I judged people by their appearance and looked down on Mister. Li-er apologizes to Mister.”

As she spoke, she curtsied towards Ye Yuan again.

Ye Yuan hurriedly performed a supporting hand gesture and said smilingly, “Miss need not be so polite! So, turns out that Miss’s name is called Li-er. What a nice name.”

“Mister is too kind. I still don’t know how to address mister,” Li-er asked.

Ye Yuan said, “This one is surnamed Ye. Given name is one word, Yuan.”

“So, it’s Mister Ye. Then please Mister ye, do a diagnosis for Li-er,” as she said this, Li-er reached her delicate arm out again.

“Miss Yan-er, now, can I help Miss Li-er take a look yet?” Ye Yuan did not reach out immediately. Instead, he faced Yan-er and asked.

Yan-er pouted and said huffily, “Miss already agreed. What’s the use if I don’t agree?”

Ye Yuan burst into laughter and reached two fingers out to put on Li-er’s wrist.

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