Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 290 - Humiliation

Chapter 290: Humiliation

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“No way! Ye Yuan, why can’t this poisonous miasma touch you?” Mo Yuntian exclaimed in shock.

Ye Yuan chuckled and said, “I have a magic treasure on me that can ward off this poisonous miasma.”

Mo Yuntian had a look of realization. “That explains it!”

Ye Yuan threw out a white lie. He did not have any magic treasure on him at all.

Or should he say, his magic treasure was his divine soul!

Ye Yuan once used his body to test poison countless times in his previous life and then resolve it himself. Regardless of whether it was his body or divine soul, there was incredible immunity against toxicity. One could say that he had reached the level of invulnerable to a hundred poisons.

This poisonous miasma was just some low-level existence to Ye Yuan. It naturally could not harm him.

Of course, if it were a Tier 9 poisonous miasma, even if Ye Yuan recovered to his peak state, he would not be able to withstand it.

The horrors of a Tier 9 toxic miasma was something that ordinary people could not understand.

“Alright, everyone already ate the pills. Let’s set off,” Mei Zhen said.

The group forcefully pressed down the astonishment in their hearts and started heading towards the depths of the Cloud Dream Mountain Range, walking towards the coordinates given by Heavenly Sky Sect.

The strength of this team was incredibly powerful. Normal low-tier demonic beasts were simply unable to come close.

The group walked for some time without any obstacles but heard some human bustling indistinctly ahead.

Walking closer to take a look, it turned out to be a group of burly men surrounding two girls in the center like they were demanding something.

The two ladies, one was wearing a light-yellow tunic, and the other was wearing white-colored fitting robes. Their looks were very ordinary.

Especially the female wearing a light-yellow tunic. She even had an ugly birthmark on her face, making people feel like puking when they see it. It was hideous.

Furthermore, she had a pale, sickly look, and her face was waxen like she had some peculiar illness.

But the two people’s realms were not low. They were around the Second or Third Level Crystal Formation Realm.

“Hey, ugly girl. Why haven’t you surrendered the Crow Orchid Ganoderma? If you continue to not know what’s good for you, don’t blame us for not being polite!”

That girl in white fitting robes said icily, “We discovered this Crow Orchid Ganoderma first. Why should we give you?”

“Why should you? Because we’re stronger than you! This Crow Orchid Ganoderma is a Tier 4 spirit medicine. Letting the two of you uglies enjoy it is too much of a waste of God’s gift. Haha . . .”

His laughter stopped abruptly because they discovered that another group of people showed up.

“Elder Mei, it’s people from the High Clarity Sect,” Mo Yuntian recognized the identities of these people very quickly and said to Mei Zhen.

Mei Zhen nodded. It was clear that he recognized these people too.

“The High Clarity Sect is really declining as time passes. As a member of the Eight Great Sects, they’re actually doing something dirty like committing highway robbery!” Mei Zhen said with contempt.

“What should we do, Elder Mei?” Mo Yuntian asked worriedly.

High Clarity Sect was ranked four among the Eight Great Sects; much stronger compared to the Tranquil Cloud Sect.

There were roughly ten people in this group. The number of people was even slightly more than Tranquil Cloud Sect’s side. They were clearly going to participate in this unknown mystic realm exploration too.

Both parties obviously did not imagine that they would actually bump into each other here beforehand. Furthermore, it was under such awkward circumstances.

More than 10 guys bullying two frail girls. It was evidently not something honorable.

Mei Zhen frowned slightly. He was obviously considering how to deal with this matter too.

“So, it’s friends from the Tranquil Cloud Sect. I believe that you’re going to the unknown mystic realm too, right? These two ladies stole my High Clarity Sect’s item. I hope that none of you will intervene in this matter. Or else . . .” a Sea Transformation Realm expert from the High Clarity Sect said.

These people were obviously the same as Mei Zhen; people leading the High Clarity Sect team.

It was just that the High Clarity Sect’s team had two Sea Transformation Realm martial artists inside. This allowed their team’s strength to be much stronger than the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s.

The other party had evidently seen the contrast in strength between both parties. Hence, they were fearless. There were even some hints of threatening when talking.

“Pooh! This Crow Orchid Ganoderma was clearly obtained by us first. When did it become your High Clarity Sect’s item? Do you still want face or not?” The girl in fitting robes said scornfully.

The ugly girl in yellow clothes appeared very calm instead and was not as agitated as the girl in white fitting robes. She pulled her sleeves and said, “Forget it, Yan-er.”

“Miss, I’m unwilling to give in!” Yan-er said unhappily.

The ugly girl smiled but did not say anymore. Yan-er kept her mouth shut sensibly.

It looks like this ugly girl was even the master of that Yan-er.

“Haha, this ugly girl knows what’s good and bad. How is it, Tranquil Cloud Sect’s friends, are you going to sow a grudge against us?” the person from the High Clarity Sect said arrogantly.

Mei Zhen let out a sigh and said to the people behind him, “Let’s go!”

Finished talking, he brought the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s group and skirted around this area and continued walking towards the depths of the Cloud Dream Mountain Range.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s people all had bitterness on their faces. It was clear that they were very unwilling.

People who practiced the sword tend to be righteous. Most of these Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples practiced the sword. Encountering such an incident, they naturally wanted to draw their sword to help out.

This group of people from the High Clarity Sect was really too shameless. To actually bully two weak girls and even maligned them.

But with the present situation, even if the Tranquil Cloud Sect and the other party fought it out to the death, it would be hard to win in the end. After all, the other party had two Sea Transformation Realm experts.

Ye Yuan’s expression flickered but did not say anything. He followed the main group step by step and left.

“Tch! Indeed jackals from the same lair! There’s not a single good person from the sects! Turning around and leaving when they see this kind of situation, what difference is there from the culprits?”

Yan-er’s cold laughter came from behind. Mei Zhen’s figure involuntary froze.

After pausing for a split second, he strode out in large steps. Out of sight, and out of mind.

Luo Qingfeng’s reminder sounded beside his ear. Mei Zhen did not wish to ruin the lives of the sect’s elites in vain just because of a momentary impulse.

The ones he brought out this time were all the elite forces of the sect, especially Ye Yuan. If he lost his life because of two barely acquainted girls, how was he going to give an account to Skymaple and Luo Qingfeng when he returned?

“Hahaha, the Tranquil Cloud Sect are indeed a bunch of cowards, running away without even daring to let out a fart! I think once Skymaple that old fellow dies, the Tranquil Cloud Sect’s signboard of one of the Eight Great Sects most likely can’t be preserved.”

“Such a group of cowards is also worthy of being called Eight Great Sects? Really dying of laughter!”

“The mystic realm exploration this time is so dangerous and they actually only sent a Third Level Sea Transformation Realm. I think they have no deployable personnel in the sect, right? There’re so many natural treasures in this mystic realm, yet they came to be bystanders. I wonder how many can return alive this time? Hahaha.”

The High Clarity Sect’s people did not deliberately conceal their voices. Brazen mocking laughter spread over from far away. The Tranquil Cloud Sect’s group could not resist wanting to go back to fight it out to the death.

At this time, Tian Yu heard the other party cursing Skymaple and could not hold back anymore. He turned around and went back.

“This bunch of grandsons. Do they really think that they are extraordinary? I’ll go kill that loudmouthed fellow!” Tian Yu said furiously.

“Halt!” Mei Zhen stopped Tian Yu and said, “Tian Yu, if you dare to go back, I’ll immediately seal your essence energy!”

“Elder Mei, they . . . they’re bullying us too far!”

Mei Zhen said in a low voice, “Lack of forbearance in minor matters upsets great plans! You’re all the sect’s future. Don’t struggle for this sort of momentary relief! If you feel humiliated, then cultivate harder and claim this debt in the future!”

“But . . .”

Right then, Ye Yuan pulled Tian Yu but smiled at Mei Zhen and said, “Elder Mei, you guys go ahead first. I have something and need to leave for a while.”

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