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Chapter 289 - Tier 3 Detoxification Pill

Chapter 289: Tier 3 Detoxification Pill

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Watching the flying vessel disappear into the horizon, Nanfeng Zhirou felt a rare sense of loss.

“Sigh, stop looking. He is destined to be a person from a different world from us.” Nanfeng Ruoqing behind her sighed faintly.

Nanfeng Zhirou turned around, her beautiful eyes already holding tears.

Not knowing why, when she heard Nanfeng Ruoqing’s words, her tears flowed down against her will.

“Aunt, I . . . I . . .” Nanfeng Zhirou choked on her words.

Seeing Nanfeng Zhirou like this, Nanfeng Ruoqing also felt sour in her heart.

Her niece was so, but how was she not too?

It was just that her feelings were much more reserved compared to Nanfeng Zhirou and would not be as emotional as Nanfeng Zhirou.

Who knew when it started, but Ye Yuan’s figure would surface in Nanfeng Ruoqing’s mind ceaselessly.

But with the passing of time, Nanfeng Ruoqing suddenly became aware that there was already an impassable gulf between Ye Yuan and her!

He was no longer that little rookie who nearly lost his life at Nanfeng Zhirou’s sword. He had already grown into a towering tree. Even the formidable Tian Yu suffered defeat at his hands.

Now, the two of them aunt and niece were almost unable to see even Ye Yuan’s back view anymore!

Nanfeng Zhirou leaned on her aunt’s shoulder and cried while Nanfeng Ruoqing gently patted her back, consoling her as she said, “I know, I know.”

“Sniff, sniff, then . . . then what about aunty?” Nanfeng Zhirou sniffled.

Nanfeng Ruoqing froze. Her beautiful body let her down and started trembling.

Nanfeng Zhirou pushed off her hug and said with tears running down her face, “I know that aunty likes him too. Do . . . Do we really have no chance at all?”

Nanfeng Ruoqing sighed and shook her head, saying, “Bury this feeling in your heart and perhaps we can still maintain the relationship of friends. Otherwise, I’m afraid that . . . it will scare him off.”

Nanfeng Zhirou said stubbornly, “I . . . I’m unresigned!”

Nanfeng Ruoqing sighed lightly and did not say anything else.

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan and and the team rode the flying vessel, traveling 100 thousand miles a day. But the Tranquil Cloud Sect was too far away from the Heavenly Sky Sect. They needed ten days or so before they could reach.

On the flying vessel, Ye Yuan meditated every day to cultivate and consolidate his realm. At this moment, he was already not far from the Eighth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

Towards such a cultivation speed, the group of seniors could only sigh with admiration.

“Elder Mei, ahead is the Cloud Dream Mountain Range. Let’s go down,” Mo Yuntian said.

Mei Zhen nodded, and the group of eight disembarked the flying vessel.

The coordinates Li Zhangyu left behind for the Tranquil Cloud Sect was this Cloud Dream Mountain Range, which was also the entrance to that unknown mystic realm.

Riding the flying vessel would easily startle the demonic beasts in the mountains. Hence, the Tranquil Cloud Sect party chose to disembark the flying vessel in advance and walk on foot.

Up ahead, vast expanses of mountain ranges towered into the clouds. It looked very lofty and magnificent.

“This Cloud Dream Mountain Range is a famous danger-zone within the Heavenly Sky Sect’s boundaries. Not only are there demonic beasts running wild inside, but there are also even all kinds of poisonous miasma in the mountains. Even a Crystal Formation Realm martial artist who recklessly goes deep inside might not return alive,” Mei Zhen said.

“We’ve already entered the mountain range. Everyone, consume this detoxification pill first to prevent succumbing to the toxin of this poisonous miasma,” Mo Yuntian said to everyone.

They were currently not deep into the mountains at the moment. This miasma did not pose much threat to them, but Mo Yuntian felt that it was better to be safe.

After all, this was other people’s territory. As strangers in a strange land, it was best to not fail miserably here.

“Wait a minute!” Just as they were about to swallow the pill, Ye Yuan opened his mouth to stop them.

“What is it, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye?” Mo Yuntian asked curiously.

Ye Yuan fished out a bottle of pills and passed it to Mo Yuntian, saying, “Use my medicinal pills.”

“This . . .” Mo Yuntian involuntarily hesitated.

What they were eating were Tier 3 Detoxification Pills, but Ye Yuan was at most an Alchemy Master. Could the medicinal pills that he refined be better than those refined by the Pill Hall elders?

But Mo Yuntian knew that Ye Yuan would not do this kind of lame thing from his personality. He could not help hesitating.

“Yuntian, open it up and take a look,” at this time, Mei Zhen spoke.

Mo Yuntian did as told and opened the medicinal bottle. Medicinal fragrance reached their noses.

“These . . . These are Tier 3 Detoxification Pills? Where did you get this from, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye?” Mo Yuntian could not help being astonished when he saw the pills in the medicinal bottle.

Martial artists were no strangers to medicinal pills. This bottle of pills given by Ye Yuan were clearly Tier 3 Detoxification Pills as well but was completely different from the ones that they brought.

Although they had not eaten it yet, Mo Yuntian could feel just from the medicinal fragrance that these detoxification pills were much better than those refined by the elders.

Ye Yuan was only a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. Where did his medicinal pills come from?

Mo Yuntian and these disciple were unaware, but as an elder, Mei Zhen knew that Ye Yuan had the identity of nominal elder in the Pill Hall. That was why he made Mo Yuntian open it up to see.

Except, when he saw these Tier 3 Detoxification Pills, Mei Zhen was speechlessly shocked!

Could these medicinal pills be refined by Ye Yuan himself?

Mei Zhen was very clear that it was impossible for the elders in the Pill Hall to refine such detoxification pills even if Grand Elder Skymaple took up the matter personally!

Because the Tranquil Cloud Sect did not have the pill formula for this kind of detoxification pills!

Mei Zhen was not surprised that Ye Yuan knew this sort of new pill formula. But if Ye Yuan refined Tier 3 medicinal pills with Alchemy Master status, that would be too shocking!

Mei Zhen had lived to ripe old age and had seen many Spirit Condensation Realms crossing ranks to battle with Crystal Formation Realms, but had never seen Spirit Condensation Realm martial artists being able to refine Tier 3 medicinal pills!

This was the first time Mei Zhen felt awe and reverence towards a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist!

This Ye Yuan was truly too shocking!

Ye Yuan originally did not wish to draw too much attention either, but he faintly felt that this Cloud Dream Mountain Range did not seem very normal.

For the sake of fellow members’ safety, he had better take out these detoxification pills.

Not only could his detoxification pills resolve poison within the body, but it could also even resolve the poison miasma which affected the divine soul at the same time.

Ye Yuan was the ancestor of using poison. With a sweeping glance, he knew that the poison miasma in the deep regions of this Cloud Dream Mountain Range most likely had an effect on the divine soul. That was why he took out his own detoxification pills.

This was how the Cloud Dream Mountain Range got its name.

Once a martial artist’s divine soul got infected by the poison miasma, they would probably fall into an illusion or insanity. If they were not treated in time, they would ultimately be tormented by this poison miasma till death.

Ye Yuan just smiled and said to Mo Yuntian, “Don’t ask anymore, Senior Apprentice Brother Mo. Will Junior harm you?”

Mo Yuntian felt awkward and replied with a smile, “Where did that come from, Junior Apprentice Brother Ye? I was just overly surprised. Cough, cough . . . Juniors, let’s all consume Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s detoxification pill. His medicinal pills . . . seem to be much better than the ones we brought!”

Mo Yuntian distributed the medicinal pills to the others and also swallowed one himself.

Mo Yuntian only noticed that Ye Yuan did not eat any after consuming the medicinal pill. He could not help asking, “Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, why aren’t you eating?”

Ye Yuan grinned and said, “I don’t need to. This miasma is ineffective against me.”

Mo Yuntian was stupefied. Indeed, he discovered that there was really some empty space around Ye Yuan. This miasma was actually unable to approach Ye Yuan!

This . . . was too wonderous!

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