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Chapter 286 - Opinion

Chapter 286: Opinion

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“What do you guys think of the Heavenly Sky Sect’s invitation?” Luo Qingfeng opened his mouth to ask after the few people sat down.

Xiao Jian was the first to speak. “Would the Heavenly Sky Sect be so kind-hearted? I won’t believe that even if you beat me to death! In my opinion, this is a trap.”

Ling Potian valued each word like gold and said, “Yes, definitely it is a trap.”

Ouyang Yu mused for a while before saying, “I feel that the possibility of being a trap is not big. Rather, I think the likelihood of making us as the cannon fodders is greater.”

Luo Qingfeng was emotionless as he asked again, “How so?”

“Exploring an unknown mystic realm such as this, it’s impossible for the great sects to send out a very powerful force. Wanting to diminish the sects’ existing strength through this is clearly not very likely. The way I see it, this unknown mystic realm might really be dangerous. The Heavenly Sky Sect hopes to drag everyone over to shoulder the dangers together to obtain the greatest benefits while at the same time, reducing their own casualties.” Ouyang Yu analyzed the situation.

Compared to Xiao Jian, Ouyang Yu was clearly much calmer. His analysis was also rather objective.

“Humph! The Heavenly Sky Sect is just like an old miser. When they see mystic realms, it’s like they get injected with stimulants. How can they be so nice this time to invite us to explore together?” Xiao Jian disagreed.

“Therefore, there must be something that we don’t know in between. All in all, the Heavenly Sky Sect definitely doesn’t have any good intentions. I feel that we can casually send some people over to brush them off,” Ouyang Yu said.

“I disagree! Casually sending some people over to be cannon fodder for others? Tranquil Cloud Sect disciples are all groomed by us through innumerable painstaking efforts. How can we send them to their death?” Xiao Jian said with irritation in his tone.

About this point that the Heavenly Sky Sect did not have any good intentions, everybody did not have any disagreement, and it was also impossible to have differing opinions.

It was just that whether or go or not was a problem. It clearly caused some discrepancies.

Ouyang Yu still wanted to continue, but Luo Qingfeng made a hand gesture to indicate to them to stop arguing. He turned and said to Ye Yuan, “Ye Yuan, share your perspective.”

After the incident with Li Zhangyu, Luo Qingfeng’s understanding of Ye Yuan went up another level.

Ye Yuan could set up a Spirit Gathering Formation under that sort of abrupt situation and force Li Zhangyu away while he himself went along with the strategy to sanctify Canghua Sword. It was evident how meticulous his thoughts were!

The way Luo Qingfeng saw things, Ye Yuan’s talent was without question. It was simply on a different level from his peers.

But for him to even possess such meticulous thinking at this age, it was truly hard to come by.

Hence, he intentionally called Ye Yuan over today to let him also listen to the purpose of the Heavenly Sky Sect sending an envoy. Perhaps he could come up with some constructive opinions.

When Xiao Jian and the others saw Ye Yuan, they were also stupefied for a long time, and could not quite ascertain Luo Qingfeng’s thoughts.

This action, could it be to let Ye Yuan participate in the Tranquil Cloud Sect upper echelons’ decision-making?

Ye Yuan’s talent was unrivaled, this fact was already irrefutable by anyone. But he was so young; wasn’t it somewhat trifling to let him join in the sect upper echelon in decision making?

Especially for Ouyang Yu. When Ye Yuan had just entered the sect, he even acceded to Ouyang Ming’s inciting and wanted to sentence Ye Yuan to death through the Tri-Hall Joint Hearing.

But later on, a series of Ye Yuan’s actions thoroughly dispelled any thoughts of opposing Ye Yuan.

Especially after Ye Yuan sold the Soul Driving Pill formula to the sect. Several elders from the Ouyang Family already obtained a breakthrough with help from the Soul Driving Pill.

Under such circumstances, how could Ouyang Yu bring himself to oppose Ye Yuan again?

Wouldn’t he become an ungrateful petty character?

As for Ouyang Ming’s side, Ouyang Yu already issued a strict order to make him watch his woman well to not stir up any more shit. Otherwise, bear the consequences himself!

A tiny little secular world family did not enter Ouyang Yu’s eyes yet; let alone the fact that this family clan was already wasted.

Ye Yuan pondered for a moment and said, “If it’s as Li Zhangyu said, then this mystic realm is similarly of utmost importance to our sect. Our Tranquil Cloud Sect simply can’t compare to these great sects in terms of resources. If we even give up on this chance as well, wouldn’t we lag behind with each step? I reckon that other sect masters also can’t resist this large cake that the Heavenly Sky Sect delivered and will send people forth.”

After that day, Luo Qingfeng gave Ye Yuan a crash course on the faction distribution in the Southern Domain. Now, he already had a preliminary understanding of the Southern Domain’s situation.

“But this mystic realm is so dangerous. Even a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm did not make it out alive after entering. Could it be that we all have to send Sea Transformation Realm elders in?” Xiao Jian threw out this question.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “That isn’t necessary. Because I think that even if we send elders there, it’s useless too.”

“Oh? Why is that?” Luo Qingfeng asked.

When Ye Yuan said this, not only Xiao Jian, even Luo Qingfeng revealed an attentive expression.

It was very clear that Ye Yuan noticed some issues that they did not realize.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Sect Master and Hall Heads, think about it. With the Heavenly Sky Sect’s greed, how can they possibly send people to invite other sects to explore the mystic realm together unless they had no other alternatives?”

“That’s why we were all guessing earlier whether the Heavenly Sky Sect is plotting some insidious scheme!” Xiao Jian.

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “Just as Hall Head Ouyang said, these sort of wiles and schemes don’t have much use. Even if our teams were all annihilated, it wouldn’t harm our sect’s foundations. Why do they need to take such a superfluous action?”

“Then you say; just what is it?” Xiao Jian said anxiously.

“Why did Li Zhangyu only say that they sent a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm into the mystic realm? Although Sea Transformation Realm is a mid-level pillar in the various great sects, the Heavenly Sky Sect wouldn’t treasure life to such an extent, right?” Ye Yuan said with a grin.

Luo Qingfeng was absorbed in his thoughts as he said, “You’re saying . . . they already sent a Sea Transformation Realm inside?”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “That’s right! Furthermore, that Sea Transformation Realm definitely did not come back alive!”

Everyone sucked in a cold breath. Thinking it over, Ye Yuan’s analysis was plainly the most logical.

It was just that when Li Zhangyu was talking, he deliberately clouded this area. That was why everybody did not think of it.

After all, a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm was already very important to a sect. Even for a large sect like Heavenly Sky Sect, it was also impossible to abandon them at will. Hence, Luo Qingfeng did not think deeper into this problem either.

But when they heard Ye Yuan say that even a Sea Transformation Realm did not make it out alive, their hearts would not stop pounding.

Wasn’t this unknown mystic realm a little too perilous?

“Even a Sea Transformation Realm died inside. Then even more so we must not go!” Xiao Jian said with a frown.

To the Tranquil Cloud Sect, they could not afford the death of any Sea Transformation Realm expert.

But Luo Qingfeng did not speak right away. He only spoke after thinking it over, “Ye Yuan, were your words unfinished? Should we go or not?”

Towards this Luo Qingfeng, Ye Yuan also quite admired him. He was unquestionably a terrifying figure with meticulous thoughts.

These few years, if not for him, the Tranquil Cloud Sect might be in even more arduous circumstances than now.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Go. Why shouldn’t we go? There are surely many natural treasures in this mystic realm. Otherwise, the Heavenly Sky Sect would have forsaken it themselves. This is also an opportunity for our sect!”

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