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Chapter 287 - Skymaple Exits Seclusion!

Chapter 287: Skymaple Exits Seclusion!

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“Ye Yuan! Even a Sea Transformation Realm lost his life after entering! Do you want our elders to seek their own doom?”

Ling Potian rarely said so many words. It was just that he was very stern currently. The average disciple would probably start stammering when they saw it.

“Potian, let Ye Yuan finish talking,” Luo Qingfeng said.

Ling Potian was stunned. He immediately shut his mouth and kept quiet.

Ye Yuan did not mind either. He continued, “If my conjectures are correct, it might be because the space isn’t stable or due to restrictions on laws. Sea Transformation Realm and above martial artists are unable to enter this mystic realm. It’s overly dangerous for Crystal Formation Realm martial artists to enter; that’s why the Heavenly Sky Sect would join hands with the other seven sects to explore together in an unprecedented event.”

Luo Qingfeng was also very surprised. He said, “So that’s the case! This way, everything can be explained! It’s just that since this is the case, it’s surely very risky for Crystal Formation Realm martial artist to enter. Do we still join in the bustle?”

“Wealth comes with danger! The dangers are all the same to us Eight Great Sects. The Heavenly Sky Sect is just looking for more cannon fodders. Then, let’s knock out one of their front teeth! Opportunities like this are not recurrent!” Ye Yuan said.

“Ye Yuan, I know that you’re tremendously talented and your combat powers are also extremely great, but you mustn’t look down on the other sects’ junior generation! Especially the Heavenly Sky Sect. Their personal disciples are much stronger than Yuntian and the rest,” Xiao Jian suddenly interjected and said gravely in a sincere tone.

As the Southern Domain’s strongest sect, the Heavenly Sky Sect’s personal disciples’ strength was obviously the greatest!

Although Li Zhangyu was accepted as a personal disciple by a grand elder, that was only because his potential was huge.

In terms of real strength, he was not considered much in the Heavenly Sky Sect.

Those personal disciples with immense seniority were the existences with the greatest strength today.

Ye Yuan suddenly grinned and said, “I was only providing an opinion for Lord Sect Master. As for whether he accepts it or not, I dare not dispute. But if Sect Master decides to go ahead, I hope that I can be considered one of the members.”

“No way! Even a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist died inside. You’re only at the Spirit Condensation Realm, going in is too dangerous! Ye Yuan, you’re our Tranquil Cloud Sect’s hope. I don’t wish for you to be in any danger!” Luo Qingfeng directly rejected it.

You got to be kidding!

When he broke through two days ago, Luo Qingfeng was so frightened that he nearly crocked.

Exploring such a dangerous mystic realm this time, if anything were to happen, he would not be able to compensate even if he threw in the entire Tranquil Cloud Sect!

But Ye Yuan did not act appropriately with Luo Qingfeng’s expectation. Luo Qingfeng knew that he could not convince Ye Yuan by looking at the expression in his eyes.

Luo Qingfeng was crying bitterness in his heart!

He initially already decided to go for it. But looking at this attitude from Ye Yuan, he started to hesitate again.

This living ancestor was really willful!

What did a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist run over to play with a bunch of Crystal Formation Realm martial artists for?

“What’s happening?”

Luo Qingfeng and the rest exchanged glances and suddenly thought of something. They could not help becoming wildly elated!

“Martial Uncle! He-He broke through! That’s truly fantastic!” Xiao Jian said joyfully.

“Go! Let’s go and take a look! Ye Yuan, you come too. You have great contributions for Martial Uncle to be able to break through!” Luo Qingfeng said.

The few people rushed to Skymaple Court at fire-speed only to see black clouds gathering over the court.

“It’s Soul Tribulation! Martial Uncle he’s starting to cross his Soul Tribulation!” Ouyang Yu exclaimed.

As an alchemist, his greatest wish was to be able to cross a Soul Tribulation once.

When martial artists open up the Sea Transformation Realm, Soul Sea Realm was going against the heavens. Hence, when martial artists cultivated to the Soul Sea Realm and beyond, they would face the test of heavenly tribulation!

And when alchemists cultivate past the Soul Sea Realm, their soul force would have a qualitative leap. Every breakthrough will similarly cause heavenly tribulation to descend!

However, the heavenly tribulation for alchemists was different from martial artists. It only targeted the divine soul. Hence, it was called soul tribulation!

If Ouyang Yu could breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm and become an Alchemy King, he would experience the first soul tribulation in his life.

Except . . . this step was way too difficult for him!

That mass of dark clouds was not large, but the extremely horrifying energy was encompassed within it, filling people’s heart with trepidation.

Before long, fine lightning began to fall, directly penetrating the residence, rumbling into the place that Skymaple was in seclusion.

The lightning grew progressively more and increasingly dense. Just the awe could make Crystal Formation Realm martial artists feel asphyxiated!

When Ye Yuan saw this familiar scene from far away, boundless emotions welled up in his heart.

In his previous life, he had tided over dozens of soul tribulations and was all too familiar with this.

But in this life, this was the first time Ye Yuan saw something like soul tribulation. It naturally aroused his boundless reminiscence.

Since it was called soul tribulation, it was a calamity for the martial artist’s divine soul!

Many alchemists fell to the soul tribulation, their souls dispersed to the wind.

Alchemists who could cross dozens of soul tribulations and reach the pinnacle were all virtually invincible existences!

Ye Yuan in his previous life walked towards the pinnacle step by step like this.

But in this life, he believed that he would still walk like this step by step towards the pinnacle!

No, in this life, he wanted to walk even further!

The four people around him apparently did not notice Ye Yuan’s gallant feel. They watched this scene anxiously.

Roughly an hour later, the lightning gradually lessened. The dark clouds in the sky also started to dissipate. The soul tribulation finally ended.

“Everyone, come in.” Skymaple’s words called them in. He had obviously discovered the people outside long ago.

It was just that this voice was rather worn out. It looks like the Skymaple who had just crossed the soul tribulation was still quite weak.

But Ye Yuan knew that this kind of weakness would not persist for long. Very soon, Skymaple’s soul force would increase explosively and truly reach the level of middle-rank Alchemy King.

Seeing Ye Yuan, Skymaple was also very surprised, but very happy.

“Haha, I didn’t think that Ye Yuan you’re also here,” Skymaple said jubilantly.

It was all thanks to Ye Yuan that he could break through to middle-rank Alchemy King. He naturally felt close to Ye Yuan when he saw him.

Ye Yuan went forward to give a bow and said with a smile, “Congratulations to Grand Elder for breaking through to the middle-rank Alchemy King!”

“Sigh, what’s there to congratulate? Isn’t this middle-rank Alchemy King of mine all due to you?”

“Haha, this is all Grand Elder’s profound fortunes. What has it got to do with this child? Grand Elder broke through to middle-rank Alchemy King. Tranquil Cloud Sect’s sky propping pillar is much more stable. This is naturally something worth congratulating,” Ye Yuan said with a smile.

Seeing that Ye Yuan did not claim credit at all, Skymaple was even more pleased. Smiling gently, he said, “This is pretty good! After this old man recuperates for a few days, I’ll start refining Soul Luring Pills! Xiao Jian, Potian, the two of you also need to cultivate harder in the future and strive to break through to half-step Soul Sea Realm soon! This way, my Tranquil Cloud Sect will have three Soul Sea Realm experts, and our strength will increase tremendously! Let’s see if the Heavenly Sky Sect still dares to bully my Tranquil Cloud Sect!”

When Skymaple said those words, the four people were so agitated that they trembled non-stop!

Soul Luring Pill was a medicinal pill to help Sea Transformation Realm experts breakthrough to the Soul Sea Realm. It required the cultivation of middle-rank Alchemy King to be able to refine.

But how many years had it been since a middle-rank Alchemy King alchemist appeared in the Tranquil Cloud Sect?

If the Tranquil Cloud Sect could produce three Soul Sea Realm powerhouse all at once, then they could jump to the middle reaches of the Eight Great Sects.

Other sects would have to reevaluate before thinking about bullying the Tranquil Cloud Sect again!

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