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Chapter 285 - Unknown Mystic Realm

Chapter 285: Unknown Mystic Realm

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Although Ye Yuan’s Tier 3 Spirit Gathering Formation was strong, it was also unable to gather so much essence energy.

The reason why it could cause such a huge commotion before was that Ye Yuan used a maneuver to lift something heavy using only a little force. Using the two person’s essence energy storms as the base, it magnified the pair’s essence energy storms limitlessly.

No matter how strong Ye Yuan was, he was only a Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist. If he did not have the pair’s essence energy storms has the base, how could he plunder the essence energies in a ten-mile radius clean?

Li Zhangyu tasted blood again in his throat. The internal injuries that were just suppressed relapsed again and he nearly spurted out a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, he endured it.

“Li Zhangyu is an honored guest from the Heavenly Sky Sect. He indeed has the grace of a great sect disciple, deriving pleasure from helping others.” Luo Qingfeng supplemented another blow right after.

“Heavenly Sky Sect?” Ye Yuan looked perplexed. Clearly, he had not heard of this name before.

Luo Qingfeng froze, and he could not help asking, “You don’t know the Heavenly Sky Sect?”

Ye Yuan shook his head blankly and said, “This disciple came from a small place, and my knowledge is superficial. I really don’t know the Heavenly Sky Sect.”

Luo Qingfeng was speechless. He explained, “Heavenly Sky Sect is the Southern Domain’s number one great sect, the leader of the Eight Great Sects. Zhangyu is a Heavenly Sky Sect Grand Elder’s favored disciple. You’re my sect’s elder. Calling senior apprentice brother is acceptable.”

Li Zhangyu was secretly shocked. Ye Yuan was already a sect elder at this age?

However, he had yet to be surprised by this when Ye Yuan was suddenly enlightened and said, “Ah! So that’s how it is! The Heavenly Sky Sect is as expected the Southern Domain’s number one great sect. Their grand elder’s disciple actually sacrificed his own interests for the sake of others and would rather his own realm fall just to help others. Ye Yuan is eternally grateful,”


Li Zhangyu finally could not hold back, and a mouthful of blood sprayed out. It was already injuries on top of injuries.

The two people sang and chimed together. Li Zhangyu was ultimately young. How could he endure such stimulation?

But Ye Yuan really did not know the Heavenly Sky Sect, not that he was singing a duet with Luo Qingfeng.

But the effects were the same.

. . . . . .

After two days, Li Zhangyu’s injuries took a turn for the better. Luo Qingfeng summoned him.

Presently, Li Zhangyu was much more restrained and was no longer as arrogant as when he had just arrived.

Luo Qingfeng’s aura on that day thoroughly suppressed him.

“Are your injuries better?” Luo Qingfeng asked like he was engaging in small talk.

It was fine if he did not mention that. But once it was raised, Li Zhangyu’s inner heart felt as painful as his scar being reopened.

“Already much better. Many thanks for Sect Master Luo’s concern,” Li Zhangyu forced a smile and said.

“En. It’s good that it’s much better. Zhangyu, for what matter did you come to my Tranquil Cloud Sect as an envoy this trip for?” Luo Qingfeng queried.

Talking about official matters, Li Zhangyu hurriedly collected his emotions and said, “My Heavenly Sky Sect discovered a mystic realm not long ago within our borders and think that there should be some good stuff inside. Our Southern Domain’s Eight Great Sects has always been united. Sect Master specially dispatched seven disciples to leave for the seven sects to invite everyone to explore the mystic realm together so as to give fair treatment to all!”

Luo Qingfeng was expressionless, but he started to deliberate on the intentions of this move by the Heavenly Sky Sect in his heart.

Whatever united, what fair treatment, that could only hoodwink a three year old kid.

The Southern Domain’s Eight Great Sects, including the Tranquil Cloud Sect, each had their own little plans.

The Tranquil Cloud Sect never had the heart to contend for hegemony in the Southern Domain.

The sect members’ ambition was always to storm back to the Northern Domain.

Of course, this was merely a distant dream.

The reality was that the Tranquil Cloud Sect could only survive within the crevices of the various Southern Domain sects.

The Heavenly Sky Sect had always been very domineering. Forget about a mystic realm in their own territory; they would even think of ways to get a cup of soup from other people’s mystic realms.

There must be something strange for things to be abnormal!

If one were to say that the Heavenly Sky Sect was really that good-hearted, even a fool would not believe it.

But one had to admit that the Heavenly Sky Sect tossed out a remarkably tempting bait. Luo Qingfengr reckoned that the other sects would likely be unable to refuse this invitation because even he himself was moved.

What did the development of the sect rely on?


Essence crystals, natural treasures, cultivation methods, artifacts, and so on. These things more or less determined the power of a sect.

As the most powerful sect in the Southern Domain, the Heavenly Sky Sect occupied 40% of the Southern Domain’s resources!

The other seven great sects added up only came up to 60% or so!

It was precisely because of these resources that ensured that the Heavenly Sky Sect always looked down on the world.

And among those, natural treasures were a very crucial part of resources.

The sect disciples’ daily consumption, medicinal pills used in cultivation, and medicinal herbs were a huge expenditure. Without the accumulation of these resources, the sect would simply be unable to sustain, no matter how deep your foundations were.

And where did these natural treasures come from?

Mystic realms!

Mystic realms were miniature spaces neighboring the Endless World. Because human footmarks were scarce and essence energy was abundant, it tends to give birth to many natural treasures.

Within the various Southern Domain sect boundaries, they all had some mystic realms, and these mystic realms were all controlled by the various great sects.

These mystic realms were all known mystic realms. The dangers within have already pretty much been eliminated by the various great sects.

But the mystic realm discovered by the Heavenly Sky Sect this time was evidently an unknown mystic realm!

Extremely few humans existed in mystic realms. But there were many demonic beasts as well as naturally formed dangers!

Exploring mystic realms was an extremely perilous task!

Ignoring other things, just the Heavenly Sky Sect inviting other sects to explore the mystic realm together most likely had the notion of bringing more cannon fodder.

As for whether they had other plans, Luo Qingfeng could not determine it right now.

“What kind of mystic realm? Give a description,” Luo Qingfeng said while maintaining his composure.

“An unknown mystic realm! We’ve already sent people in to investigate. The natural treasures inside are beyond counting. It’s said that there are many Tier 3, Quasi-Tier 4 medicinal herbs inside. There are also quite a few Tier 4 herbs and some extremely rare herbs which can all be found inside!” Li Zhangyu said.

Luo Qingfeng suddenly smiled and said, “I’m afraid that it isn’t so simple, right? What I want to hear isn’t this. What did you all encounter inside?”

Li Zhangyu’s face changed but returned to normal very quickly. He said calmly, “We sent a total of three teams. They were completely wiped out!”

Luo Qingfeng frowned and said, “What kind of people did you send in?”

Facing Luo Qingfeng, Li Zhangyu became very alert.

This fellow was too astute. Every question hit the mark!

In the past, everyone always thought that he was somebody weak and incompetent because he was low-profile and tolerant.

Now, it looks like this fellow was simply an exceptionally clever and scheming person!

Now that Luo Qingfeng already bared his fangs in front of Li Zhangyu, he naturally had no need to disguise himself anymore.

Li Zhangyu cautiously said, “The first time, it was an early-stage Crystal Formation Realm leading the team. The second, the one leading was a middle-stage Crystal Formation Realm. The third time . . . it was a Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist!”

“Oh? Since all your guys were wiped out, how do you know the news inside?” Luo Qingfeng asked composedly.

Li Zhangyu secretly cursed sly fox and said, “In the end, that Ninth Level Crystal Formation Realm martial artist risked death to charge out and brought back this information. And not long after he exited, he died too. This unknown mystic realm might be somewhat dangerous, but the things inside are seriously too alluring. That’s why Lord Sect Master ardently invites everyone to explore together.”

Luo Qingfeng nodded and said, “You go back and rest first. Allow me to reconsider this.”

After Li Zhangyu took his leave, the door to the room suddenly opened. Ling Potian, Xiao Jian, and Ouyang Yu walked out.

And behind them was Ye Yuan who had recently just broke through.

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