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Chapter 264 - Dao of Calligraphy!

Chapter 264: Dao of Calligraphy!

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“Where the hell did this No. 52 pop out from? His sword arts are simply at the peak of perfection!”

“Isn’t it so? Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang even used the Purple Lightning Azure Frost, but it was completely useless against No. 52!”

“I heard that he just ascended from the secular world. How could that land of the mundane possibly give birth to such a freak?”

“I heard that he isn’t even 16 years old yet. Even if he gained enlightenment on the Dao in his mother’s womb, it’s also impossible to reach such an extent, right?”

. . . . . .

Ye Yuan defeating Zhang Jing caused a huge commotion among the sect disciples.

Ye Yuan’s name was very quickly known by all the disciples.

Ceng Cheng also saw the match between Ye Yuan and Zhang Jing. He rejoiced that he did not find trouble with Ye Yuan back then. Otherwise, he would have lost a great amount of face.

He only knew now that Ye Yuan teaching his younger brother a lesson did not even count as an appetizer.

Ye Yuan’s strength could aim for the top 3!

Ceng Cheng was similarly a sword cultivator. He was deeply aware of Ye Yuan’s Sword Dao’s prowess. Even if Tian Yu up there, he might not gain any advantages.

If not because Ceng Cheng passed the third round, he also wanted to enter seclusion like Zhang Jing did!

Ceng Cheng believed that there was quite a number with the same thoughts as him. Among them even included Tian Yu!

Ye Yuan did not let any ripples surface on his state of mind because of becoming a celebrity. Because this was not worth mentioning to him.

With his aptitude, if he could not even catch people’s eyes in a Lower Realm’s tiny sect, then it would be an epic fail.

Ye Yuan’s opponent in the fourth round was still a sword cultivator disciple. That disciple’s strength was much weaker than Zhang Jing’s. The result need not be said.

Starting from the fourth round all the way until the top four elites were born, there would be a disciple who fell every round.

After four rounds of battle, a day passed by just like that.

The battle on the second day was of the utmost importance. The weak disciples were basically all eliminated during the first stage. Those remaining were all elites among the disciples.

The battles during the second day were all basically the strong facing the strong! Such a competition was naturally 100% worth watching.

Ye Yuan’s opponent in the fifth round was a top 10 expert, similarly a sword cultivator disciple.

In reality, this disciple’s strength was roughly the same as Zhang Jing’s. His Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art was likewise trained to the Purple Lightning Azure Frost.

Originally, Zhang Jing wanted to rely on the Purple Lightning Azure Frost to assail the top 10 this time. But the result was that he was unexpectedly eliminated by Ye Yuan in the third round.

The outcome was obviously no surprise. After a bout of struggle, Ye Yuan won once more!

Nobody could have imagined that there would actually be a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm who entered the top seven this grand competition!

However, there wasn’t really anyone who was unconvinced by this result. This was what Ye Yuan won round after round, without the slightest bit of trickery.

In between, Ye Yuan defeated several experts whose strengths were sufficient to enter the top 10.

Ye Yuan was well deserving of the top seven!

“After winning another opponent, you can enter the top four! Initially, I thought that you would shock everyone in one move the next grand competition. I didn’t think that you would do it now.” Long Tang look at Ye Yuan as he sighed emotionally.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “You’re not bad too. To pass through three rounds consecutively with Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. That is already in the top 25!”

Long Tang showed extraordinary splendor previously in the matches, overcoming all difficulties in succession, and charging all the way to the fourth round before being defeated by Luo Chengfeng.

Putting Ye Yuan aside, Long Tang was absolutely the biggest dark horse in this competition!

The might of his Breaking Fantasy Fist Intent virtually swept across all experts below the Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm!

Of course, Long Tang’s luck was still considered decent. Before meeting Luo Chengfeng, he did not really encounter any formidable contestants.

Even so, to have walked to this step with Fifth Level Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation, it was absolutely sufficiently strong!

Long Tang grinned, clearly still very satisfied with this result.

But after going through this grand competition, he also finally became conscious of how powerful the Breaking Fantasy Fist Intent that he comprehended was.

Those disciples at a higher realm than him, although they could not compare to like Zhang Jing’s strength, they were absolutely not second-rate.

To be able to charge into the fourth round among the core disciples where experts roamed like clouds, it unequivocally meant true ability.

“Senior Apprentice Brother Ye, your opponent next round is Luo Chengfeng. I know that your sword intent is powerful, but you should still be careful when encountering him!”

“En, I know. There are four half-step Crystal Formation Realms in the top 10. But for Luo Chengfeng to be able to beat down two half-step Crystal Formation Realms, his strength is clear at a glance,” Ye Yuan nodded and said.

Ye Yuan was not someone whose eyes were on top of their heads. His mind was very clear.

At that time, the half-step Crystal Formation Realm Su Yubai could heavily injure Huyan Yong with a single palm until he vomited blood showed the gap between peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm and half-step Crystal Formation Realm.

Huyan Yong had more potential than Su Yubai, and his strength was also greater than ordinary Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm.

Even so, he was still defeated in a single move!

Although it was because he wanted to save Ye Yuan back then that Huyan Yong had no choice but to clash face on with Su Yubai, this was ample to show how powerful half-step Crystal Formation Realm was!

And for Luo Chengfeng to suppress two half-step Crystal Formation Realms with peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm cultivation showed just what realm his comprehension towards a certain concept had reached!

“How was it? The match with him? Disclose a little!” Ye Yuan asked with a laugh.

Long Tang was somewhat surprised as he said, “Haha, I didn’t think that you would actually be concerned about your opponent. I thought that you would not pay attention to this!”

Ye Yuan said smilingly, “Know the enemy and know yourself, and you can win a hundred battles! I’m not some Deity Realm powerhouse. It’s impossible to sweep across all adversaries.”

Long Tang nodded. He knew that Ye Yuan was very strong, but Ye Yuan’s realm was still too low in the end.

It was still fine against those ordinary opponents, but he would naturally pay heed to opponents who had a much higher cultivation realm than him and who also had a strong concept comprehension.

Recalling the match with Luo Chengfeng, a deep dread was reflected in Long Tang’s eyes.

It was apparent that that match was not some beautiful memory.

“Strong! Very strong! I didn’t even make it past five moves! Moreover, he didn’t even draw his weapon!” Long Tang said with trepidation.

Ye Yuan’s eyes showed seriousness. He knew Long Tang’s strength. To be able to defeat him in five moves and not even use his weapon showed just how great Luo Chengfeng’s strength was!

“En? Then do you know what weapon he uses?” Ye Yuan asked.

Long Tang nodded and said, “I was rather unresigned, so I asked around fellow disciples afterward before finding out that Luo Chengfeng actually uses a judge pen! And the only one who can force him to use the judge pen is Tian Yu!”

Surprised, Ye Yuan asked, “En? Why is that? Even Tang Yu-er can’t force his weapon out? But Tang Yu-er’s ranking is above his!”

Long Tang said, “I was also quite surprised when I heard it at first, but I learned from others that Luo Chengfeng once said that he was a scholar. Unless it was a life and death match, he would not use his judge pen to deal with a woman.”

“Oh? This is an interesting person. That’s also to say that this Luo Chengfeng is walking the Dao of Calligraphy?”

“That’s right! It’s said that half of his time every day is spent on writing and not cultivation.”

But Ye Yuan grinned and waved his hands when he heard that and said, “Writing is also a form of cultivation! The Dao of Calligraphy, Dao of Sword, and the Dao of Fist are all the same; all are a Great Dao! When cultivated to the limits, the power is exceedingly formidable!”

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