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Chapter 265 - Strange Fight

Chapter 265: Strange Fight

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Among martial artists, the Dao of Calligraphy was viewed as a mundane Dao, only a Minor Dao; something that scholars in the mundane world practiced.

Many martial artists practiced the Dao of Calligraphy but failed to have any accomplishments. Many times, years would pass, but the gains would be extremely trivial.

As time passed, there were fewer and fewer martial artists who practiced the Dao of Calligraphy.

But in reality, if one had achievements in the Dao of Calligraphy, their strength would be much greater than ordinary martial artists!

Among the ten supreme Divine Kings in the Divine Realm, there was a Heavenly Book Divine King. As a matter of fact, his strength was actually not weaker than the Spirit Bristle Divine King!

It could be seen just how formidable the power of this Dao of Calligraphy was when comprehended to its limits!

Except, wanting to step into the gates of the Dao of Calligraphy was too hard, way too hard! Furthermore, there were exceedingly few powerhouses of this Dao. The inspirations left behind from cultivation methods would naturally be scarce as well.

The perception and lucky chances required to comprehend a supreme true intent based on one’s own inspiration was way too harsh.

From Long Tang’s description, it looked like Luo Chengfeng most likely already grasped the basics of the Dao of Calligraphy. It was merely unknown to exactly what extent.

Now that each of Ye Yuan’s battle was everyone’s focal point, his match with Luo Chengfeng became the main attraction this round!

This match determined who could enter the top four. If Ye Yuan continued to upset the status quo, then Luo Chengfeng who initially could have firmly entered the top three would be stopped outside the gates of elite disciples!

In the previous grand competition, Luo Chengfeng emerged out of nowhere, overcoming all challenges along the way, and charging into the top three. He even defeated a half-step Crystal Formation Realm expert!

But sadly, he lost to the last place of the elite disciples and remained among the core disciples.

Now that several months had passed, Luo Chengfeng’s strength had made great strides forward again. If not for Ye Yuan this dark horse appearing, Luo Chengfeng was extremely likely to make it into the elite disciples.

Whether or not Ye Yuan’s strength could shake the top three was also everyone’s focal point.

If Ye Yuan could shake the top three Luo Chengfeng with Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm strength, then the degree of his monstrousness was too terrifying!

. . . . . .

This was Ye Yuan’s first time seeing Luo Chengfeng. He was different from his domineering fame. His real person appeared very learned and refined.

Luo Chengfeng had a silk headdress resembling a ridged roof on his head and azure colored long robes. He looked like a Confucian scholar rushing to take the exams and not a peak Ninth Level Spirit Condensation Realm martial artist.

Thinking about it, this kind of disposition was inseparable from him bitterly training calligraphy around the clock. But if anyone were to underestimate him because of this, they would come to regret it.

Luo Chengfeng slowly drew his judge pen when he saw Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan’s gaze sharpened slightly, saying, “I heard that Senior Apprentice Brother Luo doesn’t draw your weapon easily. What’s with this?”

Luo Chengfeng said nonchalantly, “I saw Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s battle. You’re very strong!”

The meaning of his words was that Ye Yuan’s might had already reached the extent where he had no choice but to draw his weapon!

“So that’s the case. Then junior will seek guidance from Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s Dao of Calligraphy. Please!”

Luo Chengfeng nodded and did not say anything redundant. He lifted his hand and pointed with his judge pen.

A formless force tore through the air, heading straight for Ye Yuan!

This move had had a powerful aura and force. It was like the formless force wanted to tear apart space!

“Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s Force Penetrating Paperback! It’s a killing move right after coming up!”

“With the heaven and earth as the paper, strength breaking 30 thousand catties! This move from Senior Apprentice Brother Luo is much stronger than the previous grand competition!”

“Yeah! Senior Apprentice Brother Luo cultivated the Dao of Calligraphy. I wonder how Ye Yuan will deal with it?”

Ye Yuan looked at this Force Penetrating Paperback and smiled. Only to see him wield his sword, pointing in midair too!

Similarly, a streak of force shot out and collided with Luo Chengfeng’s force!

Evidently, Luo Chengfeng’s force was a level stronger. It broke apart Ye Yuan’s force, attacking Ye Yuan again.

It was just that after being blocked by Ye Yuan’s force, the remaining force was of no concern anymore.

Seeing this scene, everyone was stupefied, including the Luo Chengfeng who used the Force Penetrating Paperback.

“This . . . What happened just now? Ye Yuan, he . . . actually know the Dao of Calligraphy too? Was his move earlier Force Penetrating Paperback?”

“Why do I have a sort of misconception that Ye Yuan’s understanding towards this move is actually above Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s!”

“That’s not a misconception! Ye Yuan’s Force Penetrating Paperback is really stronger than Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s! It’s just that Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s realm is much higher than his, that’s why Ye Yuan move cannot beat Luo Chengfeng’s.”

“. . . Doesn’t that mean that Ye Yuan is similarly immune to Senior Apprentice Brother Luo’s move? Isn’t this fellow too heaven-defying? It’s fine if his Sword Dao realm was high, but his comprehension towards Calligraphy Dao is also so perverse!”

That move earlier, Ye Yuan clearly used the sword as a pen to display Force Penetrating Paperback.

Furthermore, in terms of power, it was actually above Luo Chengfeng! It was just that due to his realm being too low, he lost to Luo Chengfeng.

Luo Chengfeng maintained that calm and composed appearance, but the seriousness and confusion in his eyes could not be wiped away.

“This Imperial Law True Book is something I only managed to have some small gains in after bitterly cultivating for 10 years! I heard that you came from the State of Qin, so you should not have had the chance to see this cultivation method. Why is your move stronger than mine?”

Ye Yuan did not get to open his mouth when Luo Chengfeng suddenly muttered to himself. “Wrong! That wasn’t Force Penetrating Paperback just now! Although it’s extremely alike, it’s missing a trace of Calligraphy Dao rhyme! But . . . but why is the power so strong?”

The more he pondered, the more incomprehensible Luo Chengfeng felt.

The comprehension of the Dao of Calligraphy was not built in a day. Luo Chengfeng immersed in this Dao for 10 years before he had some minor gains. That was why his strength in this past two years suddenly soared.

But just how did Ye Yuan execute that move just now?

Could it be that he could execute other people’s moves with just a glance? And the power would be greater than them?

Luo Chengfeng’s gaze condensed and said, “Take another move from me! Iron Picture Silver Hook!”

Luo Chengfeng’s judge pen drew a stroke in front of his chest. A sharp and fierce force was released once more.

If the Force Penetrating Paperback earlier was a heavy atmosphere, then this Iron Picture Silver Hook would be abnormally sharp.

It could attack when advancing and defend when retreating. This Imperial Law True Book was really a powerful cultivation method.

Ye Yuan chuckled calmly and mimicked Luo Chengfeng’s actions, using the sword as a pen once again. An Iron Picture Silver Hook was unleashed again!

The same thing happened once more. Luo Chengfeng’s attack was weakened after Ye Yuan’s move, becoming feeble and powerless, and was easily resolved by Ye Yuan.

Luo Chengfeng’s gaze revealed solemnness.

Previously, everyone wanted to see how the Sword Dao freak, Ye Yuan, would react when encountering fellow disciples with other concepts.

But nobody could have imagined that the result would actually be like this!

Whatever move Luo Chengfeng released, Ye Yuan would actually counterattack with the same move!

Such a fighting style was too abnormal.

The audience below the stage looked at each other, their eyes revealing deep astonishment.

They had participated in many grand competitions before but had never encountered such a strange battle.

Regardless of what move you use, the other person would give you a dose of your own medicine. How to fight like this?

The main point was that it was fine if Ye Yuan’s paying back in one’s own coin only looked like the real deal, but his retaliation just had to be incomparably sharp.

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