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Chapter 263 - Admitting Defeat

Chapter 263: Admitting Defeat

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“Tian Yu, is this No. 52 using the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art? Why does it look like it seems to be, yet not really so?” Tang Yu-er’s pretty face was full of doubt.

Tian Yu’s eyes were filled with astoundment at the moment!

In terms of understanding towards the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art, he had no equal among the younger generation.

Although Ti Wujiu was ranked one among the elite disciples, what he specialized in was fist techniques, and not the sect’s foundations, the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art.

In terms of this cultivation skill, Tian Yu was number one ever since returning from the Nine Heavens Road!

It was just that due to cultivation realm limitations, his strength could not compare to elite disciples yet.

Except, when he saw Ye Yuan and Zhang Jing’s faceoff, he actually had a deeply profound sensation.

That sort of sensation was as if he was facing that final sword on the Nine Heavens Road. No, it seemed to be even more profound than that sword!

Could this be the trudging out your own path that Ye Yuan referred to?

Tian Yu shook his head and said, “I don’t know either! I only know that his understanding of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art has already reached the stage of having it at his fingertips! Since he started fighting with Zhang Jing until now, he did not even use any move, but it is formless winning moves!”

“How is he compared to you?” Tang Yu-er asked.

Tang Yu-er was not a sword cultivator and was not very sensitive towards sword intent.

Tian Yu smiled bitterly and said, “Simply no way of comparing.”

Tang Yu-er did not notice Tian Yu’s expression and said in relief, “That’s what I said. How can a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm possibly be your match? Zhang Jing and he are pretty much evenly matched. There’s simply no comparison to you!”

To a proud child of heaven, their greatest fear was nothing more than being replaced by a newcomer like Ye Yuan who suddenly appeared. Even a great beauty like Tang Yu-er was not immune to it.

For geniuses like Tian Yu and Tang Yu-er, it had only been them surpassing others. Since when were they surpassed by others?

Now that a mysterious No. 52 suddenly popped out, the impact it had on them was enormous.

Instinctively, Tang Yu-er did not wish that Ye Yuan could surpass her.

Even if she was surpassed, it at least had to be after some time later.

Ye Yuan was only at the Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm. Being surpassed by him like this in the first grand competition after he entered the sect was too humiliating!

This was not that Tang Yu-er was narrow-minded but human nature.

Not just her, but Tian Yu, Luo Chengfeng, and the rest actually also had this mentality. Otherwise, why would they think to finish their own match to come over and watch the fight?

Tian Yu was stunned, then laughed wryly and said, “That’s not it! Ye Yuan’s comprehension of Sword Dao is way stronger than mine! Don’t look at how I’m stronger than Zhang Jing; if it were me on that platform right now, the battle situation would not be any better than his.”

Tang Yu-er’s eyes went wide as she said disbelievingly, “How’s that possible? You’re clearly way stronger than Zhang Jing!”

Tang Yu-er’s meaning was that Ye Yuan and Zhang Jing’s strength were roughly the same while Tian Yu was much stronger than Zhang Jing. In that case, Tian Yu’s strength was naturally much stronger than Ye Yuan’s.

Tian Yu shook his head and said, “Ye Yuan can fight Zhang Jing to a draw as a Fourth Level Spirit Condensation Realm, why do you think that is the case?”

Tang Yu-er thought about it and said, “It should be his sword intent, right?”

Tian Yu nodded and said, “I’m stronger than Zhang Jing because my comprehension towards the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art is deeper than his. But Ye Yuan’s understanding towards sword intent is way stronger than mine. Regardless of what sword move I use, it will be easily resolved by him! How do I fight like this?”

Tang Yu-er said reluctantly, “Doesn’t that mean that everyone who cultivates the Sword Dao in the sect isn’t his match?”

Tian Yu said, “At least among the disciples, that’s the case!”

“This . . . How is this possible? Humph! I don’t believe it! I must defeat him!” Tang Yu-er refused to concede defeat.

Tian Yu chuckled and did not say much. Honestly speaking, Tian Yu was also very much looking forward to the clash between Tang Yu-er and Ye Yuan.

Tang Yu-er did not cultivate sword dao. No matter how strong Ye Yuan’s sword intent was, it could not affect Tang Yu-er’s performance.

Tang Yu-er had half-step Crystal Formation Realm strength. How should Ye Yuan resolve that?

. . . . . .

On the platform, Ye Yuan and Zhang Jing’s fight had already progressed to a white-hot stage.

Zhang Jing suddenly withdrew his sword and stood there, saying to Ye Yuan, “Wait!”

Ye Yuan similarly stopped and said, “What guidance does Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang have?”

Zhang Jing laughed calmly and said, “I didn’t think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye’s Sword Dao attainments were actually so great! Zhang Jing admits defeat! Next, I’ll unleash my strongest sword. If Junior Apprentice Brother Ye can receive it, then this Zhang will directly concede!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Please go ahead, Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang!”

Zhang Jing shut his eyes and sucked in a deep breath. He raised the sword in his hand.

All of a sudden, purple lightning flashed around Zhang Jing’s sword. An extremely powerful aura rippled out!

“It’s Purple Lightning Azure Frost! Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang mastered the Purple Lightning Azure Frost!” someone below the stage said agitatedly.

“This is the second strongest move in the second layer. Very few people in the sect can comprehend it! Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang having comprehended the Purple Lightning Azure Frost should be charging for the top 10 this time!”

“But . . . is this move effective against No. 52?”

“. . . . . .”

Collective speechlessness!

Ye Yuan’s sword art which lifted the heavy as if it were light already shook everyone’s heart!

Such a long fighting duration, Ye Yuan gave everyone a feeling that he could break apart any kind of sword move no matter what!

He was undefeatable!

“Purple Lightning Azure Frost!” Zhang Jing gave a low cry. Purple-colored lightning mixed within azure colored sword beams shot towards Ye Yuan.

But the so-called strongest move in Zhang Jing’s mouth really did not pose much of a threat to Ye Yuan.

All of the Azure Dipper Purple Yang Sword Art’s sword moves were ineffective to Ye Yuan!

Unless they were like Mo Yuntian, a martial artist who was a major realm higher than Ye Yuan. That way, they could use absolute strength to crush Ye Yuan.

It was only to see Ye Yuan made a stabbing move straight on, receiving this attack directly.

Under everyone’s stupefied gazes, the violent purple lightning and azure sword qi entered Ye Yuan’s sword tip and vanished.

The strongest move actually did not even stir a single wave!

Zhang Jing was not as dejected as imagined. Instead, he gave a faint smile and said, “I lost!”

Ye Yuan beamed and said, “Thanks for giving way, Senior Apprentice Brother Zhang!”

“Not at all! I didn’t give way at all! I already unleashed everything I had but could not do anything to you! If our cultivation realms were similar, I reckon that I would also be instantly trounced. I truly did not think that Junior Apprentice Brother Ye was actually so formidable!” Zhang Jing said with a rather emotional sigh.

Ye Yuan smiled but did not follow up.

Ye Yuan would not be wildly arrogant, but would not humble himself unduly either. If their realms were similar, he could easily defeat Zhang Jing instantly.

But Ye Yuan naturally would not brag about something like that.

“I had many gains during this battle. I’ll enter a closed-seclusion while the sensation from the battle earlier is still there! Junior Apprentice Brother Ye, I wish you all the best in your matches at the back! Farewell!”

Finishing, Zhang Jing left floatingly without even turning his head back.

“Platform No. 13, No. 52 win!” Elder Feng’s voice suddenly sounded, shattering the dead quiet scene.

Ti Wujiu looked at the figure on the platform and said to Cheng Wu with a grin, “Looks like there’s another interesting opponent in this grand competition!”

Cheng Wu pulled a bitter face and said, “How is this interesting? Why are there more and more freaks!”

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