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Chapter 2089 - Extreme North's Number One Person

Chapter 2089: Extreme North’s Number One Person

“H-He’s the person that Lu-er is in love with!” Empyrean Ice Cloud said bitterly.

Feng Tianyang was also a clever person and thought of many things in an instant.

In this one year plus, Ji Qingyun’s name echoed throughout the extreme north. Feng Tianyang naturally heard a lot after leaving seclusion.

It was just that he also did not expect that Ye Yuan doing so much was actually for Lu-er.

“Heh heh, what a grand scheme! Boy, you really made me see you in a different light! However, to dare snatch my, Feng Tianyang’s woman, you must die today!”

Feng Tianyang laughed coldly, a roaring flame suddenly bursting out from his body.

“Limitless Fire Hell!”

Feng Tianyang held his palm out, the entire region of space was completely enveloped by the flames, directly shrouding Ye Yuan inside it.

Everyone’s faces changed, this ball of fire hell was like a blazing sun.

Even if they were so far away, they also had a feeling of being incinerated. What kind of situation would it be for the Ye Yuan situated inside the fire hell?

“Indeed well-deserving of being the extreme north’s number one person, Feng Tianyang’s Heaven Burning Secret Art has probably cultivated to sublimity already.”

“Even if Master Ji has the ability to reach the highest heaven, he probably can’t escape this Limitless Fire Hell too.”

“A shame, such a powerful alchemy master died just like this.”

… …

Many people shook their heads and sighed, lamenting for Ye Yuan.

In their view, Ye Yuan was dead for sure.

A hint of a cold smile flashed across the corners of Feng Tianyang’s mouth, and he said disdainfully, “This Limitless Fire Hell of mine can incinerate limitless void. Even if you grasp spatial law, how can you escape?”

“Oh? Is that so?”

The voice had yet to fade when a figure walked out of that limitless flames leisurely and at ease. It was as if that limitless sea of fire was his own backyard.

Who was this person if not Ye Yuan?

Feng Tianyang’s face changed and he said, “This … How is this possible?”

Ye Yuan stood with his hands behind his back and said coolly, “You overestimated your flame law and also looked down on spatial law too much. Incinerating limitless void? Huhu, how can it be as easy as you think? Only a person like you who doesn’t understand space dare to say this kind of words.”

The more he studied spatial law, the more Ye Yuan felt the extensive and profoundness of spatial law.

The Dao of Space was one of this world’s most primitive laws. How could it be defeated so easily?

True God Realm powerhouses used spatial law to shuttle through the void, but that was merely the most superficial application of spatial law.

Comprehending spatial law to Ye Yuan’s degree, one could not find more than a few in the entire Heavenspan World.

Feng Tianyang judged others using his own strength, so how could he understand Ye Yuan’s might?

Unless Feng Tianyang could cultivate spatial law to Ye Yuan’s level, or cultivate flame law to Empyrean-level, then there would be a possibility of hurting Ye Yuan.

Just with this current level, how could it threaten Ye Yuan?

Feng Tianyang’s face fell slightly and he said coldly, “Humph! Being deliberately mystifying! I underestimated you. I’ll let you take a look at my true strength then!”

It was only to see his gaze turned sharp, another aura rose to the sky.

“Wind-attribute law! This is Empyrean Vast Wind’s specialty!”

Everyone was still in the midst of exclaiming when a third power of law spread out.

This time, even Ye Yuan’s gaze also revealed some solemness.

“Ice law! I didn’t expect that Feng Tianyang is actually such a peerless talent, to actually fuse three kinds of power of law. No wonder he’s so arrogant. He indeed has the capital to be wildly arrogant!” Empyrean Redfeather exclaimed with admiration.

That was right. He did not comprehend three kinds of laws. But he actually fused three kinds of power of law!

It was only to see that on Feng Tianyang’s body, the power of flames, power of the fierce gale, and power of ice, intertwining together. Clearly, it was the manifestation of three power of laws fusing together.

Law comprehension like his could virtually sweep across those in the same rank already.

There was a wave of exclamations all around. Everyone said that Feng Tianyang was the extreme north’s number one person. Previously, everyone all felt that this was him relying on his father’s prestige. Only now, did they know that that was him relying on his own strength!

Those who fused two power of laws were already called geniuses among geniuses.

Those who fused three power of laws could no longer be described using genius.

That was a peerless talent!

Fusing three power of laws was not what Lu Ziyi’s five power of laws could compare to.

With Feng Tianyang’s strength, he could probably pummel Lu Ziyi with just one hand.

Feng Tianyang looked at Ye Yuan with a proud look and said with a cold smile, “To be able to force my full strength out, you can be sufficiently proud! I fused three power of laws and have never met a match in the same rank. Now, I stepped into grand completion True God Realm. I’m the number one person under Empyrean! Ye Yuan, this is my Martial Dao. Do you think … I have the qualifications to say this?”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “This is your full strength? Uh … not bad, it’s just don’t know if you can force my full strength out or not, bring it on.”

Feng Tianyang snorted coldly and said disdainfully, “Reckless and blind fool, I want to see what your full strength is!”

Done talking, Feng Tianyang’s figure moved, arriving in an instant!

Three power of laws fused into one, his fist was momentous and tidal-like, virtually about to rent the sky asunder and split the earth open.

Even the group of Empyreans also had slight changes in countenance at this time.

This kind of commotion, once Feng Tianyang stepped into Empyrean Realm, he could probably crush all of them instantly!

Only a Third Firmament Empyrean like Empyrean Redfeather had the qualifications to firmly suppress him.

At the same time, Ye Yuan’s vital energy also rose to the peak and was even stronger than just now.


Above the void, the two people exchanged a punch.

Horrifying energy undulation spread out, giving people a feeling of Mt. Tai crushing down from above.

Under the one punch, Ye Yuan’s figure flew out backward, a mouthful of fresh blood spurting out wildly.

Feng Tianyang laughed loudly and said, “To be able to receive this punch of mine, you can be sufficiently proud. However, you’re still hard-pressed to escape death today! Again!”

Finished talking, he did not wait for Ye Yuan to catch his breath either, another punch slamming over.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One loud boom after another came over. The two people’s battle was practically about to shatter the sky.

The void trembled, making the starry river flowing in reverse.

This kind of battle practically already surpassed the limits of True God Realm.

This was a fight of another level.

“So strong! The two of them are both so strong! Truly unable to imagine how the two of them cultivate!”

“What a shame. Ye Yuan almost can’t hold on anymore. He’s still too young, give him another few hundred years, he should be able to win Feng Tianyang.”

“There are no ifs in life; lose means lose. But considering Ye Yuan’s talent, it’s indeed a shame.”

… …

Below, there was a series of exclamations.

The two people’s combat strength far exceeded their imaginations.

It was just that Ye Yuan was repeatedly forced back under Feng Tianyang’s pressuring, and already could not quite hold out anymore.

The outcome of this fight was obvious already.

Feng Tianyang’s aura was too outrageous. For Ye Yuan to be able to last until now under his fierce attacks, it was already rather valiant.


Right at this time, a loud bang came over. Ye Yuan’s figure drew a straight line and fell into the earth.

“Sigh, Ye Yuan is defeated!” A wave of bemoaning came from the crowd.

Feng Tianyang stood in the air, akin to a god of war.

“Hahaha, in the junior generation, you’re the first to be able to fight with me to this extent! Now, you can go to hell!”

Feng Tianyang’s figure similarly cut across the horizon, heading toward that huge pit in the ground.

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