Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 2088 - Feng Tianyang's Plans

Chapter 2088: Feng Tianyang’s Plans

Ye Yuan’s aura skyrocketed. His power of vitality was actually on par with Eighth Firmament True Gods.

It was only to see him dodging Wang Ning’s sword nimbly. He directly threw a fist over.

Wang Ning only felt a horrifying power arrive with a howl behind him. But wanting to dodge was already too late.


Amidst everyone’s frightened voices, Wang Ning was smashed into a cloud of blood mist.

Universe Dragon Claw coupled with the perfect sixth transformation golden body, the power of Ye Yuan’s punch already did not lose to peak Ninth Firmament True Gods.

How could Wang Ning be able to resist it?

When the other chiefs saw this scene, their scalps could not help tingling. How could they still dare to deal with Ye Yuan? All running helter-skelter everywhere.

“Master, save me!”

“Save me, Master!”

… …

These chiefs seemed to be finding their family’s grownups after being bullied by people outside. There was even sobbing in their words.

They all thought that Ye Yuan was easy to bully, but who knew that this was a desolate wild beast. Ye Yuan was not to be provoked at all.

When Empyrean Redfeather and the rest saw the situation, they immediately shouted, “Stop, Ji Qingyun!”

At the same time, the few great Empyreans were about to take action.

It was just that Ye Yuan was faster than them!

After Ye Yuan killed Wang Ning, he did not have the intention of stopping at all.

It was only to see one Ye Yuan suddenly become six, appearing in six directions at the same time.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of detonations came from the sky. The six great chiefs were directly blasted into dregs!

Everyone looked at this scene dumbfoundedly with their mouths agape, stunned looks on their faces.

Especially the few great Empyreans, their hearts were dripping blood.

These were all their successors, how much painstaking effort did they expend these few years?

But now, Ye Yuan only used several breaths and killed all of them. How to make them accept this?

However, they currently were even more shocked in their hearts!

Ye Yuan exhibited extremely brilliant spatial law, far exceeding their imagination.

In an instant, transformation into six clones, appearing at six venues at the same time, slaying six powerhouses.

They all, these Empyreans, could naturally tell that this was not some cloning technique, but an extremely brilliant utilization of spatial law.

This kind of means was simply inconceivable.

Even they, these Empyrean powerhouses, could not do it too.

“This … This is also too strong, right? Even if Master Ji is a body-refining powerhouse, it’s also not to the extent of being so strong, right? His one move killed six great Ninth Firmament True Gods!”

“Truly inconceivable! Master Ji already overpowered the extreme north’s Alchemy Path at a young age. Furthermore, he actually also has such horrifying strength in Martial Dao, how did he cultivate?”

… …

Everyone was long already dumbfounded from shock. They were stunned by Ye Yuan’s combat power.

Originally thought that Ye Yuan was merely an alchemist, and that his combat power was limited.

But who knew that Ye Yuan’s combat strength was off the charts, directly crossing a few minor realms and killing his enemies.

Jiu Luo Ji’s most elite juniors actually did not even have the chance to escape from under his hands!

“Ji Qingyun, you killed my disciple! This Empyrean will definitely kill you today!” Empyrean Redfeather said with a furious roar.

The other Empyreans were also extremely alarmed and enraged. They were thoroughly enraged by Ye Yuan’s actions.

However, Ye Yuan was very calm, looking toward Feng Tianyang with a smile that was not a smile. He then said, “Looks like their Martial Dao isn’t worth mentioning at all. Don’t know whether your Martial Dao can stir up any of my interest or not.”

Feng Tianyang’s two eyes narrowed slightly, brilliant light shining in his eyes.

Ye Yuan’s performance greatly exceeded his expectations.

Originally he thought that he could casually suppress Ye Yuan. He did not expect that the combat power Ye Yuan displayed was actually sufficient to pose a threat to him.

“Huhu, boy, you indeed made me very surprised. However, you still don’t have the qualifications to stand in front of me. Those people are similarly clay chickens and pottery dogs in front of this young master!”

Feng Tianyang slowly stepped out, the aura on his body growing stronger and stronger. Everyone’s faces could not help changing.

Someone cried out in surprise, “What a powerful aura! This aura already reached the grand completion True God Realm. Just a step and he’ll be able to reach Empyrean Realm!”

Feng Tianyang had a proud look and said with a faint smile, “If you feel that after killing them, you have the qualifications to challenge me, then you’re gravely mistaken! I, Feng Tianyang, am destined to be the person who unifies the extreme north! How can I be compared to those kinds of trash?”

Ye Yuan looked at him and said smilingly, “Is that so? You also said so just now, but they are all dead.”

Feng Tianyang’s face turned cold and he said, “Humph! This young master gives you a chance now, hand over Lu-er, or die!”

Ye Yuan’s two eyes narrowed, his words having an additional hint of coldness as he said, “You want to marry Lu-er because you took fancy on her Profound Yin Physique?”

Feng Tianyang was taken aback and said, “How did you know? But it also doesn’t matter that you know. This young master is doing it for her Profound Yin Physique. This young master’s cultivation method has already reached major accomplishment, and my cultivation is already cultivated to the peak True God Realm as well. After this young master takes her Profound Yin Physique, I’ll be able to break through the shackles and become the youngest Empyrean powerhouse in this Northernmost Steppe!”

When Ye Yuan heard that, killing intent soared in his heart.

Earlier, when Feng Tianyang released his world power, Ye Yuan could feel an extremely scorching power.

This power was extremely strong as if it was a primitive behemoth.

But Ye Yuan could detect that this power was not at grand completion.

Amidst the power of extreme Yang, it was missing a trace of extreme Yin power.

Ye Yuan’s understanding of Heavenly Dao was far from what ordinary people could compare to.

Myriad life in this world had always mutually promoted and restrained each other. No matter how strong the power of extreme Yang, it ultimately had a limit too.

Just based on this, even if give Feng Tianyang another 100 thousand years, he could also forget about stepping into Empyrean Realm.

But, if he completed this missing piece, Feng Tianyang might be able to break through to Empyrean within a few years.

How could it be that easy to search for this trace of extreme Yin power?

But Lu-er’s appearance made Feng Tianyang see hope!

Hence, he had been in closed-seclusion all the way these few years, finally cultivating to be a grand completion True God. Then after coming out and taking Lu-er’s extreme Yin power, he would be able to break through to be an Empyrean smoothly.

It was just that while he planned things out well, he ran into Ye Yuan, this unexpected variable.

Ye Yuan’s expression turned cold, and he said, “You … deserve death!”

Feng Tianyang’s actions already touched Ye Yuan’s bottom-line.

Lu-er was Ye Yuan’s reverse scale; touch and die!

Feng Tianyang laughed loudly and said, “Letting this young master corroborate my Dao as an Empyrean, that’s her honor! Where is she?! Hand her over, and this young master can spare you from death!”

Ye Yuan looked at Feng Tianyang and said with a mocking look, “You talk so much. Didn’t you think why I took Lu-er away?”

Feng Tianyang’s expression turned dark and said, “I don’t care who you are! Not handing Lu-er over, you’ll have to die!”

Ye Yuan laughed in spite of himself and said, “Stop making futile efforts. Lu-er isn’t in Jiu Luo Ji anymore. Also, my name is actually Ye Yuan.”

Feng Tianyang was clearly unfamiliar with this name. But when Empyrean Ice Cloud heard this name, her expression could not help changing wildly.

“Y-You’re Ye Yuan? How is this possible?”

Empyrean Ice Cloud was the same as Empyrean Loneswan, instantly thinking of many things.

It was also precise because of this that she was extremely shocked in her heart.

It turned out that all of these were his schemes!

And she, an Empyrean powerhouse who dominated a region, fell into the scheme step by step under Ye Yuan’s towing. She even personally delivered Lu-er to Ye Yuan’s hands!

Feng Tianyang’s brows furrowed and he said in a solemn voice, “Who is he?”

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