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Chapter 2090 - True Sword Hollow Etch

Chapter 2090: True Sword Hollow Etch


Feng Tianyang arrived fast, but he was blasted back even quicker!

Everyone was dumbfounded, uncertain what it meant.

What happened?

They completely did not detect any trace of undulation and Feng Tianyang was blasted flying.

It was as if Feng Tianyang ran into a wall and was directly rebounded back.

This scene was extremely puzzling.

Inside the pit, Ye Yuan carried the bone sword and slowly walked out, with a desolate killing aura on his body.

“Very good! To be able to force out my full strength, you can be sufficiently proud!” Ye Yuan looked at Feng Tianyang and said coolly.

He stood there, giving people a very lofty feeling, just like a sharp sword that was sheathed, accumulating momentum and awaiting release.

“T-This is sword intent! What a swift and fierce sword intent! He fused a supreme law and the Sword Dao law! This … How is this possible?”

Empyrean Windlike had been standing there calmly all along. Even when he saw that Ye Yuan comprehended spatial law, he was also not the least bit moved.

Because he knew that Feng Tianyang would definitely win.

But at this time, a look of surprise finally showed on his face.

Comprehending spatial law was nothing, but fusing Sword Dao law and spatial law, that was incredible.

The difficulty level was much harder than even fusing three powers of law!

Supreme law, just comprehending it required immense talent. Ordinary people could not even learn the rudiments, let alone talk about fusing the power of law.

“Just how in the world did this kid cultivate? His alchemy talent crushed Seven-star Alchemy Gods, but he’s actually also heavenly-defying in martial arts!” Empyrean Redfeather exclaimed with admiration.

“Just now was him striking Feng Tianyang flying? But I didn’t detect Sword Dao undulations at all!” Another Empyrean cried out in surprise.

An attack that could not be seen was the scariest.

The group of Empyreans already did not know how to describe their emotions. Originally they thought that one Feng Tianyang was already monstrous enough. They did not expect that Ye Yuan’s talent was even more monstrous than Feng Tianyang’s.

“This … Brother Windlike, Honorable Nephew Tianyang will be fine, right? Why not, we’d better take action,” Empyrean Ice Cloud said worriedly.

Empyrean Windlike shook his head and said, “Relax, just now was just Tianyang’s momentary carelessness. Furthermore, he still has an ultimate move that he hasn’t used. Tianyang won’t lose! Although this boy’s talent is high, his cultivation realm is inferior to Tianyang’s in the end.”

The moment the group of Empyreans heard this, they immediately felt greatly reassured.

The current Feng Tianyang had disheveled hair, numerous wounds on his body, in a sorry state. How was there still that lofty bearing from before?

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! You dared to hurt me! I’ll definitely tear you to shreds! Ye Yuan, this finger is the strongest attack that I created after fusing three laws! For you to be able to die under this attack, you can be sufficiently proud!”

Feng Tianyang roared and pointed a finger out fiercely. Fine cracks actually appeared in space, it could be seen how horrifying this finger was.

If this finger were to land on a person’s body, it could probably directly annihilate them.

“Space Shattering Finger!”

Empyrean Windlike’s face revealed a hint of a praising smile as he said, “Fusing laws is one aspect, application of laws is another aspect. Tianyang’s understanding of these three laws is extremely profound and already carved out a Great Dao that belongs to him. Maybe he can surpass Big Brother in the future and become a once in a blue moon Heavenly Emperor powerhouse of this land of extreme north in several hundred thousand years! This finger, even if a First Firmament Empyrean took it, it would likely be the outcome of serious injuries too.”

When everyone heard that, their faces all changed.

They did not expect that Feng Tianyang was actually so monstrous.

The strike of a Ninth Firmament True God could actually harm an Empyrean. What kind of terrifying offensive power was this?

How strong was an Empyrean?

Even if one stood there and let a grand completion True God Realm hit them, it would also be hard to injure them in the slightest.

These were powerhouses of two different levels. It was two different levels of understanding toward Heavenly Dao.

But Feng Tianyang’s finger could actually seriously injure an Empyrean. It could be seen how terrifying this attack was.

Of course, being able to harm an Empyrean was one thing. An Empyrean powerhouse naturally would not stand there stupidly and let Feng Tianyang hit.

The Empyreans could not help looking over toward Ye Yuan with pity. Encountering such an opponent was his sorrow!

“Mn? He … He’s actually smiling?”

The Empyreans discovered that a hint of a smile flashed across the corners of Ye Yuan’s mouth, and could not help being very surprised.

At this time, he actually still had the mood to smile.

Ice Cloud sneered and said, “Probably scared silly, right!”

“A little interesting!”

Ye Yuan slowly raised his sword and calmly stabbed a sword out.

This sword was too sloppy and ordinary, without any power to speak of.

Compared to Feng Tianyang’s show of strength that billowed to the sky, Ye Yuan’s sword art did not have any aesthetic sense at all.

It looked like Ye Yuan was a martial artist who did not know how to use the sword at all.

Except, if Song Yu and the rest of the people who had been to the Ancient God Battlefield before were here, they would know that Ye Yuan’s sword actually followed the exact same pattern as that Empyrean bone devil!

“What is he doing? Can this kind of sword hurt people?”

Empyrean Windlike furrowed his brows. He completely could not tell what impressive aspect Ye Yuan’s sword had. But he kept feeling in his heart that there was that tiny hint of something amiss.

Empyrean Ice Cloud laughed coldly and said, “Of course it can’t hurt anyone. That’s why this Empyrean said that he’s scared silly.”

People who did not know the inside story were all mocking Ye Yuan’s sword, saying that he was a mantis blocking the cart. Feng Tianyang was similarly like so.

He laughed wildly and said, “Haha, you’re relying on this sword to handle me? Go to hell then!”

At this time, the Space Shattering Finger was already formed. He pointed over toward Ye Yuan fiercely.

“True Sword Hollow Etch!”

Ye Yuan lightly spat these four words out of his mouth.

This move was still Sword Hollow Etch.

But he was inspired by the Empyrean bone devil and already completely mastered restraining the power.

Sword Hollow Etch’s power also reached the extreme and did not leak out in the slightest, reaching the realm of returning to one’s original simplicity.

Hence, he named it True Sword Hollow Etch.

Right at this time, a bolt of lightning suddenly flashed across in Empyrean Windlike’s mind, thinking of something.

Just now, when Feng Tianyang was suddenly blasted out backward, wasn’t there no undulations at all?

Could it be that … this boy condensed his power to the limits and did not leak any of it out?

Could this kind of thing really be done?

“Not good! Tianyang, quickly retreat!”

Empyrean Windlike yelled out, his figure suddenly moving, speeding over towards the two people’s battlefield.

But sadly, it was already too late.

One bright and one dark, two attacks, collided together in midair fiercely, rending the void apart.

This kind of collision could be described using move mountains and fill the seas, making mountains and rivers flow in reverse. It was not the least bit over the top.

Everyone looked at this scene in great shock. Their brains had not processed it yet. Why would Ye Yuan’s sloppy and ordinary sword have such terrifying power?

Ye Yuan’s Sword Hollow Etch was an incomparably swift and fierce strike in the first place.

Now that his retraining of power had reached major accomplishment, the power of Sword Hollow Etch was compressed to the extreme, without any leakage. The power became several times greater.

Such a terrifying attack, it was hard for even Space Shattering Finger to withstand too.

Feng Tianyang did not even get to groan and was directly annihilated.

Everyone opened their mouths wide, looking at this scene in disbelief.

“Why … Why is it like this?”

“The one dead is actually Feng Tianyang?”

“Just what kind of sword is this? Why would it have such terrifying power?”

… …

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