Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1765 - Breaking Out of the Cocoon and Becoming a Butterfly

Chapter 1765 Breaking Out of the Cocoon and Becoming a Butterfly

“Digging my own grave, is it? If you have the capability, bury me.”

Ye Yuan stared into the sky, the corners of his mouth revealing faint mockery.

The other party was merely a trace of residual Dao accumulation. Really don’t know where his confidence came from.

“Humph! Ignorant junior, since you’re wholeheartedly seeking death, then this ancestor will send you on your way!”

The Medicine Ancestor’s voice carried thick sullen anger.


A white piece landed, the situation suddenly changed on the entire chessboard again!

Only to see the white piece turn into thousands of martial artists rushing over, their momentum imposing.

On Ye Yuan’s side, the black pieces also transformed into countless black-clothed martial artists.

Both sides launched a dreadful slaughter.

Except, the Medicine Ancestor was indeed worthy of being the Medicine Ancestor. His white pieces already took the advantage.

This piece landed. It immediately launched an encirclement against Ye Yuan’s Tian Yuan and already showed trends of turning his advantage into victory.


Ye Yuan landed another piece without the slightest hesitation, seemingly without going through any thought at all.

But this piece did not unfold around Tian Yuan but instead landed ten thousand miles away.

It was completely unrelated to that Tian Yuan move earlier.

“Ignorant! Now, you know how foolish that move just now was, right? However, you already don’t have regret medicine that you can eat. Placing a piece, this round has started!”

The Medicine Ancestor’s words were full of ridicule and disdain.

While talking, another piece landed.

The white-clothed martial artists’ imposing momentum grew even stronger and soared significantly once more, blotting out the sky and covering the earth. It was all the white-clothed martial artists’ figures, their momentum extremely shocking.


Ye Yuan landed another piece and said with a faint smile, “In my dictionary, there’s no word ‘regret’! Wait until you defeat me before bragging!”

Above the sky, the two people played off.

The white pieces’ odds of winning grew higher and higher. The black pieces were at a disadvantage to begin with. Now, it was even encroached upon by the white pieces little by little.

When the priests of the temple saw this scene, each and every one revealed disdainful looks.

“This Ye Yuan is too weak! His Dao isn’t worth mentioning at all in front of the Medicine Ancestor!”

“Yeah, this is called overestimating your own ability, right? What kind of existence is the Medicine Ancestor? Even Lord Sacred Ancestor wasn’t his match, what right does he have!”

Medicine Ancestor, even in the demon race, he was also a figure at the absolute summit of this world.

Unless one reached the Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s realm, otherwise, anyone challenging him, that was an act of overestimating their own ability.

This game had nothing to do with strength, only alchemy.

But in this world, whose attainments in alchemy could be mentioned in the same breath with the Medicine Ancestor?

Hence, Ye Yuan was out and out overrating his own ability.

Ni Kun looked at the gradually losing black pieces and said with a cold smile, “This game is the showdown of Dao. The most pieces lost, the greater the Medicine Ancestor’s Dao accumulation’s impact on him. According to this current trend, it’s likely one-sided! This brat is dead for sure!”

“Wouldn’t die if he didn’t seek death! The chess path that Lord Sacred Ancestor deduced, who can surpass it in this world? Yet, he took unnecessary actions, insisting on playing against the Medicine Ancestor himself. This is really courting death. You look at his chess moves, not only was it not thought through, it doesn’t have any methodology at all. It’s simply messing around.” Elder Li said with a scornful look.

Ni Kun smiled and said, “Geniuses are all proud. But he also doesn’t weigh who his opponent is!”

On the chessboard, Ye Yuan placed his pieces extremely quickly, without thinking at all.

Black versus white, each step was doubly cautious.

Back then, this game that the Sacred Ancestor High Priest and Medicine Ancestor two people played lasted as long as 100 years.

And the final piece, the Sacred Ancestor High Priest even sat dully for 100 thousand years!

This was longer than the lifespan of mortals.

Xiu looked at that game of chess and could not resist shaking his head slightly as he sighed and said, “This boy is arrogant at heart and haughty in manner, unwilling to submit to anyone. Too tough and it’s easily broken!”

Xiu was shrewd with age. Although Ye Yuan was immersed in the chess game, he already saw through many things.

Ye Yuan was unwilling to be a pawn, that was why he seized control of the black pieces.

Now, facing the Medicine Ancestor, this kind of peerlessly powerful expert, how was there the logic of not being defeated?


Right at this time, Ye Yuan landed another piece!

Xiu’s entire body trembled, his eyes revealing a look of disbelief.

“Mn? This … What’s going on here? That Tian Yuan move … came … came to life!”

Xiu looked at the chessboard, eyes full of disbelief.

He suddenly discovered that Ye Yuan’s initial-most lousy move actually connected all of the dead positions together goodness knows when!

The originally self-alienating move actually became a brilliant move of chess unknowingly.

After several dozen rounds, the Medicine Ancestor already slaughtered Ye Yuan until he threw away his helmet and coat of mail, in a state of confusion.

On the chessboard, the black pieces were deathly still everywhere.

But after Ye Yuan placed this piece just now.

All came to life!

One pool of stagnant water after another finally converged at the Tian Yuan area, connecting to form a vast ocean!

The situation suddenly changed!

The Medicine Ancestor stopped!

The Medicine Ancestor’s fingers condensed a piece but did not land it for a long time.

“Mn? What’s going on? Why did the Medicine Ancestor stop?”

“Another few pieces and Ye Yuan will utterly lose, right?”

“The white pieces already took the absolute initiative, there’s nothing to consider already, right?”

Many priests and trainees whose chess prowesses were lacking did not see through the marvelous aspect of that Tian Yuan move at all.

However, Di Qiu and the group of elders, each and every one of their faces changed drastically. Looking at that black piece in the center of the chessboard, their eyes were full of shock.

At this time, the black piece at Tian Yuan was akin to a blazing sun in the dark night; incomparably dazzling.

No one could have expected that that seemingly useless chess move actually revived all of the declining trends at this time!

Ni Kun’s face was ashen as he said in shock, “He … How did he do it?”

Everyone had this question in their hearts. How in the world did Ye Yuan do it?

“You … How did you do it?”

On the chessboard, the Medicine Ancestor asked everyone’s question.

From the Medicine Ancestor’s tone, one could also hear that his current shock was not the least bit less than those people outside.

He sized himself up that Dao magical arts were extremely formidable. Each step was the development of Dao.

With his accomplishments in Dao, he actually fell into Ye Yuan’s trap and did not have self-awareness.

This kind of means, how could he not be shocked?

This was a game of chess, but also a showdown of Dao.

The chess players understood heaven and earth clearly, developing Great Dao.

Each step contained heaven’s secrets.

He was the Medicine Ancestor, being able to do this was not surprising.

But Ye Yuan, a mere Divine Lord Realm junior, was still 108 thousand miles away from Great Dao.

What right did he have to be able to do it to this step?

No, wait, Ye Yuan’s Dao was even more profound than him and went even deeper.

Thinking now, before Ye Yuan placed his piece, he had probably seen through the entire chess game already.

Hence, that was why he would land the piece on Tian Yuan without the slightest hesitation.

And it was precisely this Tian Yuan move that reduced the situation he mastermind with painstaking effort to naught!

This move was too amazing!

The crucial piece from a wasted chess move to reviving the whole board, this Tian Yuan move simply completed the transformation of breaking out of the cocoon and becoming a butterfly.

He could only be convinced!

Because Ye Yuan saw what he could not see!

Ye Yuan looked at the Medicine Ancestor and said coolly, “This is a showdown of Dao. Being able to do it is naturally because I’m standing higher than you, and I can see further than you! Honestly speaking, you somewhat disappoint me!”

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