Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1766 - 12th Person!

Chapter 1766 12th Person!

These words were domineering!

If let the people outside hear it, that was absolutely a sentence like a bolt out of the blue.

Except, the current Ye Yuan was indeed very disappointed.

Ever since learning from Dustless that the Heavenspan World’s strongest alchemist was the Medicine Ancestor, Ye Yuan wanted to compete with him one day very much.

But this battle today was not fun.

That Tian Yuan move landing already determined the outcome.

This was simply a game of unequal strength.

Of course, this was not because the Medicine Ancestor’s strength was not strong, but because this simplified ‘Ask Not’ was too weak.

The true ‘Ask Not,’ the current Ye Yuan could not contend with it at all.

Most likely the moment he entered the game, he would be obliterated.

Although this Medicine Ancestor in front of him was powerful, in front of Ye Yuan’s Dao, it was still not enough to look at.

After all, he had already comprehended the Tai Chi Great Dao Diagram. His comprehension of Dao was far from what the average alchemist could compare to.

Came with ardent hope, but discovered that his opponent was too weak, Ye Yuan was naturally disappointed.

“Junior, you’re too arrogant! I’m just a trace of Dao accumulation that the true self left behind in ‘Ask Not’. The might of the true body is not what you can imagine at all.” The Medicine Ancestor said in a solemn voice.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “I naturally know this. I’m still not arrogant to the point where I believe I can defeat the Medicine Ancestor. It’s just that in the future, I’ll have to play a match with him.”

The Medicine Ancestor snorted coldly and said, “Truly an arrogant and ignorant junior! The true body’s realm, ants can’t imagine it at all. Even Wing is also not worth mentioning in front of him. In this world, it’s impossible to surpass the true self.”

This Medicine Ancestor in front of him was just a wisp of residual thought left by the true self. It did not even count as an avatar.

But his confidence in his real self was stronger than anyone else.

In his consciousness, the Medicine Ancestor was the strongest in this world. It was forever impossible for someone to replace him.

And this was likely the true self’s own thought as well.

Ye Yuan sneered when he heard it and said, “Talents appear from generation to generation! Your way of thinking is really laughable! Medicine Ancestor, is just other people’s honorific title, and not a real Dao Ancestor.”

The Medicine Ancestor was full of sullen anger when he heard it and said, “Junior, you dare to blaspheme the true body! It’s unforgivable!”

Ye Yuan shook his head when he heard it and said, “I was just stating a fact, place your piece!”

The Medicine Ancestor gave a cold snort and said, “Bratty child, this ancestor doesn’t believe that I can’t take care of you!”


After ruminating, the Medicine Ancestor placed his piece again.

Once this chess game started, the winner must be determined. This was the rule set by the Sacred Ancestor High Priest.

Ye Yuan only relied on his will to take control of the authority of placing the pieces and was not able to dictate the direction of this chess game.

After all, this ‘Ask Not’ was made by the Sacred Ancestor High Priest.


Ye Yuan similarly landed a piece without thinking.

Just like this, the two people started an intense confrontation once more.

It was just that now, the situation was already completely reversed.

Ye Yuan’s offense was akin to toppling mountains and overturning the seas, the Medicine Ancestor was unable to resist at all.

“Directly ate a huge swathe! My god!”

“This … Is this going to exterminate and spare none? This Ye Yuan is also too ruthless, right?”

“Too frightening! I heard before that those who cleared this ‘Ask Not’ were merely able to win the Medicine Ancestor by half a move. But this Ye Yuan …”

At the outside world, there was a series of exclamations.

Ye Yuan’s offensive became fiercer and fiercer, killing until the white pieces threw away their helmets and coats of mail, losing large areas of land.

Those elders, priests, trainees, were all stunned.

When they mocked Ye Yuan’s lousy chess move, they never would have thought that this game of chess would actually develop to such a point.

It was dead silent on the plaza. Only those one chess piece after another flashed like one shining star after another.


Suddenly, Medicine Ancestor’s figure directly shattered, like when the Sacred Ancestor High Priest shattered previously, dissipating between heaven and earth.

Only the, did everyone abruptly startle awake!

Ye Yuan won!

No deadlock, no ending in a tie.

What there was, was just a one-sided big victory!

When that Tian Yuan was connected, everything was already destined.


All of the light dissipated with a loud bang. On the chessboard, Ye Yuan’s figure was revealed.

Everyone looked towards that slightly skinny figure, eyes full of disbelief.

“The … The 12th person!”

In the crowd, someone suddenly murmured.

“12th person? What 12th person? T-The 12th person!”

Everyone did not react at first to what this 12th person meant.

But very soon, they came to realize the truth.

Ye Yuan already became the 12th person to pass ‘Ask Not’ in 50 million years!

Xiu looked at that figure and said in wonder, “Eight million years! Finally, another genius who can pass ‘Ask Not’ appeared! Furthermore, his talent is even greater!”

The first 11 people were merely chess pieces in the sacred ancestor’s hands.

They could only bear the sacred ancestor’s will and could not resist at all.

But Ye Yuan’s Dao heart was firm. Not only did he shatter the Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s will, he even slaughtered the powerful Medicine Ancestor until he threw away his helmet and coat of mail, with the army in utter disarray!

Such strength, such talent, was simply unprecedented throughout the ages!

“Hahaha … Good! What a fine Ye Yuan! This hall master indeed didn’t misjudge him! Didn’t expect that my Tyrant Origin Imperial City actually produced such a genius!”

Suddenly, Di Qiu let out a burst of wild laughter.

After eight million years, the Demon Divine Region produced a genius who cracked ‘Ask Not’ again. He, as the Tyrant Origin Imperial City’s Priest Temple’s hall master, naturally rendered great merits.

Furthermore, this was also a great honor.

One had to know, eight million year’s time, how many geniuses rose and fell, sunk and floated.

But Ye Yuan’s light was too dazzling!

Ni Kun and Elder Li and the others’ faces were ugly to the extreme currently.

Them letting Ye Yuan go challenge ‘Ask Not’ was actually in order to harm him.

Who knew that Ye Yuan passed ‘Ask Not’ so perfectly?

With this, Ye Yuan soared to the sky in one bound, his status equivalent to the Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s disciples.

This identity, one sentence could determine their life and death!

The two exchanged a glance and discovered that they had a feeling of digging a pit for themselves to jump, feeling incomparably bitter.

At this time, in the distance human territories.

The Medicine Ancestor who was currently in closed-seclusion suddenly startled awake.

“What’s going on? Why … Do I sense a threat?” The Medicine Ancestor said with a frown.

Toward this feeling that came suddenly, the Medicine Ancestor was extremely surprised.Reaching his level of realm, apart from Dao Ancestors, nobody could threaten him at all.

But now, he actually had this kind of feeling.

That wisp of residual consciousness was not connected to his body at all. He did not know the events that occurred in ‘Ask Not’.

However, that was a wisp of his residual consciousness after all. Residual consciousness being annihilated, he was naturally hit by a sudden impulse.

It was just that he could never have dreamed that this threat would originate from a Divine Lord Realm martial artist.

At virtually the same time, Sacred Ancestor High Priest also suddenly snapped open his two eyes, his eyes revealing rays of brilliance.

He opened his mouth and said with a faint smile, “50 million years, I waited for it! I didn’t think that someone could actually wipe away my will and defeat the Medicine Ancestor!”

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