Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1764 - A Lousy Chess Move

Chapter 1764 A Lousy Chess Move

Looking at that gradually solidifying phantom, everyone was shocked to the core.

Different from the Medicine Ancestor’s vagueness and illusoriness, Ye Yuan’s figure appeared extremely solid.

One look and you could tell that he was Ye Yuan!

“This … What’s going on here? Why did the one playing with the Medicine Ancestor become Ye Yuan?”

“Are you kidding me? Ye Yuan is actually going to replace Lord Sacred Ancestor and play with the Medicine Ancestor?”

“Never heard of anyone who could replace Lord Sacred Ancestor. What in the world happened inside the chess game? Why would such a thing happen?”

At this time, the Priest Temple was in shock.

The Sacred Ancestor High Priest and Medicine Ancestor had already played for 50 million years. In the long river of history, the geniuses who had challenged ‘Ask Not’ before were God knows how many.

There were even 11 people who really succeeded in challenging.

But it had never been heard of that someone could replace Lord Sacred Ancestor and play against the Medicine Ancestor!

This kind of thing, saying it out, no one would believe it.

Today, it actually really happened before their eyes.

How could this not surprise them?

However, this was not over yet!

Opposite, the Medicine Ancestor’s aura started to skyrocket. An aura of Great Dao spread out between heaven and earth.

When everyone saw this scene, their faces could not help changing suddenly.

Xiu had a look of shock as he muttered, “This … Without Lord Sacred Ancestor’s absolute suppression, the Medicine Ancestor’s Dao accumulations are fully released! This is a showdown between Ye Yuan and the Medicine Ancestor! How in the world did this kid do it?”

Xiu knew that this was just the ‘Ask Not’ after simplification.

The Medicine Ancestor’s Dao accumulations were less than 1% of the true ‘Ask Not’!

But even so, it was also not what the average person could imagine.

Otherwise, there also would not be only a scanty 11 people who could pass the test in 50 million years.

However, the tests in the past were all the Sacred Ancestor High Priest forcefully suppressing the Medicine Ancestor’s Dao accumulations with his absolute power.

Just as Ye Yuan said, this ‘Ask Not’ was a certain-win situation in the first place.

The only problem was whether or not the challenger could bear his willpower oppression.

However, once the Medicine Ancestor’s Dao accumulations lost the suppression, that was the real Medicine Ancestor!

Even though it was just an extremely tiny portion of the Medicine Ancestor’s Dao accumulations.

Everyone was uncertain what it meant. But without a doubt, for Ye Yuan to be able to replace him, it was not what the average person could do!

“Could it be that Ye Yuan wiped away Lord Sacred Ancestor’s will?”

Ni Kun was startled by this thought of his that jumped out and immediately denied his idea.

This was something impossible!

Back then, he had experienced first-hand the might of Lord Sacred Ancestor’s will.

That kind of might simply made people unable to give rise to the slightest thought of resistance.

If say his own will was an ant, then Lord Sacred Ancestor’s will was a tall mountain!

Between the two, resistance, this relationship, did not exist at all.

There was only submission!

Ye Yuan’s current strength was even lesser than his back then. How could he possibly wipe away Lord Sacred Ancestor’s will?

But in Ni Kun’s heart, there was a different voice continuously creeping.

Within the chess game, a 100 thousand foot giant towered opposite Ye Yuan.

The aura was more than a hundred times stronger than before!

“Interesting. I didn’t expect that in this world, there’s actually someone capable of releasing a trace of this seat’s residual Dao accumulation under Wing’s hands! You are probably the first in these 50 million years, right?”

Above the sky, a pair of eyes like two bright beacons in the dark night cast toward Ye Yuan.

Those eyes overlooked the world!

Even if it was just a trace of residual Dao accumulation. It did not even count as a remnant thought.

This kind of eyes that was like looking at an ant made Ye Yuan very uncomfortable.

Ye Yuan said coolly, “I’ve long heard that the Medicine Ancestor’s Alchemy Dao is unparalleled under the heavens. Today, this Ye wishes to ask for advice!”

That phantom revealed a hint of surprise and said with a faint smile, “Ask for advice? Huhu, junior, you’re not qualified enough!”

His words were full of contempt.

Medicine Ancestor, he was the proud Medicine Ancestor.

Even though this was like a residual Dao accumulation from 50 million years ago, his pride was still irreplaceable.

He was the man who stood at the apex of this world’s Alchemy Dao.

Actually, the ones he looked down upon were more than just Ye Yuan.

Even the Sacred Ancestor High Priest from 50 million years ago, he probably thought nothing of him as well, right?

‘Ask Not’ two words already expressed this contempt without any doubt.

Most likely, this was also the true reason why the Sacred Ancestor High Priest reflected on the bitter lesson and resolved to surpass the Medicine Ancestor, right?

This humiliation, to the Sacred Ancestor High Priest, this kind of proud demon race powerhouse, it was probably not so easy to wash away.

However, the current Ye Yuan could also truly feel the might of this Medicine Ancestor before his eyes!

Without the Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s suppression, this Medicine Ancestor in front of him was even stronger than that Sacred Ancestor High Priest from before.

Towards this pride, Ye Yuan was naturally very disdainful and said coolly, “Haven’t competed yet, so how do you know that I’m not qualified enough?”

Finished talking, he did not wait for the Medicine Ancestor to answer either and pointed out. A black chess piece condensed out of the void!


A crisp sound echoed throughout the world!

A surge of Great Dao aura crept out!

When the piece landed, the entire chessboard flashed with a piercing light.

Two powerful auras rose to the sky. It was as if all of the chess pieces came to life.

On the whole board, hordes of troops and horses galloped, winds howling heavily.

Two Great Dao auras fought each other in close quarters, rending each other, neither was willing to give in half a step.

Within an extremely tiny space, the melody of Great Dao manifested in its entirety.

The Medicine Ancestor’s gaze turned sharp and he cried out in shock, “Tian Yuan[1]! Junior, you have such courage! This is digging your own grave!”


Above the void, light flashed!

Ye Yuan’s phantom landed a piece, going straight for Tian Yuan.

Below, everyone exclaimed in shock, “Tian Yuan!”

When Ni Kun saw this scene, he smiled coldly and said, “This kid is a total layman! Playing Tian Yuan in such a final phase of the game, what difference is there from courting death?”

Di Qiu also shook his head and said, “Took the field shockingly, I was still wondering how greatly different this kid was. I didn’t expect that he was actually so bad. With this defeat, it’s likely hard to survive!”

Ye Yuan’s chess move was seen as a wasted move by everyone.

This ‘Ask Not’ game was actually set up anew by the Sacred Ancestor High Priest himself after going back many steps.

Each step had its set routine.

Putting it bluntly, it was retracting a false move in chess!

As long as one could withstand the sacred ancestor’s will, they could become a chess piece in the sacred ancestor’s hands, walking on step by step until they won.

Except, few could withstand the willpower of that many steps.

But now, Ye Yuan’s move completely exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Of course, there were many people present who knew chess.

This step landing in everyone’s eyes was a wasted move.

One had to know how astonishing the Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s chess prowess and Dao accumulation was. The steps that he derived were definitely the most perfect steps.

Now, Ye Yuan actually wanted to blaze another trail.

Furthermore, he even played a lousy move. How could they not be surprised/

Black and white, Tian Yuan was a hotly contested spot!

This game was also a fierce struggle launched revolving around Tian Yuan.

But no one dared to take Tian Yuan first!

Even the Medicine Ancestor did not dare too!

Because that way, there would be no path to retreat.

But Ye Yuan did it without the slightest hesitation!

[1] Tian Yuan is a chess move in Go.

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