Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1763 - Replacing

Chapter 1763 Replacing

At this time, the outside world saw another scene.

The moment the chess game started, everything would be hidden.

The chessboard radiated a brilliant light, projecting above the sky, forming an enormous chessboard.

Similarly, two giant illusions were currently facing each other in the sky, the momentum astonishing.

The chess game already started for a long time, but both parties still did not move.

Stonefeather frowned and said, “What’s going on? It hasn’t started until now?”

Ni Kun said with a gloating face, “This brat wouldn’t be unable to withstand Lord Sacred Ancestor’s will, right? Looks like this brat has an excess of talent but is lacking willpower!”

What this simplified ‘Ask Not’ tested was the Alchemy Dao will of the priests.

The more firm one’s Dao seeking heart was, the more steps one could take.

Now, Ye Yuan could not even take a single step. It clearly showed that his willpower was weak and he was completely unable to withstand the Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s peerless will.

Below, in the crowd, Xiu’s brows were also knitted together.

“What’s going on with this kid? Could it be that he’s really unable to even withstand Lord Sacred Ancestor’s initial-most will? Could it be that … I misjudged him?”

Clearly, he was also extremely perplexed by this scene.

But Kong Yun laughed loudly and said, “This kid wouldn’t have been directly crushed by Lord Sacred Ancestor’s will, right? Genius? What a joke!”

The Chi Feng by the side also smiled coldly and said, “If he was directly crushed, then it will really become the biggest joke in the history of the demon race! Such a genius actually couldn’t even withstand the initial-most will. It’s also considered unprecedented and unrepeatable, right?”

Outside, many people were all gloating over others’ misfortune.

But inside ‘Ask Not’, Ye Yuan had a resolute look, welcoming that powerful virtual image.

“Not being a chess piece, one must have the strength that crushes all life! You are no good! Since you cling obstinately to your own course, then suffer this seat’s wrath!”

The moment the giant image’s voice faded, it was as if the whole world collapsed.

A powerful willpower directly crushed over toward Ye Yuan.

This burst of willpower descending was like the sky collapsed, heaven and earth changing colors.

At this time, the Soul Suppressing Pearl emitted a gentle energy, wrapping Ye Yuan’s divine soul up.

Although this willpower was strong, it was not the real ‘Ask Not’ after all.

With Dustless’s current ability, he could completely isolate this willpower.

But who knew that Ye Yuan gave a cold snort and said, “Senior, you don’t have to be like this! In terms of willpower strength, I, Ye Yuan, absolutely don’t lose to anybody! Even if it is the Sacred Ancestor High Priest!”

The moment these words came out, the Soul Suppressing Pearl’s power pulled back like tidewater.

That willpower, which could topple mountains and overturn the seas, directly scoured over toward Ye Yuan’s divine soul.


Ye Yuan only felt his mind go into a daze, his entire person akin to being thunderstruck, spewing out a mouthful of blood once more.

“Kneel!” A thunderous voice ordered Ye Yuan’s divine soul.

However, Ye Yuan was like a stubborn rock in a waterfall that stood firmly. No matter how powerful this will was, he simply remained immovable.

“Heh, I, Ye Yuan, don’t even kneel to heaven. So why would I kneel to you? If I’m not even a match for a wisp of your remnant thought, how can I save my lover?!”

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth. A surge of stubborn willpower surged to the sky!

Gradually, the imposing momentum on Ye Yuan’s body actually became stronger and stronger, and actually faintly showed signs of withstanding the sacred ancestor’s will.

This was a competition of willpower!

Ye Yuan entered the Heavenspan World in order to save Mu Lingxue.

For this, he must walk up to the summit of the Heavenspan Mountain, and also must have absolute strength.

Living two lives, experiencing bumpy roads, Ye Yuan would not really entrust his hopes onto the Dao Ancestors.

Ye Yuan understood the logic. The one who could truly save Mu Lingxue was only him!

Therefore, he could not lose to anyone!

All beneath Dao Ancestors were ants!

Someone as powerful as the Sacred Ancestor High Priest was also merely a chess piece.

Furthermore, Ye Yuan possessed the Lesser Heavenspan Mountain and created a peerless cultivation method. His horizons were absolutely not what the average martial artist could compare to.

He faintly had a feeling that even Dao Ancestors might also be chess pieces in this world’s overall situation!

He, Ye Yuan, was unwilling to be a pawn!

He wanted to dictate his own destiny!

This clash of will, the hardest was the initial-most one.

Once pulled through, it was far from as intense as at first.


A soft cry of surprise came from the void. It clearly felt very surprised at Ye Yuan not being crushed into pieces.

“Looks like this seat underestimated you! Since that’s the case, suffer this seat’s wrath!”

The giant image gave a cold snort. Pointing his enormous finger, a majestic power of Great Dao carried powerful will and rumbled toward Ye Yuan once more.

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent, a hint of cold smile flashing across the corners of his mouth as he said, “This is your Dao? Indeed powerful! It’s just that to me, it’s merely thus!”

Ye Yuan put his two hands together, a massive Tai Chi Diagram suddenly unfolded!

“Tai Chi Great Dao Diagram! How is this possible?!”

Shock appeared for the first time in the giant image’s words.

He was seriously unable to understand how a junior who was just Divine Lord Realm could cultivate the Tai Chi Great Dao Diagram, this sort of thing!


The sacred ancestor’s Great Dao and Ye Yuan’s Tai Chi Great Dao Diagram emitted violent collisions in this stretch of void.

The earth quaked and mountains swayed!

At the same time, the outside world’s chessboard similarly gave off intense quaking.

It was as if the chessboard was about to collapse.

Xiu’s expression changed drastically and he revealed a thick look of disappointment as he said, “This … He really can’t even lay down a single chess piece?”

“Hahaha, this kid actually boasted shamelessly about wanting to challenge ‘Ask Not’. In the end, he actually didn’t even set down a single piece, what a hoot!” Ni Kun said and laughed loudly.

The other elders also secretly shook their heads. Clearly, they felt that this was a farce.

Kong Yun also had a mocking look as he laughed loudly and said, “What’s called overestimating your own ability? This is called overestimating your own ability! Didn’t put down a single piece and was wiped out by Lord Sacred Ancestor’s will. This time … it’s really unprecedented and unrepeatable!”

Chi Feng laughed hard and said, “Our Tyrant Origin Imperial City has to keep this secret well. Otherwise, it will be really disgraceful.”


Right at this time, Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s phantom suddenly shattered, turning into motes of starlight, dissipating between heaven and earth.

Xiu’s expression changed and he said in surprise, “This … What’s going on? Logically speaking, this game should have already ended. Why … is the Medicine Ancestor’s phantom still there, but Lord Sacred Ancestor’s phantom actually crumbled?”

His skill was profound, what he saw was naturally far from what others could compare to.

This scene seemed to be different from his understanding.

It seemed to be somewhat unusual!

Suddenly, his pupils shrunk, gaze looked towards the void in amazement.

The place where Sacred Ancestor High Priest shattered originally, a figure was actually gradually condensing!

“This … How is this possible?”

Xiu looked towards the sky in incredible shock. That figure gradually condensed.

Judging from the outline, it was actually exactly similar to Ye Yuan’s!

That enormous chessboard’s two sides were now replaced with the Medicine Ancestor and Ye Yuan!

Same as Xiu’s expression, everyone below all had astonished looks, being taken by surprise by this sudden change!

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