Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1762 - I, Ye Yuan, Won“t Be a Chess Piece!

Chapter 1762 I, Ye Yuan, Won“t Be a Chess Piece!

“Where are you all going?”

“You actually don’t know such a major incident? That Ye Yuan who’s known as the temple’s number one genius is actually going to challenge ‘Ask Not’!”

“What? Isn’t this looking for abuse? Back then, Kuang Fei who was known as an unrivaled genius nearly died on the spot because he challenged ‘Ask Not.’ In the end, he recuperated for a full 100 years before barely managing to recover.”

“Heh, ‘Ask Not’ is a vial of poison. Everyone knows that it’s dangerous, but there’s always someone who tries it. The more talented, the more it is so.”

“Such a major thing, I have to go see!”

One person told ten, ten told a hundred.

The news of Ye Yuan challenging the divine game ‘Ask Not’ spreaded throughout the entire Priest Temple very quickly.

In the plaza, the elders were all present.

Ni Kun looked at Ye Yuan, a look of gloating over his misfortune.

He naturally knew that these so-called geniuses were all proud.

He was the same back then.

Recollecting back then, he was also extraordinarily gifted, thinking that he was the number one under the heavens. That was why he would go challenge ‘Ask Not’.

The outcome naturally need not be said.

How similar was Ye Yuan’s current appearance to his back then?

Di Qiu looked at Ye Yuan and said in a hoarse voice, “Ye Yuan, you have to think clearly. Upon entering the chess game, life and death are unknown! The geniuses who died inside are too many to count!”

Ye Yuan said coolly, “Lord Hall Master, please cast the spell!”

Di Qiu saw the decisive look on Ye Yuan’s face and no longer urged him. A profound spell soared to the sky.

A chessboard gradually became bigger, flying out of Di Qiu’s palm, and landing in the center of the plaza.

Ye Yuan focused his eyes and looked over, but he only saw that that stone chessboard was very ordinary. It was no different from an ordinary chessboard.

On the chessboard, black and white chess pieces were crisscrossed, murderous intent faintly looming, giving people a soul-stirring feeling.

Ye Yuan only took one look and was no longer able to leave.

Ye Yuan was also a master in this aspect. Alchemy was dull and dry, when Ye Yuan was free and had nothing to do, he would play chess to temper his heart realm.

As the saying went: A myriad of Great Daos, all led to the same goal.

A tiny little chessboard actually contained the maxim of Great Dao.

Tian Yuan[1] as chaos, crisscrossing in vertical and horizontal directions, deriving a myriad Great Dao!

Actually, this was a universe!

Ye Yuan knew that this chess competition was actually the competition between the Medicine Ancestor and Sacred Ancestor High Priest, the two people’s Dao.

Ye Yuan rapidly deduced in his mind and discovered to his amazement that the black pieces were already driven into an impasse.

No matter where the next piece landed, it was a certain-death scenario.

No wonder the Sacred Ancestor High Priest sat in front of the chess game for 100 thousand years back then.

No way to advance, unable to retreat, the Medicine Ancestor already forced the Sacred Ancestor High Priest to the edge of the cliff!

“This kind of chess game, there were actually 11 people who passed it?”

Ye Yuan was extremely shocked in his heart. Even though it was the simplified ‘Ask Not’, Ye Yuan could tell that this chess game was simply a certain-death scenario.

Those 11 people were actually able to pass the test, how astonishing was their talent?

“Heh heh, scared? If you back out now, you can still make it!” Ni Kun said with a cold smile.

“Ye Yuan, concede defeat! Don’t overestimate your own ability!” Elder Li said with a smug look.

The other elders were also cynical. Regarding Ye Yuan’s actions that were ignorant of the immensity of heaven and earth, they were all disdainful toward him.

Ye Yuan sneered when he heard that and said, “You guys can’t, doesn’t mean others can’t! Since there are people who passed the test, then there’s naturally a ray of hope! Can’t pass, it can only be blamed you guys for being too stupid, unable to find a ray of hope!”

This bunch of old fellows wished that he would die in the chess game.

Saying so was merely in order to trigger him. Why would he show these elders a good attitude?

“Insolence! Ye Yuan, who do you think you’re talking to?” Ni Kun said in a cold voice.

Ye Yuan looked at Ni Kun and said with a smile, “You schemed day and night to make me come and challenge ‘Ask Not’, isn’t it wanting me to fall inside? If I die, I’d also be someone who’s about to die right now, what’s the big deal about saying a thing or two about you? If I really make it through, scolding you a few words is even less of a matter. Don’t you agree, Elder Ni?”

Ni Kun was taken aback when he heard that. But he immediately smiled coldly and said, “Perhaps you’ll be half-dead?”

Ye Yuan smiled slightly and said, “Then isn’t that exactly to Elder Ni’s taste?”

Ni Kun burst out laughing when he heard it and said, “I didn’t expect that you’re still pretty humorous.”

Ye Yuan just smiled slightly, leaped up, and landed on the chessboard.


Instantly, the situation suddenly changed!

The entire chessboard was seemingly being activated.

Waves of dense aura rose out of thin air. Each chess piece seemed to have come to life.

In front of Ye Yuan seemingly became hordes of troops and horses. The two armies galloped and fought at close quarters, incomparably brutal.

Even if Ye Yuan utilized the Sun Moon Heavenly Pupil, it was of no use at all too.

With his strength, he could not see through at all.

Suddenly, two surges of aura that was formidable until it made people suffocate suddenly descended.

Ye Yuan’s complexion turned pale and he vomited a large mouthful of blood with a cough.

In front of Ye Yuan, an enormous figure rose from the ground up. A pair of enormous eyes cast toward Ye Yuan.

This giant image was clearly in front of Ye Yuan, but Ye Yuan actually could not see it clearly.

“This is the Sacred Ancestor High Priest? So strong!” Ye Yuan said while being in shock in his heart.

Ye Yuan knew that this was merely a wisp of willpower transformed by the Sacred Ancestor High Priest.

But this trace of will was too powerful already. It actually made him have a feeling of being unable to match it.

“Lad, exterminate the Medicine Ancestor’s will with my will! I will bestow upon you a transcendent lucky chance!”

The enormous image slowly opened his mouth, his tone matchlessly domineering.

Done talking, a pair of enormous hands landed from the sky.

Ye Yuan’s expression changed. He felt that his own will was instantly crushed by a giant mountain, and was about to be crushed into a meat pie!

Unparalleled willpower!

Ye Yuan gritted his teeth and said angrily, “You want me to submit and let me become a chess piece in your hands! This is simply a certain-win game. It’s merely in order to let the challenger accept your will, that’s all!”

The giant image said without the slightest emotion, “So what? Can’t even withstand this seat’s will, so how can you become an existence that transcends the Medicine Ancestor?”

Ye Yuan’s expression flickered incessantly and he gritted his teeth and said, “I, Ye Yuan, won’t be a chess piece!”

Ye Yuan’s challenge was to clear the hurdle with his own strength, and not rely on other people!

He had never needed to take on other people’s will before!

The giant image snorted coldly and said, “Powerhouses all start from chess pieces! In this place, it’s not up to you! This seat is the chess game’s sovereign!”

This simplified ‘Ask Not’ was set up by the Sacred Ancestor High Priest in the first place.

This chess game was controlled by him and not the Medicine Ancestor.

Only the true ‘Ask Not’ was a chess game controlled by the Medicine Ancestor.

In this place, if the Sacred Ancestor High Priest wanted you to live, you live. If he wanted you to die, you would die!

Ye Yuan sneered and said, “My, Ye Yuan’s fate, has always been grasped in my own hands! A chess piece, I won’t deign to become it! Even if you’re the Sacred Ancestor High Priest, it won’t do too!”

The giant image gave a cold snort and said, “What an arrogant and unruly punk. Not accepting my will, the outcome is only death!”

The Sacred Ancestor High Priest’s voice was incomparably cold as if killing Ye Yuan was merely a matter of waving a hand.

Ye Yuan’s gaze was cold as he said in a chilly voice, “In that case, go ahead and try!”

[1] A position in Go

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