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Chapter 1716 - Ye Yuan“s Fighting Spiri

Chapter 1716 Ye Yuan“s Fighting Spiri

“S-Spatial law! This Ye Yuan, he actually comprehended spatial law!”

“My God, no wonder he dares to go up the ring, turns out that he’s also a monster-like existence!”

“Indeed, those who dare to come to the Hundred Battles Arena, not one of them is mediocre!”

“Li Kun underestimated the enemy too much. Otherwise, with his strength, it’s impossible to lose so quickly.”

That Fifth Firmament Divine Lord’s one sentence immediately caused a stir among the contestants.

Spatial law was virtually a power of law in the legends.

One suddenly appearing, how could everyone not be surprised?

However, Ye Yuan’s realm was obvious to everyone. Even if spatial law was powerful, being able to defeat Li Kun was already the limit.

Moreover, Li Kun’s strength was not weak. If he took it seriously, the outcome was hard to predict.

In the end, they all felt that Ye Yuan exploited a loophole and only won so easily by a fluke.

The battles continued. The sixth group’s powerhouses also revealed their true faces one by one.

But the first round’s opponents, it was very hard to really gauge these experts’ true strength.

Although everyone was a genius, there was also a disparity between geniuses.

Similarly Fourth Firmament Divine Lords, because of the difference in laws comprehension, the strength difference might be very great.

“I feel that Gao Shun’s strength is definitely very strong! He only used one move and finished off his opponent.”

“Also, that Song Tianqiang didn’t even draw his weapon and took care of his opponent with one hand.”

“Xiahou Yun hasn’t made his move yet. I wonder what his strength is like!”

Everyone discussed animatedly, all guessing those strong players’ strengths.

But the things that could be seen in the first round were really too few. They could only slowly judge it based on the speed of the fight.

But this group’s several powerful existences also had the tip of the iceberg revealed.

“Next group, Xiahou Yun versus Zhang Feng!”

Right then, the judge finally called Xiahou Yun’s name.

Everyone’s expressions turned austere, looking toward Xiahou Yun’s figure.

The two people leaped and arrived in the ring.

Zhang Feng’s expression was ugly to the extreme. He did not expect that he was actually so unlucky, running into Xiahou Yun in the first round.

There was no way to compete at all!

“Give you three breaths of time to concede. If this young master makes a move, you won’t have the chance to concede anymore! One …”

Xiahou Yun was incomparably domineering, directly starting the countdown.

Zhang Feng’s expression was incredibly ugly, large bean-sized sweat seeping out of his forehead, immediately feeling a powerful sense of oppression.

But Xiahou Yun did not even release his divine essence at all. He just stood there calmly.

“Two …”

“I … I admit defeat!”

With extreme unwillingness, Zhang Feng admitted defeat and surrendered. He did not even have the courage to attack.

Xiahou Yun’s overbearingness gave all of the contestants tremendous psychological pressure.

Everyone all knew that what he cultivated was destruction law. His combat power was extremely strong.

Those who had no confidence, who dared to go up and try?

One punch and your entire person would be gone without even a chance to admit defeat!

If it was other people, saying this was a joke.

But Xiahou Yun, he had this confidence!

Sixth Firmament Divine Lord’s absolute realm coupled with destruction law, this kind of powerful law, who dared to easily challenge him?

This was a true powerhouse!

An existence who crushed their peers!

“Xiahou Yun’s aura is too strong! I … I even felt tremendous pressure below. For Zhang Feng to not kneel down is already very impressive.”

“Yeah, really too strong! One sentence broke down his opponent’s willpower. This kind of person has no way of competing at all!”

“It’s just I don’t know who can let him make a move. Or will he get first place without staining his weapon with blood just like this?”

“This … It’s really hard to say. I reckon that only those few Fifth Firmament Divine Lords dare to have a go with him. At least, there’s a chance to concede.”

At this time, even those few Fifth Firmament Divine Lords’ expressions were also rather ugly.

The sense of oppression that Xiahou Yun gave them was too strong.

But Ye Yuan’s eyes shone as if seeing a long-awaited prey.

This Xiahou Yun similarly gave him a powerful sense of oppression.

But this sense of oppression actually made him have a feeling of his blood boiling with excitement.

And right at this time, Xiahou Yun’s gaze actually looked over toward him.

Four eyes met, Xiahou Yun was first stunned, then immediately sneered in his heart. This punk actually wants to fight with me, really don’t know how to die!

“Is this brat provoking Xiahou Yun?”

“My eyesight isn’t failing, right?”

“He wouldn’t have trained until his brain is spoiled, right? Think that comprehending spatial law, he’s invincible under the heavens?”

“Went over, went over! Xiahou Yun actually walked over toward Ye Yuan! Heh heh, there’s a good show to watch.”

The fighting spirit on Ye Yuan’s body was not concealed at all. Landing in other people’s eyes, it simply became a joke.

A Second Firmament Divine Lord provoking a Sixth Firmament Divine Lord, and it was even a powerful existence among Sixth Firmament Divine Lords. This looked like a death-seeking action no matter what.

Spatial law could not make up for the enormous difference in realm.

This was common knowledge, something that everyone knew.

Clearly, this ‘fool’ did not know.

Xiahou Yun slowly came in front of Ye Yuan and said with a smile that was not a smile, “You want to challenge me?”

Ye Yuan did not know that Jian Ping and Xiahou Yun had long made an agreement. He only instinctively wanted to fight with the strong.

Hearing that, he smiled and said, “You’re very strong! But I must defeat you!”

No matter how strong the opponent was, he must win!

But these words were simply the most hilarious joke in the world when it landed in other people’s ears.

“Hahaha, truly a fool who overestimates his own ability!”

“Kid, you’re too arrogant! Do you think that by comprehending spatial law, you’re invincible under the heavens?”

“Brat, do you know what’s called hitting a rock with an egg?”

By the side, a series of taunts came over.

This declaration sounded so powerless!

Xiahou Yun grinned and said, “Heh heh, spatial law, this young master is looking forward to it very much as well! Want to challenge this young master, work hard to stand before me first!”

Ye Yuan smiled very casually and said, “Don’t you worry, I will.”

A smile hung on his face, but Ye Yuan was shocked in his heart.

He had cultivated the slaughter supreme true intent before and was very sensitive to killing intent.

This Xiahou Yun actually had murderous intent towards him!

Even though Xiahou Yun hid it extremely well, Ye Yuan still detected it.

It’s my first time meeting him, why would he have killing intent towards me? Could it be … Jian Ping? Ye Yuan thought of Jian Ping very quickly in his heart.

In Extreme Light Imperial City, apart from Jian Ping, he could not think of anyone else who had a conflict with him before.

Although Xiahou Yun was overbearing, it was absolutely impossible to produce killing intent toward him the first time they met.

Then there was only one possibility, Jian Ping requested Xiahou Yun to do it!

Ye Yuan smiled coldly inside. This Jian Ping really lingered on like a ghost!

Very soon, the second round started!

The second round’s opponents were clearly going to be a great deal stronger. The battles also started to become intense.

But to Ye Yuan, there was not much difference.

It was still taking down the enemy in one move!

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