Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1717 - Fierce Battle with Song Tianqiang!

Chapter 1717 Fierce Battle with Song Tianqiang!

This time, Ye Yuan’s opponent was a Fourth Firmament Divine Lord.

However, he was still sent flying in one move.

After that Fourth Firmament Divine Lord crashed onto the ground, he still had a blank look, completely oblivious of what happened.

Ye Yuan had comprehended spatial laws for a long time and gradually became well-versed and ingenious in the application of the law.

Fourth Firmament Divine Lords were already not opponents who could last one exchange with him long ago.

“This Ye Yuan is actually so strong!”

“No wonder he dared to provoke Xiahou Yun! Looks like he indeed still has some skill!”

“A Second Firmament Divine Lord could actually defeat middle-stage Divine Lord Realm; spatial laws are indeed powerful!”

“But no matter how strong he is, it’s also impossible to be Xiahou Yun’s match.”

Ye Yuan being able to defeat a Fourth Firmament Divine Lord made everyone’s jaws drop.

From initial-stage Divine Lord Realm to middle-stage was a huge hurdle. Third Firmament Divine Lords, if they did not have heaven-defying means, it was basically impossible to defeat Fourth Firmament Divine Lords.

But Ye Yuan was just a Second Firmament Divine Lord and accomplished it.

This also made everyone finally realize that Ye Yuan was not to be trifled with!

But to say that Ye Yuan could defeat Xiahou Yun, they still did not believe it.

After all, Xiahou Yun was too strong.

The second round did not have the least bit of suspense, the opponent directly admitted defeat again.

The aura that he burst forth was too strong. Nobody had the courage to go and receive a move from him at all.

Third round, Ye Yuan continued the winning streak, defeating a Fourth Firmament Divine Lord once more.

Xiahou Yun’s opponent directly admitted defeat once again.

Three rounds of battle done, and yet no one could force Xiahou Yun to take action!

After the third round ended, the judge announced, “Cease battle for a day, tomorrow, carry out the fourth round!”

Three consecutive rounds, some people’s stamina already almost could not hold out anymore.

Hearing this, they immediately heaved a sigh in relief.

After dispersing, Ning Tianping also came over to find him and said with an excited look, “Your Excellency, I passed three rounds in a row!”

Ye Yuan rolled his eyes at him and said, “If you can’t even pass three rounds, I’ll kick you back to Heavenly Eagle with one foot.”

Ning Tianping chortled and said, “Your Excellency, I really have a feeling like I’m dreaming right now, to actually be able to exchange moves with so many experts! Most importantly, I could actually crush them! Hahaha, it’s really great!”

Ning Tianping’s loud laughter immediately attracted a series of sidelong glances. Quite a few people cast over hostile gazes.

This guy was too arrogant!

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Your current strength is indeed considered at the upper-level standard of imperial cities, this level, already. But I think that you’ll shake them off further and further behind.”

Ning Tianping said excitedly, “Heh heh, Your Excellency is Tianping’s benefactor, utterly changing my life!”

After resting for a day, the Hundred Battles Arena continued.

This time, the people on the grandstands were clearly much more.

Because starting from the third round, the battle situation clearly became more intense.

Each group’s headcount was roughly over 400 people. After three rounds of battle, more than half were already eliminated. Only 50 plus people were left.

These people were all experts among experts.

Apart from Ye Yuan, one Second Firmament Divine Lord, the rest were all middle-stage Divine Lord Realm experts.

But now, no one dared to look down on Ye Yuan anymore.

The judge said, “Starting the fourth round, first match, Ye Yuan versus Song Tianqiang!”

Ye Yuan was stunned, not expecting that this round was actually him taking the field first.

The arrangement of the sequence was arranged by Extreme Light Imperial City.

Extreme Light Imperial City had hosted so many Hundred Battles Arenas and was naturally very experienced.

They would arrange the order according to the strength of the martial artists, saving the strong players for the last to the best of their ability.

Clearly, in their view, for Ye Yuan’s strength to be able to defeat Fourth Firmament Divine Lords was already pretty good.

Fifth Firmament Divine Lords, he absolutely did not have chances of victory, that was why his matchup was arranged.

“Ye Yuan versus Song Tianqiang! There’s a good show to watch now!”

“Heh heh, this punk is unbelievably arrogant, I want to see just where his limits lie!”

“Song Tianqiang’s strength is absolutely a very formidable existence among Fifth Firmament Divine Lords. Ye Yuan’s myth ends here!”

Everyone also did not expect that the first battle that would get much attention would be about Ye Yuan.

They very much wanted to see now just where Ye Yuan’s limits lay.

Clearly, Song Tianqiang was the best litmus test.

It was just that no one thought that Ye Yuan would win.

Ye Yuan jumping realms to defeat Third Firmament Divine Lords, this was very easy to understand.

Ye Yuan crossing realms to defeat Fourth Firmament Divine Lords, they could also accept it.

If Ye Yuan could even win Fifth Firmament Divine Lords, this was also too perverse!

Song Tianqiang looked at Ye Yuan and said, “You’re very good. If you can break through to be a Fourth Firmament Divine Lord, I probably won’t be your match anymore. But now, admit defeat! You have no hope!”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Why do you all have the same pattern? Don’t you know how to change to something else? Haven’t fought yet, who knows the result?”

Song Tianqiang’s eyes narrowed slightly and he said in a solemn voice, “Since that’s the case, then this young master will let you know that spatial law can’t surpass everything!”

It went without saying that Ye Yuan already possessed Fourth Firmament Divine Lord combat strength.

But, there was similarly a massive gulf between Fourth Firmament Divine Lord and Fifth Firmament Divine Lord.

Moreover, Song Tianqiang was even one of the best among them!

“Hearing Moon Sacred Martial Fist!”

Song Tianqiang’s fist rumbled over, bringing along the world power of Fifth Firmament Divine Lord, virtually going to shatter the ring.

When everyone saw this scene, each of them, their countenance changed visibly.

Previously, Song Tianqiang had always vanquished the enemy with one move. No one could force him to use his full strength at all.

Now, they finally witnessed Song Tianqiang’s might!

Suddenly, everyone’s expression changed drastically, looking at Ye Yuan in disbelief.

“What is he going to do? Clash head-on with Song Tianqiang?”

“My God, isn’t he going to use spatial law to avoid this punch?”

“Hang on! This guy is even a body-cultivator, middle-stage fourth transformation golden body! This guy concealed his strength so deeply!”

In the crowd, cries of exclamations sounded out.

Because they discovered that not only did Ye Yuan comprehend spatial law, but he was also a middle-stage fourth transformation golden body body-cultivator!

Middle-stage fourth transformation golden body was equivalent to a Fourth Firmament to Sixth Firmament Divine Lord martial artist.

Ye Yuan had just entered the middle-stage fourth transformation golden body, his strength was roughly equivalent to Fourth Firmament Divine Lord.

These people all thought that Ye Yuan’s greatest reliance was spatial law. They did not expect that Ye Yuan’s physical body strength was even stronger than his martial arts!

“Universe Dragon Claw!”


A massive rumble transmitted over. The two people each retreated several dozen steps.

Song Tianqiang’s expression changed slightly. He was a Fifth Firmament Divine Lord and actually fought to a draw with the newly-advanced middle-stage fourth transformation Ye Yuan.

This humiliation, he was unable to accept it!

Song Tianqiang’s figure moved, slamming another punch over towards Ye Yuan.

Ye Yuan did not give way in the slightest too, executing the Universe Dragon Claw, clashing together with Song Tianqiang.

Golden light flashed on Ye Yuan’s body, dragon aura overflowing. He actually did not fall into a disadvantageous position in the slightest!

Below the stage, the contestants were long dumbfounded with shock.

How could they know that Ye Yuan’s true strength would actually be so appalling!

Previously, they were even mocking Ye Yuan for his low realm, it was simply coming to add to the headcount.

Only now did they realize that they were the cannon fodders.

Their strength could not even accomplish forcing out Ye Yuan’s true strength at all!

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