Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1715 - First Blood

1715 First Blood

In the enormous martial arts arena, it was overcrowded.

Extreme Light Imperial City specially constructed a large-scale martial arts arena in order to host the once-every-300-years Hundred Battles Arena.

In the center of the martial arts arena, eight large-scale rings were built.

At this time, the eight rings were all divided into four small arenas, the contestants were all raring to have a go.

The ones who signed up for the competition this time were a total of 3600 over people.

Dividing into eight groups, each group’s competition was carried out independently.

Ye Yuan was placed in the sixth group, Ning Tianping was placed in the eighth group.

The moment Ye Yuan entered the field, he attracted a wave of ridicule.

“Are my eyes failing me? A Second Firmament Divine Lord actually dares to come and take part in the Hundred Battles Arena too?”

“Hahaha! He’s a genius! Geniuses naturally want to obtain the Profound Secrets Pavilion’s recognition.”

“Truly overestimating his own ability! Tsk tsk, if I can run into him in the first round, how good would it be?”

In many people’s eyes, Ye Yuan already became a piece of fatty meat.

Whether they could enter the next round or not, it depended on whether they could encounter suckers like Ye Yuan.

Among the geniuses who signed up, the vast majority of the realms were concentrated from Third Firmament Divine Lord to Fifth Firmament Divine Lord. Second Firmament Divine Lords and Sixth Firmament Divine Lords were extremely few.

Encountering a Second Firmament Divine Lord, it was tantamount to being sent into the second round.

Of course, those who had this kind of thinking were mostly those Third Firmament and Fourth Firmament Divine Lords.

Truly reaching Fifth Firmament Divine Lord, one was naturally disdainful to take advantage of this kind of bargain.

“This bunch of guys is truly reckless and blind!” Ning Tianping said with a cold smile.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Huhu, no need to bother with them. These people are merely accompanying the crown prince to study. You go ahead. Do your best and strive to get the first place.”

Ning Tianping’s luck was better, the group he was put in did not have Sixth Firmament Divine Lord powerhouses.

If Ning Tianping performed splendidly, he might be able to get the first place in his group.

After all, what Ning Tianping obtained was a True God inheritance, while these geniuses, the vast majority did not have True God inheritances.

Ning Tianping chuckled and said, “Being grilled by Your Excellency all day, I was abused until I even doubted life. No idea what extent I can achieve this time either.”

These few years, Ning Tianping’s only opponent was Ye Yuan.

Fighting with Ye Yuan, that was really an extremely painful experience.

That was an existence that could not be defeated no matter how he fought!

But it was also precisely because of Ye Yuan’s existence that Ning Tianping could give it his all and go all out each time.

It was also because of this that his martial techniques and laws comprehension advanced by leaps and bounds.

Even Mo Lifei was also amazed by this disciple’s improvement speed.

However, he also witnessed Ye Yuan’s might even more.

No wonder Ye Yuan looked down on his inheritance.

Very soon, the first round arena match began.

The first round competition, the strength of the contestants who took the field had a wide disparity, The fights also progressed very quickly.

Ye Yuan’s group had 400 over people, which was also 200 over battles.

It progressed faster than expected.

Some people were directly finished in a few breaths on the fiend.

“Next round, Ye Yuan versus Li Kun!” The judge said in a clear voice.

When Ye Yuan heard his own name being called, he leaped onto the ring.

“It’s that Second Firmament Divine Lord! Li Kun, you really picked up a treasure! Lying down and you can even enter the second round!”

“Dog-shit luck! Absolutely dog-shit luck! Why don’t I have such good luck?”

“When a person gets lucky, even immortals can’t stop it! Li Kun, in my view, your destiny must be very booming!”

The contestants by the side all used extremely envious eyes to look at Li Kun.

Li Kun burst into laughter and said, “Thanks for giving way! Thanks for giving way!”

Finished talking, he leaped and also got onto the field.

Li Kun looked at Ye Yuan and said with a smile, “Brat, your strength is still considered not bad among peers. But … you came too early. If you come for the next Hundred Battles Arena, you might still have some hope. Admit defeat, the moment I make my move, you’ll inevitably get hurt.”

Ye Yuan delayed for 300 years in-between. The speed of breaking through the Divine Vortex Realm was a little slow.

His current realm was slightly better than ordinary martial artists, but it was also not considered very amazing.

Among these geniuses, it was not conspicuous.

Li Kun was peak Third Firmament Divine Lord. He was just missing a step. If he could progress a step further, he could break through to become a Fourth Firmament Divine Lord.

His strength dealing with a Second Firmament Divine Lord, it was naturally a cinch.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Never fight before, who knows?”

Li Kun chuckled and said, “Looks like you won’t shed tears if you don’t see the coffin! Forget it, then this young master will send you down! Violent Shadow Storm Sword!”

Li Kun’s sword attacked like the wind, his entire person turning into an afterimage, rushing toward Ye Yuan.

“Such swift speed!”

A wave of exclamations came from below. Clearly, they were greatly surprised by Li Kun’s speed.

Below the ring, Xiahou Yun stood with his hands behind his back, looking careless, but his attention never left Ye Yuan’s body before.

Regarding Jian Ping’s narrative, he actually did not believe it.

How could a Second Firmament Divine Lord possibly cross three minor realms to battle?

Divine Lord Realm’s minor realms were not some cabbages, able to be crossed casually.

Moreover, it was even separated by a minor stage in the middle!

Even a genius like him, when at the Second Firmament Divine Lord, he could only defeat some of the Third Firmament Divine Lords.


A sword directly passed through the chest!

A series of exclamations came from below once more. A death occurred in the first round?

This Ye Yuan’s strength was too weak, right?

Li Kun himself also jumped in fright. But his figure had yet to stabilize when he suddenly felt someone push from behind.


Li Kun wanted to stabilize his figure very much, but his push was not simple, directly stripping him of all his strength, making him unable to muster up strength at all.


It was only to see Li Kun’s figure involuntarily fly out of the arena, directly falling onto the ground.

Xiahou Yun’s gaze turned intent and he cried out, “Spatial law!”

Although it elapsed in a flash, his strength was far from what others could compare to and he caught it very keenly.

“Yowch! My old waist!”

Li kun supported his waist and stood up. Focusing his eyes and looking, Ye Yuan was still standing on the ring perfectly well and he immediately had a dazed look.

He completely had no idea how he was defeated!

He clearly stabbed Ye Yuan just now, why was the one who lost him instead?

The judge said, “Ye Yuan wins, Li Kun loses! Ye Yuan enters the second round!”

Seeing this result, there was an uproar below.

“What happened just now? I clearly saw Li Kun stab Ye Yuan, why was he defeated without rhyme or reason?”

“Don’t know, completely couldn’t see clearly!”

A Fifth Firmament Divine Lord said with a laugh, “It’s spatial law! Ye Yuan made use of spatial law to avoid Li Kun’s sword, then gave him a push from behind and he went out. Heh heh, rather interesting.”

A Fifth Firmament Divine Lord, regardless of whether strength or vision, it was all a notch higher. He was naturally able to see through Ye Yuan’s actual situation.

However, he was not worried.

His strength was three minor realms higher than Ye Yuan. Even if it was spatial law, it was also unable to change the final outcome.

Except, he could no longer regard Ye Yuan as an ordinary Second Firmament Divine Lord.

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