Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1714 - Third Firmament Spatial laws!

1714 Third Firmament Spatial laws!

Inside Extreme Light Imperial City, young geniuses gradually increased.

In the streets and alleys, tea houses and taverns, there were young faces everywhere.

These young geniuses came in different shapes and sizes, but the pride on their being could not be concealed no matter what.

“I heard that currently, there are already three Sixth Firmament Divine Lords who signed up for the Hundred Battles Arena!”

“How on earth did this bunch of freaks cultivate? I never delayed my cultivation all the way and I’m also just a Fourth Firmament Divine Lord up until now.”

“Isn’t that so? Realm is secondary, the terrifying thing is that their laws comprehension is even high! I heard that Jiang Nan fused three powers of law, his strength immensely formidable!”

“Yeah, also, that freak called Xiahou Yun, heard that he comprehended destruction law. None are his match in the same rank!”

In the city, discussions had already long begun.

Some powerful opponents had also long been picked out, becoming everyone’s target of heated discussion.

Hundred Battles Arena was divided into a total of eight groups.

Each group’s first place could get the Profound Secrets Pavilion’s seven grand elders’ guidance.

And in the end, these eight groups’ first place will undergo the final showdown to determine the champion of the Hundred Battles Arena this time!

This champion would obtain the Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord’s personal guidance.

This was unparalleled glory. So those powerful geniuses all cracked their heads wanting to fight for this first place.

Although it was all aura viewing art, different people executing it, the effect was naturally different.

Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord studied the mysteries of good fortune. The geniuses that he personally guided before, all became notable figures of a region later.

At this time, inside Phoenix Immortal Restaurant’s top floor luxury private room, Jian Ping was currently raising his wine cup and chatting away with a young man.

When he heard the news of Ye Yuan going to participate in the Hundred Battles Arena, he was immediately overjoyed.

Ye Yuan was personally received by the pavilion lord, he had no way of directly acting.

But if Ye Yuan was accidentally beaten to death by people during the competition, then he could not blame anyone.

Life and death were uncontrollable on the Hundred Battles Arena, although one was allowed to admit defeat.

Under normal circumstances, there would not be deaths on the Hundred Battles Arena.

After all, the geniuses who came to take part in the Hundred Battles Arena mostly had significant backgrounds. Behind each person might have a Celestial Deity powerhouse. Really killing the other party, there would be no end to future troubles.

However, each Hundred Battles Arena would also have situations where casualties appeared.

With Jian Ping’s identity, wanting to find Ye Yuan’s group was naturally not a difficult thing. When he knew that Ye Yuan and Xiahou Yun were grouped together, he was immediately overjoyed.

This grouping, Extreme Light Imperial City would naturally make some considerations in-advanced and have the powerful contestants avoid each other.

And Xiahou Yun was naturally this group’s number one seed.

When he learned that Ye Yuan was only Second Firmament Divine Lord, he said with a disdainful look, “Brother Jian Ping is looking down on Xiahou Yun too much. Killing a Second Firmament Divine Lord also needs to have me take action?”

Jian Ping said with a solemn look: “Brother Xiahou mustn’t underestimate him. Even though this kid is just Second Firmament Divine Lord, his combat power is astonishing. His strength isn’t beneath mine!”

The moment these words came out, Xiahou Yun’s face revealed a look of surprise.

Although Jian Ping’s combat strength was not considered strong, he was at any rate a Fifth Firmament Divine Lord powerhouse too.

A Second Firmament Divine Lord could actually cross three minor realms to face his enemy?

Xiahou Yun’s face revealed an amused look as he said with a smile, “Oh? Such an interesting opponent, this Xiahou Yun have to experience it. However, Junior Sister Meng Qing’s matter will be entrusted to Brother Jian Ping.”

Jian Ping patted his chest and said, “Relax, Master still pays a lot of attention to me, this disciple. This bit of request is naturally nothing difficult.”

Jian Ping sneered in his heart: Ye Yuan, I’ll see if you still don’t die this time!

Xiahou Yun was Sixth Firmament Divine Lord. Destruction law had tremendous destructive powers. With Ye Yuan’s strength, it was totally impossible to win.

Inside the Death Cultivation Space, Ye Yuan’s sweat was like rain, currently fighting to the death with his projection.

The projection was still as strong as ever.

It was just too bad that he never won once.

Looking closely, these two people actually had their eyes closed.

The two people entered the Selfless Realm at the same time!

During these seven years, Ye Yuan threw himself into frenzied cultivation.

The battle this time was different from in the past, he must get first place!

Hence, he also devoted more effort.

His cultivation intensity, normal people were completely unable to imagine.

Even though he pledged to Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord in sincerity and solemness that he would definitely get first place, he did not look down on the geniuses this time.

If Ye Yuan’s current strength reached Fourth Firmament Divine Vortex, he could naturally sweep across those in the same rank.

Whatever Fifth Firmament, Sixth Firmament Divine Lord, if he smacked a palm over, they would be completely annihilated.

It was just too bad that he was just Second Firmament Divine Lord currently.

The spiritual energy that Ye Yuan needed to break through a minor realm currently could be rated as terrifying. He could not break through during this short period.

But these few years of bitter cultivation coupled with the supplementation of medicinal pills, his realm already reached peak Second Firmament Divine Lord.

Ye Yuan knew that the opponents this time were very strong. Just the Sixth Firmament Divine Lords were quite a few. Furthermore, their combat strengths were all uncommon.

Among peers, they all had no opponents.

Furthermore, among Fifth Firmament Divine Lords, it was also hard to guarantee that some powerful existence would not pop out.

Since the Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord warned him many times, it clearly showed that the geniuses in these several hundred cities were not that simple.

With Ye Yuan’s present strength, facing off against Sixth Firmament Divine Lords was still somewhat taxing.

Hence, he was seeking breakthroughs in the power of laws.

In these seven years, Ye Yuan already cultivated Sword Dao laws to the realm of Fourth Firmament grand completion inside the World Suppressing Stele’s space.

It was too bad that spatial laws did not break through.

Third Firmament spatial laws were too fleeting and ephemeral!

Even with Ye Yuan’s talent, he still had no clues after fumbling about for several hundred years.

Hence, he entered the Death Cultivation Space time and again, attempting to break through.

“Jeje, you want to comprehend spatial laws? Dream on! Come one day, you’ll die at my …” The projection laughed strangely but suddenly stopped.

Right at this moment, Ye Yuan’s sword drew a cutting edge, breaching his defenses, directly cutting him in half!

Carrying intense unwillingness, the clone died once more. “I-Impossible!”

Dustless said with joy, “Heaven rewards the faithful, you finally comprehended Third Firmament spatial laws!”

Ye Yuan panted for a while and said, “Yeah, it’s too hard! Those able to comprehend spatial laws are all amazingly talented people!”

Dustless said, “That’s of course! Since ancient times, anyone who comprehended spatial laws, those were all people whose name shakes a region, their reputation extremely illustrious.”

Ye Yuan said with joy, “Spatial laws are indeed powerful! This Third Firmament cultivating to the realm of grand completion should be able to tear apart space, right? The Misty Sword Art that fused Third Firmament spatial laws, in terms of power, it shouldn’t lose to the Nirvana Seal anymore! Heh heh, I’m somewhat looking forward to the Hundred Battles Arena! Wonder if any opponent who can excite me will appear!”

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