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Chapter 1713 - Sword Pointing at First Place!

Chapter 1713; Sword Pointing at First Place!

Ye Yuan was stunned and immediately came to a realization. 

An opportunity to have the Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord personally view their aura and give pointers, how rare was that?

Those whose bone age surpassed 2000 years, their strengths were basically fixed already. The development room also would not be too great.

Having them accept the Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord’s aura viewing, wouldn’t it be a waste?

A ten thousand years old Fifth Firmament Divine Lord, what was there to look at[1]?

No matter how he looked, it was also impossible for him to break through to the Celestial Deity Realm!

Extreme Light Imperial City hosting this Hundred Battles Arena was to find geniuses with potential and let those forces emphasis on grooming them.

This way, Extreme Light Imperial City would also have excellent network relations.

When these geniuses grow up, they would also be grateful to Extreme Light Imperial City.

Thinking up to here, Ye Yuan had no choice but to admire Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord’s shrewdness and farsightedness.

This move could let Extreme Light Imperial City establish great prestige, and could also let Extreme Light Imperial City get many allies. It was truly experienced and vicious to the extreme.

No wonder the Jian Family’s power and influence were so great; this was not without reason.

The level of pinnacle geniuses in an imperial city, at around 2000 years old, their strength was roughly also just the likes of middle-stage Divine Lord Realm.

It was around Ning Tianping’s strength.

This way, Ning Tianping was already at the level of a top genius in an imperial city unknowingly.

Even though that Jian Ping was also Fifth Firmament Divine Lord, his skeletal age already surpassed 2000 years old. It was completely incomparable to Ning Tianping.

One had to know, Heavenly Eagle Imperial City was just low-grade among imperial cities. The chances of giving birth to such geniuses were extremely, extremely low.

“So that’s how it is. Ye Yuan understands! Pavilion Lord rest assured, Ye Yuan will definitely get this spot!” Ye Yuan said with a firm gaze.

No matter how powerful his opponent was, Ye Yuan would also defeat the other party and get this spot.

He absolutely did not allow failure!

But Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord laughed and said, “Huhu, Little Friend Ye Yuan mustn’t be too confident! The Hundred Battles Arena isn’t as easy as you think. When the time comes, there will be large batches of young geniuses emerging. Several hundreds of imperial cities around Extreme Light Imperial City will also act without delay upon hearing it. Also, some reclusive young prodigies will also take advantage of this opportunity to rise to prominence. At that time, Sixth Firmament Divine Lord powerhouses might appear. Your opponents are very strong!”

This Hundred Battles Arena had already been hosted for many sessions.

Presently, the impact of the influence was so widespread that even imperial cities under other heavenly emperors’ command would go into action without delay too.

The wider the area covered, the greater the probability of young geniuses appearing.

Furthermore, some reclusive geniuses also wanted to prove their potential and all wanted to take a look at their potential.

Hence, they would all come to Extreme Light Imperial City.

Every 300 years, Extreme Light Imperial City would become a melting pot, becoming the place where all young geniuses competed.

Ye Yuan’s eyes were full of determination as he said in a solemn voice, “This junior can’t afford to lose, and also won’t lose!”

Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord laughed and said, “Huhu, emperor surmounting aura, this old man is really very curious to what extent you can accomplish!”

Ye Yuan suddenly looked at the Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord, eyes narrowing slightly as he said, “Pavilion Lord, you only take action once every 300 years, could it be that … you’ve suffered serious injuries before?”

Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord’s pupils constricted when he heard that and said in shock, “You punk, what discerning eyes! Heh heh, that’s right, this old man rashly judged heaven’s secrets back then, resulting in suffering Heavenly Dao’s backlash, causing my realm to drop drastically. That’s how I ended up in this plight. Taking action once every 300 years, this old man is barely able to recover my vitality. But this time, if you really get first place, the next Hundred Battles Arena will probably have to be postponed.”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed and he said with clasped hands, “For Pavilion Lord to be willing to take action to help me, this grace, Ye Yuan will definitely remember it!”

Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord chuckled and said, “This old man being seriously injured once to exchange for an emperor surmounting aura’s favor, it’s very worthwhile! But … still that sentence, your opponents are very strong! You can only receive this old man divination if you get first place.”

“What? You still going to take part in the Hundred Battles Arena in the end?”

The reason why Jian Zhentao brought Ye Yuan to go find the pavilion lord was in order to not let him participate in the Hundred Battles Arena.

In his view, with Ye Yuan’s strength, it was totally impossible to get the Hundred Battles Arena’s first place.

That battle outside the door, Jian Zhentao still thought that it was Ning Tianping taking action until now.

For a Second Firmament Divine Lord to want to overpower all heroes on the Hundred Battles Arena, this was simply a fool’s talk.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Yes! Pavilion Lord said that as long as I can get first place, he’ll perform a divination for me!”

Jian Zhentao waved his hand and said, “That’s the reward that the first place should get! If you can get first place, what did I work so hard to bring you to go find him for?”

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, “You’re mistaken! If it’s others, that’s the reward that the first place should get. But for me, he can refuse!”

Jian Zhentao froze and said, “Why?”

Ye Yuan said, “Because, he says that I’m of the emperor surmounting aura! Even if it’s him, performing divination for me will also greatly harm his vitality!”


Jian Zhentao’s pupils constricted, sucking in a cold breath, using eyes as if looking at a monster and staring fixedly at Ye Yuan.

“E-Emperor surmounting aura!” The shock on Jian Zhentao’s face could not be any greater.

Extreme Light Imperial City, forget about Extreme Light Imperial City, even in the entire Heavenspan World, one also could not find more than a few.

It was hard to produce a Heavenly Emperor powerhouse in several million years too!

Emperor surmounting aura had only ever existed in the legends.

He actually met a live one today!

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Pavilion Lord even said that if I really get first place, the next Hundred Battles Arena will probably have to be postponed. This shows that the divination this time is a huge burden on him!”

Jian Zhentao was thunderstruck by this news until he was tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

Imperial aura was already his bold guess.

He did not expect that Ye Yuan’s destiny was not an imperial aura but actually an emperor surmounting aura!

He suddenly somewhat understood why he would break through.

This was getting tainted by Immortal Qi[2]!

Only after a long time did Jian Zhentao recover from his shock. He said with a solemn look, “Ye Yuan, you must stay tight-lipped about this matter and mustn’t let people know! Otherwise, you’ll have countless troubles!”

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “Senior rest assured, Ye Yuan naturally knows.”

A future Heavenly Emperor powerhouse, this news was too explosive.

His rise was bound to shake the existing structure. Maybe after some heavenly emperors get this news, they would send people to come and kill him.

It was not that this kind of thing did not happen before.

Jian Zhentao continued, “But I’m still unable to believe that you can get first place!”

Ning Tianping smiled when he heard that and said, “Senior rest assured, His Excellency’s strength absolutely doesn’t pale in comparison to those geniuses. At least, I’m not His Excellency’s match! Although getting the first place is hard, His Excellency won’t give up.”

Jian Zhentao laughed in spite of himself and said, “Are you joking with me? A Second Firmament Divine Lord, even you are not a match?”

Ning Tianping smiled and said, “That battle in front of Senior’s house was His Excellency personally taking action. If facing the enemy head-on, His Excellency has confidence in killing Jian Ping! It’s just that His Excellency didn’t wish to offend the Profound Secrets Pavilion, that’s why he forcefully endured and did not make a move.”

Jian Zhentao looked at Ye Yuan in disbelief. Was this guy a freak?

[1] Reminder, X-layered heaven has been changed to X Firmament from now on.

[2] Doesn’t actually mean immortal.

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