Unrivaled Medicine God

Chapter 1712 - Hundred Battles Arena

1712 Hundred Battles Arena

The old man drank a mouthful of tea and said calmly, “Heh, letting a youth with emperor surmounting aura owe this old man a big favor, this old man is naturally willing. It’s just too bad that this old man’s strength falls short of my wishes!”

Ye Yuan had a look of despair. He did not expect that it was actually such a result in the end.

“Pavilion Lord, could it be that … there’s no way at all?” Ye Yuan said unwillingly.

The old man passed another cup of tea over and said with a smile, “Slowly drink, don’t be in a rush.”

Ye Yuan’s gaze turned intent, discovering that he somewhat lost composure.

“Thank you, Pavilion Lord!”

He received the tea and took a light sip. A bitter and astringent to the extreme harshness taste instantly filled his mouth.

But very soon, faint sweetness revealed in the bitterness, penetrating into the abdomen, transmitting into all four limbs and the bones.

In an instant, his divine essence seemed to have increased quite a bit.

Ye Yuan’s eyes lit up and he praised, “Good tea! Good tea! This junior was a little impulsive, hope that Senior doesn’t blame.”

That mouthful just now, Ye Yuan did not savor the splendid taste of this spirit tea at all.

Calming down now, he immediately felt the extraordinariness of this tea.

A hint of approval flashed across the old man’s eyes, secretly thinking that indeed well-deserving of being a youth who possessed the emperor surmounting aura, calming down so quickly.

The old man smiled and said, “This tea is called Empty Cicada Skydew Tea. One cup can match a peak rank four divine pill. You already ate two just now! If it were others, they would have long had to enter closed-seclusion to refine it. But you didn’t have any reaction at all. Indeed worthy of being the emperor surmounting aura!”

Ye Yuan was slightly surprised in his heart, not expecting that this tea was actually so precious.

One had to know, ordinary Second Firmament Divine Lord martial artists who consumed a peak rank four divine pills had to enter closed-seclusion for quite a few days too[1].

Consuming two in a row, the meridians within the body would be somewhat unable to withstand it. There would definitely be a feeling of bloatedness within the body.

But Ye Yuan drank two cups in a row and was completely fine. It was not unexpected that the Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord would not be astonished.

But he did not know that Ye Yuan ate medicinal pills like eating jelly beans. It would not do if the pills were only a few.

Ye Yuan had to expend no idea how many divine-grade medicinal pills to break through one minor realm currently. It was simply a bottomless pit.

Forget about double the spirit tea, even ten cups, he would not bat an eyelid too.

Two cups entering the stomach, Ye Yuan’s chaos divine essence also could not grow by much.

Ye Yuan was rather surprised as he said, “It turns out that it’s the Empty Cicada Skydew Tea, no wonder, no wonder! It’s just that … it’s somewhat a pity!’

The old man said doubtfully, “Oh? What’s a pity?”

This Empty Cicada Skydew was carefully nurtured by him. He had expended God knows how much effort.

Hearing Ye Yuan’s meaning, there seemed to even be some shortcomings!

Ye Yuan said, “Empty Cicada Skydew is a rank five spirit tea, but Pavilion Lord only has a rank four effect, isn’t it a shame?”

The old man smiled bitterly and said, “Empty Cicada Skydew is the most finicky and is exceedingly difficult to cultivate. Being able to nurture peak rank four, this old man has already spent goodness knows how much the price.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “That’s Senior’s cultivation method being wrong! Empty Cicada Skydew Tea, the hardest thing to preserve is its spiritual energy. A single misstep and the spiritual energy will leak out, dropping ranks.”

The old man trembled all over and said, “You have the Empty Cicada Skydew’s nurturing method? Empty Cicada Skydew is extremely rare. The nurturing methods passed down are also extremely few. This old man exhausted all means but also didn’t find the method to cultivate it.”

The significance of rank four spirit teas and rank five spirit teas was different to the old man.

Rank four spirit teas were really just spirit tea to him; it was only a drink.

But rank five spirit teas were very helpful to his cultivation!

Moreover, the function of spirit teas was not just increasing cultivation. It also had tremendous benefits to the body.

Hence, that was why he would rack his brains to go and cultivate them.

It was just a pity that it was all for naught.

Ye Yuan nodded and said, “The nurturing method for Empty Cicada Skydew lies in the word ‘Skydew’! Every morning when dew forms, it’s the time when the spirit tea absorbs spiritual energy most vigorously. At this time, one should add more fertilizer, while at other times, it should be reduced according to one’s discretion. Moreover, the four seasons, each season’s fertilizer amount is also different. It’s indeed extremely difficult to cultivate. For Senior to be able to cultivate to peak rank four, you’ve clearly expended considerable effort too.”

The moment the old man heard what Ye Yuan said, he immediately had a sudden realization and said, “No wonder! No wonder! So that’s how it is! Little Friend Ye Yuan, this … this Empty Cicada Skydew’s nurturing method, can … can it be imparted to this old man?”

Spirit tea was a type of spirit medicine too. Nurturing it was extremely meticulous and could not be clearly stated in a few sentences.

Ye Yuan knew because Immortal Grove was an enthusiast of tea ceremony too. He had collected many spirit teas’ nurturing methods.

This Empty Cicada Skydew was one of them.

The Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord was extremely agitated at this time. The demeanor of an expert was all lost, looking at Ye Yuan eagerly.

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “That is of course!”

As he said, Ye Yuan took out a jade slip and imprinted the nurturing method for the Empty Cicada Skydew, and gave it to the Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord.

The Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord’s divine sense swept through it, his eyes becoming brighter and brighter, an appearance akin to having obtained a priceless treasure.

“Turns out that it’s like this! Turns out that it’s like this! Why didn’t I think of it?” The old man had an appearance of being suddenly enlightened and was actually itching to give it a try.

Ye Yuan was not in a rush either, waiting quietly.

With this look, it was more than an hour.

The old man put away the jade slip, only then abruptly startled awake, and said rather embarrassedly, “Huhu, I have incurred Little Friend Ye Yuan’s ridicule. You don’t know how much effort this old man put into this Empty Cicada Skydew. Now that I’m burning with eagerness, I became immersed in it and was unable to extricate myself for some time.”

Ye Yuan smiled and said, “Junior is an alchemist too and naturally understands Pavilion Lord’s mood.”

The old man laughed and said, “Talking about this tea for half a day, I almost forgot proper business! Little Friend Ye Yuan, you have the emperor surmounting aura. Performing divination for you, I have to expend considerable longevity! It isn’t convenient for this old man to frequently take action due to some reasons. Hence, this old man set the rule of taking action once every 300 years!”

Ye Yuan secretly sighed in his heart. He did not expect that his destiny actually became the greatest obstacle to finding Li-er they all.

“Senior, I wonder how long is there still from this 300 years?” Ye Yuan asked.

The old man said, “The 300-year date is only left with seven years.”

Ye Yuan was overjoyed when he heard that and said, “Senior, I want this chance for you to take action! I won’t hesitate to pay any price!”

But the old man shook his head and said, “This opportunity, you have to fight for it yourself.”

Ye Yuan said doubtfully, “Fight for it myself?”

Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord nodded and said, “After seven years, Extreme Light Imperial City will set up the Hundred Battles Arena! At that time, all geniuses will gather here and compete for a chance to have this old man view their aura and perform a divination. If you want to have this old man take action, only by winning the Hundred Battles Arena will it work!”

Ye Yuan’s expression changed slightly and he said, “This … If Junior encounters late-stage Divine Lord Realm, wouldn’t it be impossible to win?”

It was true that Ye Yuan was strong, but he was not strong to the extent where he could defeat a late-stage Divine Lord yet.

Profound Secrets Pavilion Lord smiled and said, “You don’t have to worry about this. The rule that this old man set is that all those whose skeletal age exceeds 2000 years are not allowed to join the Hundred Battles Arena. Your opponents are all your peers!”

[1] From now on, first-layered heaven will be changed to First Firmament, second-layered heaven to Second Firmament, so on and so forth.

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