Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1293 - The Gentleman Attacks, the Buddhist Monk’s Killing Intent Ignites,

Chapter 1293: The Gentleman Attacks, the Buddhist Monk’s Killing Intent Ignites, Someone Powerful Is Approaching

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An indifferent voice sounded, followed by sacred Buddhist Chimes reverberating throughout the realm.

A young man in gold armor slowly approached. Wherever he went, golden lotuses bloomed as if the Buddha himself had arrived.

“It’s him, the Buddha’s Sword!”

“He’s the most powerful Sword Dao cultivator among the younger generation Buddhist cultivators, the Buddha’s Sword!”

Upon recognizing that person, some could not help but exclaim in shock.

Buddha’s Sword was a well-known Prodigy!

“The Buddha’s Sword is a master in Sword Dao. Although he’s a Buddhist cultivator, he’ll surely not miss this opportunity to obtain the Green Leaf Sword Vision.”

“With the Buddha’s Sword, Wang Tianba, and the almost-Prodigy Linghu Zun, it looks like the Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators are really in deep trouble now.”

“Did you forget about everyone else? Just look at all the other sword cultivators standing around here. All of them are just waiting to take advantage of the situation.”

Even the bully of Immortals, Wang Tianba, turned serious at the sight of the Buddha’s Sword.

“What’s the matter? Are the Buddhist cultivators joining this mess as well?”

“The Green Leaf Sword Vision must never fall into the hands of those who come from malicious orthodoxies like you,” the Buddha’s Sword said to Linghu Zun and Wang Tianba in an indifferent tone.

Wang Tianba sneered. “True, but in the end, you just want the Green Leaf Sword vision like us!”

“It makes a world of difference when I’m the one who gets the Green Leaf Sword Vision. You people will use it to conduct evil, while I’ll use it for good and protect the innocents!”

The Buddha’s Sword clasped his hands together while his body radiated with Buddhist Light, adding a sense of righteousness to his appearance.

“The Buddhist Master is right. The Sword Vision must never fall into the hands of the Demonic Sects or the Evil Immortal Valley criminals.”

Then, a gentle voice sounded.

A ray of sword ray swept in from the distance.

It was a young man dressed in white and holding an iron fan. He had a very gentleman-like appearance.

Many female cultivators immediately got excited and googly-eyed upon his arrival.

“It’s him, Gentleman Langya from Langya Sword Sect!”

Gentleman Langya was the strongest sky-pride in the Langya Sword Sect. Similar to Linghu Zun, he was a top-notch sky-pride second only to the Prodigies.

Rumors said that he was a very upright and honest person who possessed a splendid character unlike any other, hence the title of Gentleman.

“Gentleman Langya is such a handsome person.”

“That’s right. His appearance is just too extraordinary.”

“With his pleasant demeanor, swordlike brows, and starlit eyes, it’s like he walked out from a painting.”

“Rumor says that Chu Kuangren is also an unusually handsome man. I wonder how handsome he is compared to Gentleman Langya.”

A bunch of female cultivators looked at Gentleman Langya with brightly lit eyes.

“Greetings, benevolent cultivator.”

The Buddha’s Sword greeted Gentleman Langya with a fist salute.

Gentleman Langya greeted in kind as well.

Meanwhile, Su Yun and the other Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators looked even more hopeless now.

They already had their hands full dealing with Linghu Zun.

However, now that Wang Tianba, Buddha’s Sword, and Gentleman Langya — Prodigies and top-notch sky-prides — their chances of winning were seemingly non-existent now.

“A Gentleman and a monk, huh?”

“Hmph, how funny to see you guys acting all virtuous and righteous when it’s obvious you guys are here just for the Green Leaf Sword Vision.” Su Yun took a deep breath and said.

Upon hearing that, Gentleman Langya chuckled. “The Sword Vision belongs to those strong enough to wield and obtain it. Although I believe that Brother Ye Zhu is a very kind and capable person, he must also know that the Sword Vision is highly sought by many, including evil people like the Sword Demon and Wang Tianba. Judging by Brother Ye Zhu’s current strength, I’m afraid he won’t be able to prevent others from stealing it.”

“Why don’t you guys hand it over to us? I’ll make sure to deal with it properly and prevent it from falling into the hands of evil people.”

Before Su Yun and the others could reply, Linghu Zun, who was beside them, sneered. “What a gentleman you are. To think you can sugarcoat the act of stealing so well! Compared to us demons, you truly are worse or, if not, similarly evil. At the very least, we demons are brave enough to admit it!”

“How dare you demons compare yourselves to the likes of me!”

Gentleman Langya’s eyes turned cold. Then, he waved his iron fan, and strands of chilling sword qi started circling in front of it.

At a closer look, the structure of that fan was, in fact, made up of many Immortal Swords.

“No point in talking any longer. Why don’t we fight it out and see? I’ve been longing to find out who’s the strongest person among us Prodigies!” Linghu Zun sneered.

The black Immortal Sword in his hand trembled while letting out a blood-devouring intent. For a moment, faint blood-colored light radiated from that sword.

“I say, if we continue bickering about this for too long, Ye Zhu, over there, is going to fully refine the Green Leaf Sword Vision soon,” Wang Tianba said while looking at the giant green sword in the distance.

Ye Zhu’s aura had gotten more powerful as time went by, so he should be able to fully refine that pair of Sword Vision in due time.

Since he already possessed the incomplete Green Leaf Sword Vision before this, it was no surprise that he would be faster in refining the complete Sword Vision than other cultivators.

Upon realizing that, Gentleman Langya and Linghu Zun, who were about to fight, quickly retracted their auras. There was a hint of urgency in their eyes.

“Cultivators of the Three Clarity Daoist Sect, stop this obsession and hand me the Sword Vision at once!”

Gentleman Langya immediately dashed toward the giant green sword.

Strands of sword qi containing a heart-piercing chill erupted from his body, causing the space to turn into ice.

“Want to steal the Sword Vision? You’ll have to go through me first!”

Su Yun immediately charged toward Gentleman Langya, channeling the power of his Supreme Clarity cultivation techniques to its fullest potential.

Although he managed to hold back Gentleman Langya as their sword qi clashed, Su Yun was immediately sent flying, and he spat out a mouthful of blood. He was already severely exhausted from the fight against Linghu Zun earlier.

The Buddha’s Sword stepped forth, seeking to snatch the Sword Vision away.

However, the remaining Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators rushed toward him with determination.

Some even set their life essence aflame to increase their strength just to hold the Buddha’s Sword back for an instant.

“Cease this obsession at once!”

The Buddha’s Sword frowned as the gold Buddhist Light-formed lotuses shattered, their petals each turning into strands of sword qi that swept out in all directions.

One by one, the Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators were all torn into shreds by the sword qi.

The Buddha’s Sword moved to kill, though his body still emanated a benevolent aura. However, under his sword qi scenes, a hellish scene broke free.

Wang Tianba and Linghu Zun also attacked.

The four of them were Prodigies and top-tier sky-prides. Even though the Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators put their lives on the line to stop their advances, the cultivators were still killed.

Su Yun was overcome with pain and sorrow to see her comrades falling.

“All of you deserve to die!” Su Yun roared while setting his life essence on fire. He unleashed a barrage of sword qi from his body, forcing Gentleman Langya back several meters.

“Even if you set your life essence on fire, you’re still as insignificant as an ant to me!” the Buddha’s Sword said indifferently. Without even taking out his sword, he gently raised his hand. A look of compassion suddenly appeared on his face. “Great Compassion Slash!”

Using his palm as a sword, endless Buddhist Light gathered and formed a giant golden sword that emanated compassionate intent everywhere!

At the same time, Su Yun channeled his Immortal’s Core energy to the limit and attacked in return.

However, despite putting his life on the line, his efforts were futile in the face of the Prodigies!

His sword qi was shattered!

The Great Compassion Slash landed on his body, leaving a wound so deep that his bone was visible. It almost slashed him apart into two!

“Is this the power of the Prodigies?”

Gentleman Langya looked at the Buddha’s Sword cautiously.

If it were him facing the Buddha’s Sword, it was very likely that he would not last ten moves from his opponent.

Meanwhile, the Buddha’s Sword looked into the distance and took that attack directly. Looking at Su Yun who was struggling to fight, a strange look appeared on the Buddha’s Sword’s face.

“Still alive, I see. Then again, you’re only prolonging your suffering by struggling too much.”

After that, he lifted his hand, intending to end Su Yun’s life.

However, at that time, the Buddha’s Sword suddenly stopped. His gaze narrowed as he looked into the skies. “This aura… Someone powerful is approaching!”

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