Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1294 - Slaying Demons and Shocking Gods With a Single Slash, Cultivators of Different Levels

Chapter 1294: Slaying Demons and Shocking Gods With a Single Slash, Cultivators of Different Levels

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The Buddha’s Sword was so powerful that it made Su Yun fall into despair.

Just when the Buddha’s Sword was about to kill him, the former suddenly stopped and looked into the distance with a serious gaze.

He was not the only one!

Wang Tianba also felt something and quickly looked into the distance. “An extraordinary aura!”


Sword chants suddenly reverberated in the realm.

A white ray of light suddenly swept in from nowhere. Containing endless sword qi, it landed and stuck itself into the ground in the middle of the battlefield.

It was a sword — a jade-like sword carved with countless Daoist patterns!

As it stood upright on the ground, an incomparably dominating sword aura erupted everywhere like a raging tide, enveloping everyone within it at once!

The sword aura was so terrifying that countless sword cultivators felt suffocated by it.

“What a terrifying sword aura!” Gentleman Langya uttered grimly.

“This sword… It looks familiar!”

Meanwhile, Linghu Zun’s pupils shrank as he looked at the white-jaded sword. It was like he suddenly thought of something. “It’s him! He’s here!”

The moment he said that, an overwhelmingly domineering aura erupted from the sky and spread everywhere!

A white-robed figure gradually descended from the sky. He exuded an otherworldly demeanor and looked as handsome as a real Immortal as his robes fluttered in the air!

The person was light on his feet!

However, the moment his feet touched the ground, the ground could hardly bear his weight!

As if a meteor had struck, the ground within a thousand-kilometer radius rumbled. Countless gigantic cracks began to spread everywhere, and the surrounding landscape changed drastically as mountains crumbled!

Even that giant sword that stood upright shook!

Although it was a person and his sword, their aura was so overwhelming that even the heavens and earth had no choice but to submit!

Many people were shocked at that scene.

“Chu Kuangren!”

Someone said his name out loud. It was a name so well-known that it could shock the whole Interstellar Arena.

“He’s here!”

“Is he here for the Green Leaf Sword Vision too?!”

“What a horrifying aura. Is that the power of the most top-tier Prodigy?!”

Many were shocked, and some female cultivators could not help but look at Chu Kuangren with admiration and yearning in their eyes.

If Gentleman Langya was a righteous and gentle person, Chu Kuangren would be akin to an otherworldly and real Immortal who lived in the heavens.

The two of them could not be compared at all.

In the presence of Chu Kuangren, Gentleman Langyu was no different than an insignificant side character. Whether it was appearance or demeanor, he was no match to Chu Kuangren at all.

“Chu Kuangren…”

Su Yun also noticed Chu Kuangren’s arrival. He looked at Chu Kuangren surprisingly, hopefully, and anxiously.

He was unsure whether Chu Kuangren was here to help him or get the Green Leaf Sword Vision for himself like the Buddha’s Sword and others.

“I still owe you a favor, fellow cultivator. How about letting me return that favor today?”

Chu Kuangren chuckled while looking at Su Yun.

He raised his hand to cast the Yin Yang Life Death Symbol and injected it into Su Yun’s body to help heal his wounds.

Back when Chu Kuangren had just entered the Interstellar Arena, Su Yun went to find him to inform him about Lan Yu surrounded by the Evil Immortal Valley cultivators.

Due to that, Chu Kuangren owed Su Yun a favor, so he had come to return that favor this time.

Su Yun was overjoyed upon hearing that. At the same time, he felt incredibly grateful as well.

Never did he expect that his little act to build good relations with Chu Kuangren back then would result in such tremendous help for him.

He did not even expect Chu Kuangren would be willing to go against the Buddha’s Sword, Wang Tianba, and others just for a small favor like that.

After all, they were Prodigies and top-tiered sky-prides.

Each of them possessed an incredible background, with powerful beings behind their backs.

“Chu Kuangren! It really is you!”

Linghu Zun looked at Chu Kuangren seriously, with fear in his eyes.

Back when Chu Kuangren turned the whole Luo Hou Ancestral Land upside down, he witnessed all of it firsthand from afar, so he knew how terrifying Chu Kuangren was.

For someone like Linghu Zun, becoming as strong as Shi Tianxuan was his lifelong goal.

However, Chu Kuangren was nothing short of a lingering nightmare in his mind!

He would never forget how the whole Demonic Dao was plunged into chaos and how countless demonic sky-prides died just because of a single person.

“Since you know who I am, why haven’t you kneeled, begged for mercy, and scuttle off right away?” Chu Kuangren said indifferently.

Upon hearing him, Linghu Zun’s face immediately turned red with anger. The fear within him was immediately replaced by rage.

“Don’t be so arrogant, Chu Kuangren! Back when you turned the whole Luo Hou Ancestral Land into chaos, I was still not strong enough. However, I’m no longer the weakling I used to be!”

“I, inheritor of the Sword Demon’s legacy, can go against even a Prodigy like you!!”

Then, he roared and rose into the sky with demonic qi emanating from his body. As his demonic qi and Daoist pattern intertwined, a dark sword shadow formed among the clouds!

“Chu Kuangren, behold the power of the Demonic Nine Heavens Annihilation, one of the Twenty-four Sword Dao Techniques!” Linghu Zun yelled.

With a single slash, bursts of sword qi erupted from that terrifying dark sword shadow, seemingly hell-bent on destroying the world!

The Twenty-four Sword Dao Techniques were the most advanced among the Sword Dao cultivation techniques, and the Demonic Nine Heavens Annihilation was one of them!

It was so powerful and profound that most Arch Gilded Immortal Techniques paled in comparison!

“The Twenty-Four Sword Dao Techniques, huh? Why are you speaking as if no one knows them?” Chu Kuangren chuckled.

After that, he gestured a sword hand sign. The Descendant Self Sword beside him rose into the air, its Daoist Proclamation Seals lighting up one after another.

“Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique!” said Chu Kuangren indifferently to unleash his newly acquired Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique, which was also one of the Twenty-Four Sword Dao Techniques!

An endless stream of Daoist patterns gathered all over the Descendant Self Sword. Then, a white sword ray emerged and broke out in the form of a devastating ray of light!

That attack was chilling and bright at the same time!

It was akin to a meteor shooting across the night sky. Even the gods and deities in heaven were awe-struck!

The Descendant Self Sword’s Daoist Proclamation Seals flickered as the Godfearing Sword ray shot directly into the looming demonic qi in the sky!

Two of the Twenty-Four Sword Dao Techniques clashed!

However, the white sword ray brutally tore apart the demonic qi and continued moving forth! It was unstoppable.

As it headed toward Linghu Zun, its immense sword aura locked onto him!


Linghu Zun’s pupils shrank, and a look of horror appeared on his face.

Before he could even react, the white sword ray had gone through his chest,mercilessly crushing and mincing his internal organs!


Linghu Zun’s body exploded into a mist of blood the next instant!

That one sword attack slayed the demon and shocked the gods!

Every sword cultivator who witnessed it could not help but gasp. A cold chill ran down their spine, and they started shuddering!


Some sword cultivators gulped. “H-How is that even possible? Both of those attacks are one of the Twenty-Four Sword Dao Techniques, yet why is the difference between them so big?!”

“That’s right. I can’t believe it. Linghu Zun can’t even take on a single attack from him!”

Some sword cultivators took a deep breath and said, “The difference is not in the Sword Dao cultivation technique but the person using them!”

Cultivation techniques that were similar in power, if unleashed by cultivators with different levels of strength, would result in a world of difference between them.

Undoubtedly, the Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique and Demonic Nine Heavens Annihilation were cultivation techniques of the same level!

However, Linghu Zun and Chu Kuangren were not cultivators of the same level!

“Is… Is he even human?”

“He’s a monster!”

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