Unparalleled After Ten Consecutive Draws

Chapter 1292 - Ye Zhu Refines the Green Leaf Sword Vision, the Scoundrel Among Immortals, a Daoist Sect in Trouble

Chapter 1292: Ye Zhu Refines the Green Leaf Sword Vision, the Scoundrel Among Immortals, a Daoist Sect in Trouble

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Looking at the little golden sword in his hand, Chu Kuangren crushed it!

A huge amount of information immediately flooded his mind.

Those were information about the Arch Gilded Sword Immortal’s inheritance. If a True Immortal were to obtain that, their understanding of Sword Dao would increase by leaps and bounds.

Then again, Chu Kuangren’s understanding of the Dao was already at a very high level.

His level of understanding could be said to be on par with an Arch Gilded Immortal!

Sword Dao was also one of the categories of Dao.

Most of the inheritance he gained insight into just then did not help him much. At most, it would serve as a reference to him.

However, the part that benefited him the most was an Arch Gilded Sword Dao Technique in the inheritance. That technique was known as the… Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique!

Besides Sword Dao divine abilities like the Grass Sword Art, there were also the twenty-four most well-known techniques in the swordsmanship world. They were known as the Twenty-four Sword Dao Techniques!

The Twenty-four Sword Dao Techniques were highly sought after by sword cultivators from all corners of the world.

The Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique was a top-tier Arch Gilded Technique and one of the Twenty-four Sword Dao Techniques!

“Although the Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique isn’t ranked high among the Twenty-four Sword Dao Techniques, it’s ranked somewhere in the middle. Apparently, the top four Sword Dao techniques among the Twenty-four Sword Dao Techniques are all Embodier Techniques!”

“The Xuanyuan Sword Qi that Human Emperor Xuanyuan came up with back in the past and King Zhou’s Blade of Zhou series are two of those Embodier Techniques!”

“With the Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique, I’ve obtained two of the Twenty-four Sword Dao Techniques,” Chu Kuangren murmured.

Although he did not have a goal to collect all twenty-four sword techniques, he surely would not mind learning more of them.

After all, those techniques would benefit him greatly in creating his personal cultivation technique.

After mastering the Godfearing Daoist Sword Technique, Chu Kuangren and Lan Yu continued exploring the Sword Immortal’s Tombs in search of more Opportunities of Fortune.

Along the way, they met many elites. With that, Lan Yu’s mastery of her Radiant War Immortal Physique also increased steadily throughout that time, and she eventually got the hang of her new physique’s capability.

Meanwhile, Cao Yun, Wang Chentian, and others also went through many challenges and improved.

One month had passed.

“I heard a scuffle has broken out between the Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators and the Sword Demon’s Linghu Zun. Quick, let’s go take a look.”

“D*mn. Linghu Zun? That cultivator who’s almost as strong as Prodigy?!”

“We must go and see it.”

Many cultivators were talking about that and turning into rays of light, quickly heading toward that location.

Since Chu Kuangren’s Immortal Consciousness had a large range, he also picked up on the Immortal Consciousness conversation between the other cultivators.

He was surprised.

“Cultivators of the Three Clarity Daoist Sect, huh? I wonder if Honghua is with them.”

Although Shang Honghua had always respected him, Chu Kuangren considered her one of his few close friends.

She was a sky-pride from the Three Clarity Daoist Sect.

Now that something had happened with the people of the Three Clarity Daoist Sect, there was no way he would stand by and do nothing. He must certainly go and see for himself what was happening.

A giant green sword stood upright between the heavens and earth.

A chilling aura was emanating from it, spreading across the land, while strands of sword qi circulated in the void to prevent people from approaching.

That giant green sword was formed by the purest form of sword qi!

Meanwhile, within that giant sword was a young man in green robes, meditating with endless surges of sword qi shuttling around him.

What was more note-worthy was the pair of green orbs hovering in front of that young man!

Endless strands of sword qi emanated from those orbs. They were the source of the sword qi forming the giant green sword!

More importantly, two leaf-like patterns could be seen in the two orbs. Anyone who saw them would undoubtedly think of the Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique, the Green Leaf Sword Vision!

In fact, that pair of orbs were indeed the Green Leaf Sword Vision!!

Outside the giant sword, countless sword cultivators gathered around. All of them looked at the figure within the giant sword with eyes of jealousy, admiration, and greed.

“I can’t believe Ye Zhu is so lucky to have found such an Opportunity of Fortune. To think he found the complete Green Leaf Sword Vision. If he manages to refine it, he’ll surely restore the flaw in his Green Leaf Sword Vision and obtain its complete power. That’s enough to make him one of the most top-tier Prodigies out there!” a cultivator could not help but exclaim.

“Well, he’ll need to succeed in merging with those orbs first. With so many sword cultivators here eyeing them, I don’t think they’ll just watch as Ye Zhu continues getting stronger!” said another sword cultivator who was already on the brink of taking action.

He looked at a place nearby. Wanting to ensure that Ye Zhu could refine the Green Leaf Sword Vision smoothly, the Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators were engaged in battle with some sword cultivators who wanted the Green Leaf Sword Vision.

The most troublesome person for the Three Clarity Daoist Sect to deal with among that bunch was undoubtedly Linghu Zun from the Sword Demon Tribe!

His strength was already reaching the level of those Prodigies.

The person battling Linghu Zun was Su Yun, a sky-pride from the Three Clarity Daoist Sect’s Supreme Clarity branch.

A clang was heard, followed by bursts of sword qi that swept out.

The impact from the sword qi scattered the clouds in the sky!

Having forced Su Yun back with a single attack, Linghu Zun looked at Ye Zhu inside the giant green sword with a coveted gaze.

“If I can refine that pair of Green Leaf Sword Vision, I’ll surely become stronger even if I end up getting an incomplete version of that Immortal Physique, let alone the complete version. With the Sword Demon’s inheritance I’ve previously obtained, I believe I can even win against Prodigies!”

“By then, I’ll certainly catch up to Shi Tianxuan and stand on the same level as him!”

The more Linghu Zun thought about it, the more excited he became.

However, Su Yun and the other Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators would not let him get his way that easily.

They were all guarding Ye Zhu by stopping any sword cultivator seeking to get the Green Leaf Sword Vision for themselves. The Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators were even willing to fight to their deaths!

“Wanting to steal Brother Ye’s Sword Vision, huh? In your dreams!”

“That’s right. If you want to get the Green Leaf Sword Vision, you’ll have to step over our dead bodies!”

Armed with a green Immortal Sword, Su Yun had a determined look on her face as she confronted Linghu Zun in battle.

“Stepping over your dead body? Is that supposed to be a hard thing to do?”

At that moment, an indifferent voice sounded.

An incredibly powerful surge of saber qi erupted somewhere nearby!

The terrifying saber qi surged forward like a violent storm, wiping out a few of the Three Clarity Daoist Sect cultivators in front of it!

It was so powerful that even Linghu Zun could not help but narrow his gaze upon seeing it.

Everyone looked toward the source of the saber qi.

A young man with long brows who was dressed in black and armed with a black saber was approaching them!

He emanated a brutal and tyrannical aura that made everyone shudder in fear.

‘This guy is no joke. He’s certainly an evil person! A murderer!’ Everyone automatically arrived at that thought.

“It’s him, the bully among Immortals, Wang Tianba!”

“He’s the Young Valley Lord of the Evil Immortal Valley, the Prodigy who’s also known as the bully among Immortals!”

“D*mn. If he’s here, it looks like the Three Clarity Daoist Sect guys are in more trouble now.”

Wang Tianba was the bully among Immortals and the Young Valley Lord of the Evil Immortal Valley.

Possessing extraordinary combat strength, he was a Prodigy. He was mostly known for his indifferent expression while engaging in barbaric and tyrannical behavior, sowing fear in the eyes of everyone.

“The Green Leaf Sword Vision, huh? How interesting. I must have them!” Wang Tianba sneered.

He spoke as if the Green Leaf Sword Vision already belonged to him.

Although he specialized in Saber Dao, he believed that with his talents and cultivation level, he could cultivate both Sword Dao and Saber Dao if he got his hands on the Green Leaf Sword Vision!

“You shall not take away this item.”

Another indifferent voice sounded.

In that instant, solemn Buddhist Chimes reverberated throughout the whole area.

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