Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 405 - Wang Che Experience Card, Time's Up!  

Chapter 405: Wang Che Experience Card, Time’s Up!

The Magnetic Sword in the air began to tremble rapidly.

No, it was too little. Not enough, far from enough!

When it was absorbing and cultivating in the Ancient Fiend, the divine lightning could be steadily absorbed into its body.

However, the divine lightning here was very stable and unstable. It ran around everywhere. There was too little of it. Compared to cultivating on the Ancient Fiend, it was not satisfying!

Thinking of this, the Magnetic Sword immediately let out a clear sword cry!

In an instant, two violent lightning lights suddenly erupted from its body!

Then, the next moment, a sword spirit phantom suddenly separated from its body, as if it was corporeal!

The second, the third.

Two sword spirit phantoms wrapped in two different colors of lightning flew out.

The void changed drastically. With the three Lightning Magnetic Swords as the center, the area seemed to have instantly become an endless sword field!

Three Lightning Origin Sword Formation!

Boundless sword intent enveloped it. Almost instantly, the two swords began to capture the other divine lightning that seeped out of the sword formation!

Once it caught it, it immediately stopped and flew into the Magnetic Sword to accelerate its cultivation!

Immediately, the Magnetic Sword felt satisfied!

That was more like it!

At this moment…

The other Great Sages were stunned.

“It can’t clone?” The Time Flow Great Sage looked at it in shock, “True Lightning, tell me, can’t it clone itself?”

“…” True Lightning Great Sage.

‘I was just saying. Who would have thought that this Magnetic Sword could really split itself!’

What was this!

“It’s not as simple as a clone…” The True Lightning Great Sage was speechless,” I can tell. Look at the sword shape of those two clones. They’re almost identical to it. This clone soul skill is definitely not those Shadow Clones outside. It should be some inherited soul skill. I remember that we ancient soul beasts were good at this in the past. ”

“But I can’t remember.”

“Moreover, the lightning aura on its two clones is completely different. Its main body has a pure Heavenly Lightning aura. It probably absorbs Heavenly Lightning to cultivate normally… what abnormal Contract Soul Master is this? To let its soul pet absorb Heavenly Lightning to cultivate at such a young age, isn’t it afraid of being struck to death?” As it spoke, the True Lightning Great Sage began to be speechless.


“These two lightning auras are not ordinary Heavenly Lightning. One of them should be Senior Titan’s Ice Lightning, and the other is related to the mind. It’s a silver-black lightning that should be the Cloud Lightning. This Heavenly Lightning is said to be formed over time because when the Heavenly Lightning descended in the Soul Earth, it was infected by the otherworldly energy in the Soul Earth.”

“In the human Soul Earth, such troublesome lightning often appears.”

The True Lightning Great Sage said, “In other words, it doesn’t know how to absorb Heavenly Lightning to cultivate and even control these two types of lightning. Moreover, the soul skill it’s using now is very unique. Can you feel it? This special sword intent aura actually has a hint of a domain.”

“Although it’s still a little far, it’s genuine!”

“A domain is a power that only soul beasts with a hundred thousand years of cultivation can master. It can touch it so early… This looks like a soul skill combination, but it’s not completely similar. I can’t say. I’ve never seen this soul skill before. I don’t know how the human world developed it…”

“Look, in this aura, its two clones’ strength has increased greatly. They are extremely fast and can quickly catch the overflowing divine lightning!”

“It’s very ridiculous. Normally, it’s impossible for the main body to cultivate while the clones absorb the divine lightning.”

The more it spoke, the softer its voice became.

A very subtle emotion was brewing in its heart.

“True Lightning, stop talking. I understand.” The Bear Demon Great Sage sent a voice transmission, “I understand your current emotions. Stabilize yourself. You have to tell yourself that you’re not trash.”

“…” True Lightning Great Sage.

It did not think so at first, but as soon as the Bear Demon said so, it had this feeling.

“In addition, I know this clone soul skill,” the Bear Demon Great Sage said. “This is a soul beast of our bear race that is good at using swords. It’s called the Sword Spirit Bear. After the Fallen Ancient Era… it did not leave behind any bloodline.”

“I feel very uncomfortable, but how should I put it? I’m very happy to see this move appear.”

“Time Flow, you brought three little treasures for the Myriad Beast Mountain. Look at all of them! Do we ancient soul beasts still have any pride left?”

The Bear Demon Great Sage sighed.

“I’m a little curious,” the White Phoenix Great Sage suddenly said.

“I’m also a little curious.” The Heavenly Illusion Great Sage looked at it.

“I know what you’re curious about.” The Time Flow Great Sage waved his hand, “I’m also curious, but I haven’t found it yet.”

The True Lightning Great Sage knew what they were curious about, and it was also curious…

The few Great Sages conversed.

Before they could finish, a small eagle suddenly flew in from outside and arrived beside the Time Flow Great Sage.

The Time Flow Great Sage was slightly stunned and received the small eagle.


The small eagle immediately let out a muffled beast language and flew back.

The Time Flow Great Sage was silent for a moment before saying, “Interesting.”

“What news did the Golden Eagle bring you?” True Lightning asked.

“We’ve found the Contract Soul Masters of these three little guys…?” The Time Flow Great Sage slowly replied.

The eyes of the few Great Sages lit up!

That’s right, what they were most curious about was who this was. Who could train such awesome soul pets?

Was there a freak among the humans?

“Who, who, who?” The True Lightning Great Sage impatiently asked, “It’s a Heavenly King, right? It must be a Heavenly King, right? Did a Heavenly King come to our Myriad Beast Festival to joke with us? No, no, no, it’s not just a Heavenly King, right? These should be the soul pets of a few Heavenly Kings, right? They were specially sent in for us to see, right?”

“No.” The Time Flow Great Sage shook his head, “You might not believe me, but this Contract Soul Master’s level is very low…”

“How low?” The Heavenly Illusion Great Sage’s old voice was filled with uncertainty, “Don’t tell me it’s only Level 20 to 30…”

“The older, the wiser. You’re right. He’s a Contract Soul Master in his twenties, a youth who has just entered university in human society. He’s 19 years old now.”



“This is what you mean by fighting and retreating?”

Outside the Cloud Lightning Field.

Shen Mingluan and the others looked at Wang Che in confusion.

That strike was so shocking and incomprehensible.

He even defeated the Thunder Beast!

“I wanted to fight and retreat at the same time.”

Wang Che said, “It doesn’t want me to leave, so I can only make it retreat.”

Everyone was speechless.

‘Got it. Fighting and retreating means beating the opponent back before leaving, right?’

“I don’t understand,” Bai Xiaoluo said weakly. “Your soul power level is not high. No matter how powerful a move is, soul power is still the foundation. It should be impossible for you to unleash such powerful strength.”

“You should have comprehended sword intent, right? Even with the enhancement of sword intent, isn’t the difference too great?”

‘Yes, yes, yes!’

Wang Ka and Ludi nodded crazily.

“Indeed,” Wang Che said, “That’s related to the sword skill I used. The sword skill I used just now was rather special. It’s a sword skill that can absorb lightning energy. In short, the stronger the lightning energy absorbed, the stronger the power.”

“My own consumption is not the greatest.”

Hearing this, Bai Xiaoluo immediately understood.

“So, your sword absorbed the Thunder Beast’s move and erupted with immense power! You beat the Thunder Beast down in one go? You used its own strength to defeat it?”

“That’s right.” Wang Che nodded.

“Isn’t that too abnormal?” Wang Ka clicked his tongue, “Doesn’t that mean you’re immune to any lightning soul skill?”

“Not necessarily.” Wang Che shook his head, “If the lightning soul skill is too strong, I won’t be able to withstand it either. Naturally, I won’t be able to absorb it.”

“Hmm?” Ludi tilted his head as if he had discovered a key factor. His face was filled with question marks, “The ten-thousand-year-old ancient soul beast’s Myriad Lightning was released in the Cloud Lightning Field. Isn’t this a powerful lightning soul skill?”

“Are you creating a new definition for ‘too strong’?”

“The strength of a person is different from before,” Wang Ka said sadly. “To you and me, we can’t even withstand a single lightning strike, but to him, that Myriad Lightning move is equivalent to a lightning strike.”

“You’re exaggerating.” Wang Che coughed, “The Thunder Beast won’t kill us, so it definitely won’t use its full strength when using its soul skill. If it really uses its full strength, I might not be able to resist.”

“That makes sense, but I feel that that move, Myriad Lightning, is the true strength of a ten-thousand-year soul skill… Hmm, but the Thunder Beast really won’t kill us…” Bai Xiaoluo thought for a moment, “But how is your body so strong? Even if it doesn’t want to kill us, it’s still Myriad Lightning. Aren’t you a Skill Soul Master? You don’t have a martial soul possessing you. How can you be so strong?”

However, what Bai Xiaoluo could not understand was…

Forget about the sword moves, she could understand that.

However, no matter how powerful a sword move was, no matter how powerful the lightning energy it absorbed, the precondition was that the body could withstand it.

“This is a long story.” Wang Che recalled, “That was when I first signed a contract with the Magnetic Sword. To be honest, the Magnetic Sword was very special at the beginning. It was very unstable and would often release some weak lightning arcs.”

“When I first contracted it, I was often attacked by this lightning.”

Hearing this, everyone was stunned.

There was such a thing?

“I know about this.” Shen Mingluan pursed her lips and glanced at Wang Che, “This Magnetic Sword is a famous problematic soul pet in the West Peak Continent’s soul pet base. I didn’t expect… this process to be uncomfortable, right?”

“It’s indeed uncomfortable…” Wang Che coughed, “In the beginning, it could barely withstand it. Later on, when my martial soul awakened and I began to cultivate, the Magnetic Sword became much better.”

“But it might be used to it. It often electrocuted me. With more electricity, I feel that my resistance to lightning gradually becomes stronger.”

“Later on, I felt uncomfortable not being electrocuted every day.”

Everyone was speechless.

Wang Ka gulped, “So, you used this method to train yourself? Isn’t this a little too ruthless? You’ve been contracted for almost a year, right? You’ve been electrocuted for a year?”

“That’s right.” Wang Che patted his shoulder, “You couldn’t tolerate it at first, but as time passed, you will feel an obvious growth in yourself. Of course, you can’t neglect recovery, recuperation, and cultivation after being electrocuted.”

“If you last for a year, you should be immune to some ordinary lightning soul skills.”

Wang Ka and Ludi shook their heads.

“You’re walking on the verge of death…” Bai Xiaoluo blushed, “It’s not like there haven’t been Contract Soul Masters who have tried your method… a few years ago, there was news that Contract Soul Masters were electrocuted to death by their own soul pets. This is too dangerous.”

“So I don’t recommend you to try.” Wang Che coughed.

Compared to using Heavenly Lightning to temper the body, this method should be relatively simple.

“We don’t even dare to think about it. Why would we try?” Wang Ka and Ludi wiped the sweat off their faces.

So strong? How did it come about? It was courting death…

“Unfortunately, those guys are watching.” Bai Xiaoluo pointed at Zheng Shaoyang and the others in the distance, “Can this be considered as us exposing a trump card? Wang Che’s sword move and his powerful lightning resistance.”

“What a pity, they saw it.”

“If this was in a competition, it would definitely be his trump card!”

Bai Xiaoluo shook her head helplessly, “I shouldn’t have let you expose yourself.”

“Hmm…” Wang Che thought about it and pondered.

“Junior, don’t worry.” Shen Mingluan looked at Wang Che as he pondered. She thought that he probably felt helpless too, so she said, “The competition is ever-changing. As long as you’re strong enough, it’s the same even if they know.”

“Indeed.” Wang Che nodded.

It was just an ordinary Heavenly Lightning Slash. If this was considered a trump card…

If there were more sword techniques… Wang Che calculated that he should be able to beat the Thunder Beast outside the Cloud Lightning Field.

However, that way, he would not be able to feel the lightning in the Cloud Lightning Field.

Sword cultivators had sword techniques similar to martial cultivation and Dao cultivation sword techniques.

In the early stages, sword techniques were stronger, but in the middle and later stages, sword techniques were naturally stronger.

However, in the later stages, when the realm was reached, it was actually about the same.

Entering the Dao with the sword, any move was profound and endless, let alone becoming an immortal with the sword.

Zheng Shaoyang and the others did not come up to talk. Instead, they left in a hurry.

Wang Che and the others found a place to rest.

“This year’s Myriad Beast Festival feels extra relaxed.” Bai Xiaoluo chuckled, “When I participated last year, it was simply hellishly difficult. Now, it feels like it’s just simple difficulty. At this rate, there are less than two days left. We should be able to pass it easily.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“That might not work!”

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded.

That Cloud Flame Fox!

Everyone was stunned. This Cloud Flame Fox was here again!

“Why are you here again?” Bai Xiaoluo snorted, “We’ve already taken the Cloud Lightning Wood back from the Cloud Lightning Field!”

“I know, I’ve been watching.” The Cloud Flame Fox smiled and said, “But next, you still have to return to hell!”

“What do you mean?” Wang Ka frowned.

The Cloud Flame Fox looked at Wang Che and said, “What I mean is that this human handsome guy can’t be with you anymore. He’s already chosen by the big shot behind me who wants to test him alone. As for you, you’ve been living so comfortably for the past day and a half. It’s about time to work. The team is about done adapting.”

“Your Wang Che Experience Card has expired. Time’s up!”

Everyone was speechless.

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