Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 406 - : Sacred Spirit Valley, Martial Soul Resonance!  

Chapter 406: Sacred Spirit Valley, Martial Soul Resonance!

Although the Cloud Flame Fox said it very subtly, they all understood.

Wang Che’s test was going to be harder.

He could not bring them along.

“If that’s the case…” Shen Mingluan glanced at Wang Che and nodded, “Then don’t worry, Junior Wang!”

It was definitely a good thing to be liked by some powerful ancient soul beasts of the Myriad Beast Mountain.

After entering the Myriad Beast Mountain, everyone understood each other quite a bit. It was enough.

Most importantly, they had also seen Wang Che’s own strength.

Hmm, he was indeed very… strong.

“Yes, yes, yes!” Bai Xiaoluo echoed, “We can do it ourselves in the next two days. Moreover, we gained a lot this time. We can go out early after using up the supplies.”

“The big shot’s test…” Wang Ka glanced at the Cloud Flame Fox, “Even an ancient soul beast with a ten-thousand-year cultivation base has been defeated. Could the big shot behind you be close to a hundred thousand years old?”

“Isn’t it a little dangerous for an ancient soul beast of this level to personally test Wang Che?”

The Cloud Flame Fox thought and said,

“To you, that’s not dangerous. That’s certain death. To him, it’s just a test.”

“…” Wang Ka felt a blow.

‘Let’s not talk about it.’

“Can you reveal a little of the content?” Ludi asked, “I’m really a little curious.”

“No.” The Cloud Flame Fox shook its head.


“Because I don’t know the content either.” The Cloud Flame Fox narrowed its eyes and smiled, “I’m just a messenger who’s overworked.”


Hearing the Cloud Flame Fox say that, no one had any questions. It was up to Wang Che himself.

“I’ll try,” Wang Che muttered.

If the Cloud Flame Fox came to report the news, it must have passed the conditions he had raised with the Thunder Beast.

‘If it can absorb the Heavenly Tribulation Divine Lightning from the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon Tribulation, it would be best if it was the divine lightning that seeped out and cultivated. In three days, the Magnetic Sword’s cultivation should be able to increase greatly.’ Wang Che thought to himself.

As for the other two, they should not have improved much. At most, their cultivation levels had increased.

However, it was always good to train in the Myriad Beast Mountain.

“Alright, follow me. According to our Golden Eagle Great Sage, I have to bring you somewhere first.”

The Cloud Flame Fox nodded.

After Wang Che bade farewell to Shen Mingluan and the others, he followed the Cloud Flame Fox.

They watched Wang Che leave.

“All of a sudden, I feel insecure.” Wang Ka sighed.

“I don’t know why…” Ludi thought about his experience along the way, “With his experience today, I feel like I’m cheating. It’s as if everything is very easy. I hope this isn’t an illusion.”

“…” Shen Mingluan thought about it and did not speak.


“I don’t know what Boss Golden Eagle wants you to do.”

The Cloud Flame Fox swayed its tail and brought Wang Che forward, “But it asked me to bring you to a place and said that that place should be able to let you complete your method.”

“What place?”

“Sacred Spirit Valley,” the Cloud Flame Fox said. “This is a special area of our Myriad Beast Mountain. Many of our seniors’ corpses are buried here. This place will also open during the Myriad Beast Festival.”

“Sacred Spirit Valley?” Wang Che pondered and said, “Is this place very special?”

“It’s very special. Normally, other than our Myriad Beast Mountain paying respects, it basically won’t open at other times,” the Cloud Flame Fox said. “It will only open at the Myriad Beast Festival.”

“Let a soul pet pay respects??”

“No, it’s to pay respects to you humans and take the entrance examination.” The Cloud Flame Fox slowly said, “Although the overall cultivation of our Myriad Beast Mountain’s soul beasts is not too high, most of them are left behind from the Fallen Ancient Era. As for the seniors who have already died, they are all seniors who made many contributions in the Fallen Ancient Era.”

“These seniors are lucky.” The Cloud Flame Fox’s tone began to become serious, “There are many seniors who didn’t survive. We can’t even find their bones back then.”

“This world nurtured us soul beasts. After they died, they also fused with the Soul Earth in the outside world and finally became nutrients for this world.”

Wang Che nodded slightly.

“This is the sacred land of our Myriad Beast Mountain. At the same time, there is also the tombstone of your Eastern War Zone’s soul beast, the Emperor Azure Dragon. The Sacred Spirit Valley is very large, and countless ancient soul beasts have died.”

“Moreover, there are also regions according to the ancient soul beasts in different regions.”

The Cloud Flame Fox brought Wang Che through a high mountain forest and crossed a river swamp. Along the way, they saw many human teams fighting some ancient soul beasts.

They seemed to be heading in this direction.

“The Sacred Spirit Valley is the final destination for you humans to enter the Myriad Beast Mountain to train,” the Cloud Flame Fox said. “Of course, with your team’s overall level, without you, they definitely wouldn’t have come here. According to my observation, only the most powerful Contract Soul Masters can come here.”

“Moreover, they basically all come here the next day. If they can’t come here on the third day, then once the Myriad Beast Mountain closes, you won’t be able to leave for a short period. This will delay some of your human plans.”

“So…” Wang Che thought for a moment, “The boss behind you is directly bringing me to the last round?”

“That’s right,” the Cloud Flame Fox said. “In the Sacred Spirit Valley, you humans need to unleash your martial souls and undergo martial soul resonance. You might not have heard of it because there aren’t many humans here in the last ten thousand years. There won’t be more than four digits. Moreover, they won’t be too old.”

No more than four digits. This number was indeed very small.

One had to know that every year during the Myriad Beast Festival, many humans entered the Myriad Beast Mountain, even if most of them were low-level soul masters.

They were university students who had just graduated and had become professional Contract Soul Masters.

This number was also very large. In total, there were at least millions of soul pets in the seven war zones.

However, the Myriad Beast Mountain was large enough. In terms of size, it was even larger than every other war zone. Coupled with the complicated environment and changing terrain, it was divided into many small areas. Therefore, after entering, they usually did not encounter other teams.

There were only a few hundred people who entered the Sacred Spirit Valley. If one divided them into groups, only a hundred people in each war zone could come to the Sacred Spirit Valley.

To the outside world, this number was too few.

“Martial soul resonance?” Wang Che pondered for a few seconds, “I’ve heard of it. It’s said that releasing the martial soul can cause a powerful soul resonance and awaken the deeper potential of the martial soul. From there, it can increase the power of the martial soul. There’s also a small chance that it can allow the martial soul to evolve once.”

“That’s right. It seems that you’re quite serious in your studies, handsome.” The Cloud Flame Fox chuckled, “Your basic skills are very solid.”

Wang Che: “…”

This was the knowledge of the university’s martial soul subject.

However, it was only a concept.

He did not elaborate.

In short, martial souls could also evolve.

Cultivating a martial soul was to slowly make it stronger.

The places that could resonate with the martial soul were extremely rare treasure lands. The seven war zones all had such abnormally special and mysterious sacred lands.

At the same time, ordinary Contract Soul Masters could not enter this place.

He did not expect such a place to exist in the Myriad Beast Mountain.

However, most Contract Soul Masters basically did not come here.

Those who could come here were all top figures.

“To be honest, even if you can defeat the Thunder Beast, you might not be able to come here alone.”

The Cloud Flame Fox chuckled, “But I wonder why the Golden Eagle Great Sage asked me to bring you here. You can’t be his relative, right?”

Wang Che also smiled and said,

“How handsome is your Golden Eagle Great Sage?”

“It’s far inferior to you.”

“Isn’t that so…”


Wang Che communicated with the Cloud Flame Fox along the way to the Sacred Spirit Valley.

Due to the Cloud Flame Fox, the ancient soul beasts they encountered on the way directly turned on the green light.

In less than half a day, they arrived near the Sacred Spirit Valley.

“The area of the Sacred Spirit Valley is about the size of a continent for you humans. However, the terrain here is low and flat. It’s the lowest place in the Myriad Beast Mountain, so it’s called a valley.”

“Did you sense anything?”

Wang Che closed his eyes and felt it.

The valley ahead was filled with ravines and tombs that were like endless mountain ranges.

At the same time, there was also the soul beast skeleton standing in the sky. It looked extremely huge, but if one stood far away, they would discover that it was probably just a weathered hand bone.

The sky here was slightly gloomy, but it looked very calm.

When Wang Che’s divine sense dissipated, the originally extremely quiet Sacred Spirit Valley seemed to have many energy lights.

It was soul energy that did not appear in the world and could only be sensed through mental perception.

The energy light was extremely silent, but it was dense and endless.

A moment later, Wang Che opened his eyes.

“Do you feel the will of our ancient soul beasts?” The Cloud Flame Fox smiled.

“I think so…” Wang Che thought about it.

“You really sensed it?” The Cloud Flame Fox was stunned, “Which ancient soul beast? Where is it?”

“Which?” Wang Che glanced at it.

“Yes, which one?” The Cloud Flame Fox swung its tail, “The ancient soul beasts buried here were all injured in the war. After they die, a portion of their souls will remain here. They can resonate with human martial souls. If you can sense its soul energy and will, it means that you’re fated with it. You didn’t sense it, but it chose to be sensed by you.”

“When the martial soul resonates later, it will be easier to succeed. The possibility of the martial soul evolving is also slightly higher.”

“If you can’t sense it, then the martial soul resonance will be rather difficult. The possibility of evolution is close to none.”

Wang Che thought for a moment and said, “I’m not sure who it is. I’m not familiar with ancient soul beasts.”

“Oh, that’s true.” The Cloud Flame Fox nodded, “Then prepare yourself. I’ll bring you into the valley to take a look. In this direction, the ancient soul beasts from the Old Eastern Ancient Kingdom are buried. You should be able to meet some people.”

Wang Che pondered for a moment and took out a mask to wear.

“Eh, why are you wearing a mask?” The Cloud Flame Fox asked curiously.

“I’m afraid that these seniors’ soul will be attracted to me because of my looks and ignore my abilities,” Wang Che said.

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