Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 404 - You're Telling Me This Is a Mechanical Soul Pet?  

Chapter 404: You’re Telling Me This Is a Mechanical Soul Pet?

Bear Treasure touched the Magnetic Sword: ‘You can’t be anxious. It’s too dangerous for you to go up now.’

The Heavenly Tribulation was not Heavenly Lightning. This powerful force that could almost ignore the rules had a natural deterrence against any soul beast! The feeling of death and inescapable feeling brought by the Heavenly Tribulation was the last thing soul beasts wanted to face.

Bear Treasure was a little afraid.

“Heavenly Tribulation…”

The Time Flow Great Sage looked at the rainbow in the distance and sighed.

It was already far from the center of the Heavenly Lightning Peak. It was even very far away and could only watch from afar.

Even so, it was under immense pressure and was already afraid.

This fear was innate to soul beasts. Even overlord soul beasts of the Remote Antiquity Era had died countless times after the Heavenly Tribulation.

At the beginning of the Fallen Ancient Era, on the eve of the invasion of the other world, when the life contract had just been released, many soul beasts were actually unwilling to ally with humans.

However, it was later confirmed that soul beasts that signed a life contract with humans would not suffer the Heavenly Tribulation.

At that time, a large number of soul beasts above a hundred thousand years old joined forces with many human experts one after another, truly opening a new chapter of an era.

However, many times, there were also stubborn or proud fellows among soul beasts.

Although they were afraid of the Heavenly Tribulation, they treated it as a test. They were unwilling to join forces with humans and still wanted to rely on their own strength to transcend the Heavenly Tribulation and prove the path they had taken!

“Since ancient times, countless seniors have died here…”

The Time Flow Great Sage shook his head, “In thousands of years, I’ve seen so many heavenly tribulations. Every time I see them, I’m still afraid…”

It looked at Bear Treasure and touched its head.

In the blue light barrier and the extremely far distance, this little guy actually could not feel the power of the Heavenly Tribulation anymore.

However, the natural pressure on soul beasts was still present.

As a soul pet with the bloodline of a Giant Beast and the power of two overlords, its resistance to the heavenly tribulation was still much stronger.

At least it did not faint and could still communicate with its companions.

“You won’t encounter this in the future.”

The Time Flow Great Sage looked at the two little guys. One of them was so excited for some reason.

Eh, these days, the soul pets outside already didn’t even know what the heavenly tribulation was.


Bear Treasure called out twice: What a pity.

It felt that the current Heavenly Tribulation was even more exaggerated than when it encountered the Giant Beast, Ancient Fiend.

It was probably because this was real-time?

“…” Time Flow Great Sage.

At this moment, the huge thundercloud vortex in the distance began to strike down scarlet divine lightning that tore through the sky.

The Cloud Sea Azure Dragon’s huge body rose. Because it was too huge, even from Bear Treasure’s position, it could see the injuries on the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon’s body. It looked extremely terrifying.

However, the aura of the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon was very stable. Clearly, it could still withstand it.

The divine lightning struck down. The four Great Sages stood in all directions as intense energy erupted from their bodies and shot into the distant void.

The barrier in the air began to thicken. Although the outside world could not see it, there was already thunder rumbling inside.

After the divine lightning struck, the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon let out an excited roar, as if it was resisting!

When this dragon roar reached Bear Treasure’s ears, it felt its blood boil!


Bear Treasure also extended its claws and roared.

On the side, the Time Flow Great Sage shook its head helplessly. This little guy was really fearless. It had the power of two overlords and the bloodline of a Giant Beast. Its personality was affected by them and it looked like an overlord of the ancient era.

Looking at this scene, if it could resist the fear in the depths of its heart, it would be very beneficial to soul beasts.

It could strengthen the will and increase the mind.

If one could withstand the pressure of the Heavenly Tribulation, it would be very difficult for the enemy to rely on their aura to subdue them in battle.

Some soul beasts’ natural deterrence would even be useless.

After all, it could even withstand the pressure of the Heavenly Tribulation. What was the point?

Divine lightning descended one after another.

The Cloud Sea Azure Dragon soared in the air as its aura gradually weakened.

However, the divine lightning did not weaken much. After countless strikes, the surrounding barrier began to shatter.

Although the divine lightning struck the Cloud Sea Azure Dragon, some still seeped out. While the divine lightning was weakened, it was still incomparably powerful. Once it could not be controlled, it could easily destroy the barrier.

It would be troublesome then.

“We can only see if True Lightning can withstand a little longer. This time, there’s not much… Only a little.”

The Time Flow Great Sage frowned slightly, “Once the barrier is shattered, the commotion will be so great that it will be easily discovered.”

In the distance, the True Lightning Great Sage suddenly roared and immediately returned to its original form.

It was a purple tiger with wings. It was 300 meters tall and its entire body flickered with lightning as it rushed out.

It spat out purple and flapped its wings like a huge fan, swallowing the overflowing divine lightning.

The color of its body began to change rapidly. Its aura increased, but its expression was very weak and conflicted.

As the divine lightning began to destroy its body, it also became rapidly stronger. However, it could not control it. Once the divine lightning was consumed, it would fall into an extremely weak state.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh!”

Bear Treasure cried out in surprise.

Other than Second Brother, it did not expect there to be a soul beast that could absorb the Heavenly Tribulation!

“The True Lightning Profound Tiger,” the Time Flow Great Sage said. “It’s the expert best at controlling lightning among us ancient soul beasts. It’s probably the only one who can absorb it like this. For example, our bodies can’t directly withstand this overflowing divine lightning with our bodies, but it can.”

Bear Treasure nodded. He was indeed a senior. How powerful!

“However, it can’t last long…” The Time Flow Great Sage frowned slightly.

It did not resist for long and quickly landed. The fur on its entire body was dim and there were faint red electric arcs flashing around its body. The True Lightning Great Sage’s current state was extremely bad compared to before.

“Time Flow, think of a way…” Great Sage True Lightning’s weak voice sounded, “This is a crucial moment. The barrier can’t be broken, otherwise, it will affect the outside world too much.”

The Time Flow Great Sage pondered for a few seconds and was about to speak.

At this moment!

A purple light suddenly flew out of the water-blue barrier of the Time Flow Great Sage and ran straight towards the divine lightning that spread out in the void!

The Time Flow Great Sage was first stunned and did not react for a moment.

It subconsciously looked to its side and discovered that the Little Magnetic Sword had already disappeared!

It was gone… It was gone?


Bear Treasure shouted, but it was not calling the Magnetic Sword back. Instead, it was cheering.

“…” Time Flow Great Sage.

At this moment, the Magnetic Sword that rushed out seemed to have been waiting for a long time.

Ever since it absorbed a little Heavenly Tribulation Divine Lightning from the Ancient Fiend, it had no chance to cultivate again.

It no longer enjoyed ordinary lightning.

The Magnetic Sword was constantly thinking of being… struck by lightning.

This time, the lightning was just right! It was not inferior to the Ancient Fiend!

The divine lightning at the beginning was too strong. The Magnetic Sword felt that it might not be able to withstand it, so it listened to Bear Treasure and waited.

It could not wait!

The Magnetic Sword flew out like a light, and the Lightning Sword Wings and the Purple Lightning Sword Blade instantly unfolded.

As it flew, its length kept increasing!

After fully activating the two sword modifications, the spirit talismans inside were activated at the same time!

Without thinking, it grabbed a wisp of Heavenly Tribulation Divine Lightning and rushed over like a hungry tiger…

Although it had only been half a month since the Ancient Fiend, the Magnetic Sword felt like this was the rain after a long drought.

Its entire body erupted with an extremely dazzling light. It was already familiar with the Divine Sword Lightning Control Scripture. It absorbed the Heavenly Tribulation Divine Lightning into its body and began to cultivate.

However, without Wang Che cultivating along, the Magnetic Sword felt that something was missing.

“It… is cultivating?”

In the distance, the Time Flow Great Sage, who was about to catch the Magnetic Sword, was suddenly stunned, “Cultivate? Absorbing this divine lightning to cultivate?”

The Time Flow Great Sage took a closer look. It seemed that it was true?

“A mechanical soul pet dares to use this to cultivate?” The Time Flow Great Sage was a little stunned, “Have mechanical soul pets in the outside world already evolved to this extent?”

There were not many mechanical soul beasts in the Myriad Beast Mountain. Most of them did not want to contract with humans after their Contract Soul Masters died and came to the Myriad Beast Mountain to recuperate.

After all, it was a soul beast of the new era.

Of course, the Time Flow Great Sage had seen some top mechanical soul pets before.


“No, it only has the cultivation of a few thousand years… it shouldn’t be able to withstand normal Heavenly Lightning, right? Heavenly Lightning is completely different from lightning. It can easily paralyze the interior of these mechanical soul pets…”

The Time Flow Great Sage could not understand.

Today, especially after being called over by the Grand Ancestor Sacred Butterfly and seeing that little bug, incomprehensible things and phenomena appeared frequently. It even felt as if it was out of touch with the modern world.

That shouldn’t be the case!

“It’s cultivating, right?”

The Time Flow Great Sage looked at the True Lightning Great Sage.

The True Lightning Great Sage looked at the distant sky in confusion and said, “It should be?”


From the looks of it, it did not know either.

They were all different species.

After a few seconds, the True Lightning Great Sage looked at the Time Flow Great Sage and said,

“This sword is a companion of those two?”

“What else?”


The True Lightning Great Sage slowly said,

“Then I can’t understand. A Magnetic Sword can actually absorb divine lightning to cultivate. I only absorbed it… I don’t dare to use it to cultivate at all because I can’t control this power at all. How can it control it with its little cultivation? No, how can it withstand it with its little cultivation?”

“Who should I ask?” The Time Flow Great Sage asked.

At this moment, countless questions floated into their minds.

It was even more incomprehensible than Bear Treasure.

Even the True Lightning Great Sage, who was also proficient in the power of lightning, could not understand.

No matter how powerful it was, one had to be able to withstand it before trying to cultivate and control it.

“This… could it be that it has the bloodline of the True Lightning Profound Tiger like me?” The True Lightning Great Sage muttered, “But it’s a mechanical soul pet! Mechanical soul pets have no bloodline!”

The strongest thing about mechanical soul pets was that they could undergo various modifications. They could use various powerful natural treasures to fuse with modern technology.

For example, they did not have bloodline power.

“Its blade and sword wings have been modified and seem to have the power to absorb divine lightning… but that’s impossible!”

The True Lightning Great Sage was confused.

At this moment, it suddenly felt that it understood the Bear Demon a little.

This inability to believe what was happening was beyond understanding.

Bear Treasure could understand it previously because it was within its understanding.

But this…

“What’s going on!”

In the distance, the three Great Sages immediately sent mental messages.

They were really frightened.

Suddenly, a sword flew up and began to absorb the divine lightning…

Were modern mechanical soul pets so bold? They still dared to play like this?

Did it want to die?

Then, they were stunned…

The Time Flow Great Sage immediately calmed down. It looked at the Magnetic Sword in the air and pondered.

“If it can really absorb the divine lightning to cultivate, don’t worry about anything else for now. This is a good thing!”

These overflowing divine lightning were very difficult to deal with.

Now that there was a solution, and it was very simple and direct, there was no need to use other methods.

“That’s what you say.” The True Lightning Great Sage thought for a moment, “However, its cultivation is too low. It’s very limited to absorb and cultivate. After all, it’s only a Magnetic Sword and can’t split itself. The overflowing divine lightning scattered everywhere. It can’t absorb it alone.”

Great Sage True Lightning was clearly very experienced.


The Time Flow Great Sage thought for a moment and looked deeply at the void.

However, at this moment!

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