Unable to Cultivate, I Can Only Raise Soul Pets

Chapter 403 - It's Your Ancestor?   

Chapter 403: It’s Your Ancestor?


It was different when using the True Body!

At this moment, Bear Treasure was using the Titan True Body because it felt that these two moves were similar?

Therefore, it decided to use this move!

From five meters, it became more than 20 meters! The fourfold increase was the familiar effect of Bear Treasure’s Titan True Body.

It became a true Giant Bear!

The aura was incomparable!

Its strength was far inferior to the Bear Demon Great Sage, but its aura was not inferior at all, or even stronger?

“Wait, this aura is?” The Bear Demon Great Sage was stunned as it felt Bear Treasure’s aura.

The other Great Sages’ gazes instantly turned serious as they looked at Bear Treasure without blinking.

The aura of a huge beast that wanted to shake the world…

“Senior Titan’s aura…” The Heavenly Illusion Great Sage slowly said, “This is the Titan True Body, not your Bear Demon True Body!”

In an instant, the gazes of the Great Sages froze.

“…” The Bear Demon Great Sage rubbed its eyes.


“Giant Beast bloodline…” Great Sage White Phoenix said, “This is the top bloodline among you bear-type soul beasts. I didn’t expect there to be a Giant Beast bloodline among modern bear-type soul pets… tsk tsk, Bear Demon, in ten thousand years, you’ll have to call it Senior.”

“…” The Bear Demon Great Sage.

“Time Flow, where did you find this?” The Bear Demon Great Sage looked at the Time Flow Great Sage with a confused expression, “You’re telling me you found this? F*ck, you can casually find a Bamboo Bear with the bloodline of a Giant Beast?”

“It also learned the True Body of Senior Titan.”

The Time Flow Great Sage was also a little speechless. Indeed, those who could become companions with that little bug were definitely not simple.

“Actually, it’s fine… it’s just the Giant Beast bloodline.” The Bear Demon Great Sage looked at the current Bear Treasure with envy, “I can accept it. This is quite good. In the present world, there are still soul pets who can inherit the power of Senior Titan. I’m very gratified. Unfortunately, our ancestors, the Bear Emperor…”

At this moment, the Bear Demon Great Sage suddenly felt pressure coming from its life soul!

It was subconsciously stunned and could not help but continue looking at Bear Treasure.

At this moment, Bear Treasure was surrounded by black flames. A powerful pressure constantly burst out from the black flames.

“What’s this?” The True Lightning Great Sage was stunned, “This doesn’t look like the power of the Titan True Body, right? Heavenly Illusion, you’ve lived the longest. Can you tell anything?”

“I can’t tell either,” the White Phoenix Great Sage said in confusion.

“I think I know something…” The Time Flow Great Sage looked on in shock.

“If I’m not wrong…” The Heavenly Illusion Great Sage pondered and said, “This should be the Overlord’s Strength of the Bear Emperor that was extinct in the Remote Antiquity Era! The bloodline of the Bear Demon’s Ancestor originates from this. However, its bloodline is mixed. It’s far from being a pure-blooded Bear Emperor. It can’t even be considered a Giant Beast.”

“However, I can’t believe that there are humans in the Eastern War Zone who have dug up the soul bone of the Bear Emperor, but it’s already in a dead and useless state. Even if it can still be used, a soul pet can’t inherit such powerful strength! Wait…”

The Heavenly Illusion Great Sage was stunned.

After the black flames appeared, a white stream of light suddenly appeared and wrapped around the black flames.

“This, this is…” The Heavenly Illusion Great Sage’s voice trembled, “I understand. No wonder…”

“What’s that? Heavenly Illusion, hurry up and say it!” The True Lightning Great Sage was speechless.

“That’s the Divine Might of the Heaven Devouring Beast of the same origin as the Bear Emperor!” The Time Flow Great Sage’s shock was no weaker than when he had seen the little caterpillar just now, “It actually appeared on a soul pet at the same time. It’s too unbelievable! Moreover, these two powers are perfectly fused in its body. It seems to have an extremely unique power in its body that fused these two with its bloodline…”

“This is too unreal… The bloodline of these two Giant Beasts… The power of two ancient overlords! And the Titan True Body…”

“…” The other Great Sages did not dare to speak.

It was a little stunned.

The Bear Demon Great Sage was completely stunned.

It felt as if it had casually encountered a child on the road and discovered that this child was its ancestor.

“What the heck… How was this cultivated?” The Bear Demon Great Sage was speechless.

“I understand.” The White Phoenix Great Sage looked at the Bear Demon, “If this was ten thousand years ago, it would not only be your senior but your ancestor?”

“…” The Bear Demon Great Sage.

It wanted to refute, but it could not find the words.

“That little bug already has three types of overlord power on its body,” the Time Flow Great Sage muttered, “There are two more here, and these two are extraordinary… When the two are combined, they’re probably comparable to…”

It could not understand.

The other Great Sages’ hearts jumped.

A moment later, Bear Treasure returned to its original state and touched its head in embarrassment.

This was because the Divine Might and Overlord’s Strength were not familiar enough and could not be completely grasped. Once it used the Titan True Body, they would easily be released uncontrollably.

Wang Che had said it many times.

If he was here, Bear Treasure would definitely be scolded again.

This made Bear Treasure feel ashamed.

“I…” The Bear Demon Great Sage looked at Bear Treasure and felt a little sad.

The power of the overlords!

‘I don’t have any!’

The overlord powers of the Remote Antiquity Era were already scarce!

“It’s okay, be strong. Think about it, you’re also a hundred thousand-year soul beast.” The True Lightning Great Sage smiled and said, “This little guy is not a hundred thousand-year soul beast yet. You still have some time to be its senior.”

Hearing this, the Bear Demon Great Sage felt better.

Logically speaking, with its cultivation and age, even if a war zone outside was destroyed, it might not be too affected.

But this was different… This was the overlord power that had been lost since its ancestors. In fact, even if it was placed in front of it, it could not inherit it.

The bloodline did not allow it.

Two such special overlord powers.

It was too ridiculous!

The Bear Demon Great Sage was 30% excited, 30% sad, 30% helpless, and 10% sad. Its emotions were directly cut like a pie chart.

“That’s right, I can still be its senior.” The Bear Demon Great Sage sighed, “It’s still young. I can still teach it a few moves… Among us bears, although the overlord powers are strong, it’s not like we juniors of the Fallen Ancient Era can’t develop our own strength. Although I don’t have the overlord power…”

After recovering from his emotions, the Bear Demon Great Sage looked at Bear Treasure as if it was a treasure.

At this moment, red clouds surged in the distance.

“The Heavenly Tribulation Divine Lightning is here again!” The True Lightning Great Sage’s expression changed, “Quickly return to your positions and guard the barrier! This time, I’ll withstand the overflowing divine lightning. Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to withstand it!”

The few Great Sages immediately returned.

The Time Flow Great Sage also watched solemnly.


In the distance, scarlet lightning clouds rolled and dragon roars sounded.

Terrifying scarlet lightning suddenly struck down!

The few Great Sages almost felt the fear from the depths of their souls even if it was extremely far away!

The Time Flow Great Sage immediately lit up a water-blue light screen to resist the terrifying divine might of the Heavenly Tribulation!

At the same time, the Magnetic Sword that had been behind quietly appeared. The blade flickered with purple light…

It was extremely excited!

Bear Treasure roughly knew what the Magnetic Sword was thinking.

‘I want to cultivate! I want to cultivate!’

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